What is math without the humble zero? What is o without an insignificant infinite series or pile of BS of nothing? Are atheists allowed 2dream eternally without God's presence in the present? Is math love?


Without math the universe is chaos & entropy as my fingers write here on Medium. Without the infinite, God is dead UN-resurrected this time. Without 0 & 1, PCs won't work. Love is Math.


Without God & JC, there is no Love in Lurid Discovery of the unsolvable of any mathematician. Then, are we just bits & bytes of random beauty without reason in a pandemic of our random virtues & vices?


What is Beauty without God? What is Love without God? What are numbers then? Applied or theoretical? Applied polymath masturbation? Seriously, knot tying up loose jokes; my sea men have lost their point & polarity & #s bye your piece ;)


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