What’s worse than being called a heretic?


What is an over-arching heretic anyway?
Like a never tried Khan or Sean Fortune, Greg the IX?

Worse than a wild barbarian or strappado?
Like Crazy Horse wasted by Main-stream?

Watt is worse than a Con-fi-dent ambi-valent a-gnostic?
Doubt reason or Faith-Lite like wishy-washy wicks

Lower still than faithful atheists luving nothing less
Hating their melting Ideological pigeon-wholes

Lower still, thank Lucifer & Loki racked bye rock bottom
Heresy is exclusion from Ur bored butt deadly status quo

I rise, I fly on beating wings made bye waxing Daedalus
Cry, “Wolf”, howl till Joyce pays mind 2 Dead’s sun falling

Rise trash, who’s the baddest star in this heretical universe?
Ripoli wasn’t the last used heretic in flaming barrels

I.t.’s me bholding 미 unashamed of b-ing me a-light
That’s hoo is so far gone from heresy, ME

If I dye falling darkly bc of my mortal sin, reconcile me
O my God & 2 woe-man 2 & childe from I.T.

X-communicated fr. my lonely skY-chromosome
Thank God almighty Oui-R free @Last fr the X & Khan

There ain’t Cin in heresy, no nay-shun in negation
The powerful R2 strong 4this Heretic un-redeemable

Know Coup-on will overthrow my hatred of Cain
SHAME on me 4 b-ing an animal 1st

A homo sapien, like JC or Oedipus, killing Father
Like God, the ultimate Heretic, ever farther fr. the stake





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