2 min readJun 13, 2020


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What r your kids playing while u nap?

Baby steps, babe, easy as 1 2 3

It’s not the fifties any more with kids

It’s the Wild West on the internet

It’s just Rome burning on the web, jjk

It’s going through growing pains, like an addiction

Hard to kick that monkey on our kiddo’ backs

Do you know your social platforms like U-do ABC?

Cut 2 the chase, Roblox is not on the list 4 kids

Your toddlers R more tech-savvy than U

Think of your grandparents fumbling with Androids

Laugh all you Primes sleepwalking on zolpidem

We’ll all be there soon wishing for an iPhone

You Noob parents know Roblox, Minecraft?

Or is it just a passcode 2 counting sheep?

Do you know Eyes can secretly ask 4 dates there?

Age has no restriction, whoo-who?

I just turned on my son’s privacy settings

On every 1 of his accursed online games

He has 6 virtual disciples by the age of 7

Sure President Trump has had more in real life

Many probably without age limits or consent

But can he play Coronavirus Survival mode?

I digress, the internet is the Wild West, gone left

Your kids R slinging AK-47 and a Tech-DC9

While picking Columbines high on Robux

While kissing older men

While marrying transgendered dragons

While you sleep in peace

They R even practicing polygamy while we doze

Isn’t it time U wake up from your 15' recharge?

Move over son, it’s a Wolves’ Life for me