1 min readJun 20, 2018


Wow. Speechless. Your story brought chills to this lost, mid-century Korean boy. I can give up writing about my brush with hallucinogens. You said it all.

I also want to say that I’m still hoping that we can look back this time and remind ourselves of how strong and solid we have become… But, I feel that this had to happen in order for us to be re-born as a real, loving, and truthful soul

You matter to me. Thank you for telling us the story of your journey to awakening. Myself, I’ve experimented with hallucinogens on and off for ten years in order to cope with the trauma of my childhood. I couldn’t have said better than your profoundly, hard-won, personal truth:

I am still disabled, my health still delicate. But I am healing in mind, body, and spirit — restoring myself to whoever I was before I lost my way in this life,

I’m so glad you found your 엄마, 미옥?

God bless