Not everywhere in the country is in the same boat as U. Who is in the Titantic sinking bye a virus &who R-on life preservers & ventilators bc of COVID? RU serious?? What if 1-State opens &another doesn’t in this great hypocrisy called a Union? What does the coronavirus care for NY lives or U.S. lies? More ICUs on the table for the pandem-ick. Let us beat 1917 records in Americans butchered by a vir-U.S., Massa Trump! What if i.t.’s a bad idea 2open up some schools &not in-other states? What would that look like in mortality# or $&Sense? Does the data make cents is what the Cabinet thinks? What if we were not a divided nay-sayers with a doozy of a viral Clap, butt a united by-biology? This is the God’s honest truth. Or as Buddha likes to say, “We are all inter-connected (by our DNA)”. I think he left that part out bc they hadn’t discovered it.


What if a divorced parent from IA or FLA, where schools are reopening, decides 2move in with his cousin in CA with his son bc he be-came unemploid by COVID-19? What happens if his child is a-sym-ptomatic but caries a high viral titer &this parent enrolls the child in a NY school that has re-opened 4good behavior &has had zero infection rates for 2-months? Yay! I'd say there is a strong possibility of a repetition of outbreaks as in that fateful June sleepover camp in GA. If there are 200 kids in a camp &they Rsafely bunked in bubbles or private-pods, &1 boy liked another kid &meets in secret, the camp is fer sure doomed. Nearly 4 million AmeriCan’ts are infected now bc of a careless triste without a mask. That makes it greater than a 1:15 chance, or 7 people in a 100 who have been tested have the coronavirus. Of these 7 is likely to die. Grim numbers.


Do u-want 2take that chance with your loved 1s in the face of this numbers? Does i.t. make Uwant2 wear a mask @service or funeral? We either moo-ve 2gether as 1herd or wipe out some of our brightest &youngest minds in that herd bye re-opening in a haphazard fashion, imho. The risk tolerance in all schools in America should be set @the same bar whether high or low. Otherwise, we risk another cycle of re-infections by SARS-COV2. The other option is 2close our state borders and drill down into inter-communities as a fall-back option. Europe has banned Americans from traveling 2Europe 4our reckless, wild-west behavior.


We create a voltage for the virus’s lightning 2travel through by our societal heterogeneity &inability 2work as 1organism, unlike the virus kingdom as a mindless machine bent on re-entry. There R-no borders from the coronavirus' perspective. There R-no lines or borders in Nature as in our minds & blind, multi-colored societies. The pandemick relishes the brilliant idea of some schools closing &some re-opening as a dis-united pack, imho. The well-behaved nations R-suffering a resurgence by rogue nations without masks re-infecting their good citizens. I.t. erases these well-behaved countries' hard-won efforts 2combat the pande-mimick. We R-now all in 1global pre-school without leaders or common-sense as some naughty nations sniffle on our be-loved children &other nations R-running with scissors without a care in the world. Winter is coming 4our children certainly as Spring. R-we pre-pared as a un-ited or dis-enfranchised nation b4 this global crisis? The re-opening of schools in the U.S. will be a test of our commen-sense &resilience as a collective people defying government and health recommendations because they do not serve the people any longer. In God-Oui-Trust, in-deed.

My 1st attempt at keeping my response undr 4min. Big bro’ is watching.


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