Why doesn't DDS own his own Indian heritage? He is or lived among polytheist and so did Ms. Harris. Is he trying to say Jamaican's aren't African Americans? Did it matter to Black Mr. Obama? Why doesn't our Prez claim the American experience of White fear of those lesser than their color. Why doesn't Trump openly embrace his racist roots? Oh right, he's doing that by shafting Ms. Harris with his big, white piece. And Indian mocking an Indian, Jamaican American woman. Typical chauvinist tearing down his sister. Shiva would be very angry at her child.


Seriously, what does it mean to own a heritage that others claim is not yours? If that stigma isn’t branded by culture and subordination into Kamala by history, then isn’t her stigmata of Black-Heritage in her DNA tracing as far back to Ethiopia where all humans originated but disown, the animal clawing for a voice, over our supposed din of humanism. Let’s hear Kamala roar Trump out of the Oval Office with her multi-colored holler scrubbing the house white once again for the next generation.



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