Who will b-saved during the Corona-Rapture?

6 min readJul 24, 2020

I was watching a PBS show about John Lewis when he was Freedom Rider to the bitter end. I wanted to be just like him, but unlike this champion, I am yellow 2the core. I didn’t want to deny the call to use all God has given 2fight 4justice. I didn’t realize how deep justice hurts until I realized the Hate in me was killing the father in me.

Rest in peace, my old Black & Blues man. Sorry RL, I can say that 2u as a Yellow Chink 2a Titan among colored men riding a sweet chariot with Ezekial. I was noshing down my McDouble in self-disgust when a thought intruded in this house like a zombie would. It spoke about the coronavirus and what I knew 2b true like Whites against contagious Blacks. Then it came me that the solution to the coronavirus is not just a matter of science, but a broken social contract whether it-B socio-economic disparity or socio-networks of haves against have-nots.

The Civil Rights didn’t free the Blacks. It turned MLK into another Joker riding on freedom ringing clear through his mighty head blown apart like a martyr full of wholes. Aren’t we still segregated though we now let colored people vote? Was that before women or after the Chinese Exclusion Act? Have the districts with the greatest poor risen on Zillow or are they huddled with the Red-Flu without masks made in China?

It’s true the elderly are more prone to the coronavirus. It’s not true children are significantly less susceptible than retired grandparents. Some say an O.R. of two. It may be true that if you are A+ by blood lineage, you are more likely to die regardless of the color of your epidermis.

“A recently released preliminary findings showing that people with Type O blood are 9 to 18 percent less likely to test positive for covid-19 than people with other blood types.”

News continues to point 2 social &demographic factors, including sex, race, ethnicity, income, &access 2quality health care, play major roles in how this pandemic affects people. I ask the readership on Medium, who suffers the most bc of our superiority over lesser folks? The answer is as simple as the weakest link in our still segregated 1st world nation putting children, the elderly, and the sick with the hard-working colored folks working the line tirelessly. Huddle them together without masks. Make them pay $4 for a disposable mask @the local Quicky-Mart when diapers are at least triple. You’ve got a perfect recipe for the Rapture of Diseased Cultures infecting the rest of humanity’s weakest love growing ever more apathetic.

Are some people partially protected from COVID-19 bc they’ve had recent exposure to other coronaviruses? It depends. Ms. Lighter, a hospital epidemiologist, found that obesity was the №1 risk factor in her hospital system among those younger than 60. Experts say that COVID-19 is more likely to be worse for older people — often described as over the age of 60 — and for those with chronic conditions. As we age, our immune system becomes dysregulated from scores of viral assault on our genomes. COVID-19 insidiously shuts down macrophages from eating these viral particles by tweaking the Macs’ keyhole, the ACE-2 co-receptor, with their skeleton-capsid which keeps mutating monthly like fornicating zombies.

“People who have little history of viral infections tend to have more severe reactions when they get infected later in life.”

Casanova & his colleagues have previously found genetic mutations that increase a person’s susceptibility to infectious diseases, such as severe pneumonia caused by influenza. He also found out that if you went on a Disney Cruise and got the runs with the sister-norovirus, your immune system may be primed for the next corona-pandemic in the coming years. Don’t deny it like Global Warming U.S. Creationists at war with God.

Numerous papers have explored whether different strains of the virus are more transmissible or lethal. There’s no need to worry. Scientists don’t have a clue. COVID-19 is coming 4U & U.S., but unlike cancer, her minions or children do not want to kill us. What’s killing us is U.S. and our country’s treatment of the poor, the women, the children, and anyone not in their clubhouse. R.I.P. Mr. Lewis. May God give U-peace @last.

Look up in the sky! Is it a viral vector on a jet? Is it in the H20? Is it now in the air? Are masks 100% effective? N95? Short-supply? Shame on you W.H.O. without a dashboard! Shame on you C.D.C without erected recommendations, 4uR all diseased with the blood of ventilated children on your evidence, insignificant @best. J’accuse! Negligence not beauty all around me today. One straight vertebra from OSHA could have saved thousands of Latina & Latino grandparents if we didn’t let Trump and his Thugs rape you into a limp recommendation for those dying for leadership … from anyone. How can we practice social justice when we can’t c-our hate?

“Many scientists argue that, contrary to what the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have repeatedly stated, the virus sometimes spreads through tiny aerosol particles, not simply through large respiratory droplets.”

The ultimate goal of many researchers is to develop a personalized risk score against this zombie apocalypse made true story by story long before the Walking Dead took a byte of our brainless heads. This way we can decide who to sacrifice and who to save. I bet you Latinos & Koreans won’t be included in the score. Look at your country’s dead. You’ll see whom U oppress. In America, it’s the colored huddling masses in our meat-packing & produce industry packing brown mothers in cold buses without masks. In Italy, it is the aging in crowded nursing homes hustled by careless nurses. In Korea, unsurprisingly women are twice as likely to die than men of the virus, bc Koreans R#1 in misogyny; I can still hear the screams of yellow women from tall towers over the morning calm smacking against concrete again and again.

COVID-19 made its debut in Wuhan. That’s common knowledge. Jungle meat is delish there in the backwaters especially anteaters. When pigs fly will we believe what is unfolding? Pangolin’s minions are spreading their rage on every Boeing-737 while we blithely read on click bye clique.

“This current virus, which can also be traced to bats, is thought to have had an intermediate host, possibly an endangered scaly anteater called a pangolin.”

We should enter Pandemics to the global Worry Bucket List along with Global Warming & Racism. Is inequality a function of racism, or did Eye get it backward? We make fun of our racist parents like in the Freedom Riders docu, but like children burn them in effigy with Air Supply & She-Ra without tearing down the System in their hearts. Just sweep it under the rug for your children to discover, the viruses' invisible Love is already in our genome. If you cure long-term threats like Racism & Inequality & Greed & Apathy 2name a few, we will not have this devil of a Corona-FUBAR.

Here is a comforting quote for the day. Happy Corona-Day!

“Evolutionarily speaking, experts believe, the ultimate goal of viruses is to be contagious while also gentle on their hosts — less a destructive burglar and more a considerate house guest. One 2014 study found that the virus causing oral herpes has been with the human lineage for 6 million years. “That’s a very successful virus,” Kirkegaard said.”

Also, more good news from this rogue reporter on the Corona-Frontlines. Scientists are able to profile your entire proteome, like a genome but with proteins. They found several markers that can detect mild and severe COVID-19+ infections, for accuracy of about 94%. It’s still in early research, but I’ll be sure to be Medium’s watchdog since I couldn’t find intellectual satisfaction of their “coronavirus” tab.

Signing out. Peace & Amen.