When I thought of renouncing Christianity for Buddhism, I wondered what a role model Buddha would be like in the after-life. Zazen was awakening but tiresome like walking meditation (Kinhin). But, my tired soles foretold a cold, impermanent, eternal place where I could not walk. I didn't like it a& went back to the arms of Jesus.
Besides, Buddha left his wife & kids. Jesus avoided the marriage trap though he was the ultimate marriage material. Buddha didn't hang out with the girls along the chain-linked fence like the Son of Man did 4U.S. He said his Sangha would last only 500 years if he admitted the fairer sex as less than man’s sex. Jesus whined & dined prostitutes, strumpets, accountants, lawyers & attorneys & RBG. Guess what? Both the Church & Sangha went to the gutters but the message remained ever pure as he promised we all R.
I'd stick with Jesus any day over Buddha or Mohammed. Moe believed in capital punishment & hatred 4 women. Y the Burkha, Moe? Y the macho, Satychmo? Jesus believed God might B the ultimate, penultimate love & suffered in trying to find out 4being a freak with bipolar disorder or BPD or schizophrenia suffering from Father-abandonment issues off his meds & straight-jacket.
He died on the cross 2know what Buddha taught him during his Lost Years. Life is suffering & nothing lasts, S told Him. He killed himself by cop to be there in our darkest moments abandoned by God & reunited with God in our suffering & praise. A suicide attempt is a suicide, regardless.
Only Jesus Saves. Fer sure.


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