What a surprising & delightful read of how beautiful war & violence could B! My 7-yr old son plays a computer game called Roblox with weapons made straight from linear thinkers in linear nations, such as katanas & broad swords. On Roblox, they even have Tech-DC9s, the same 1 that mowed down Columbines in Colorado by&bye linear children in their graves. I never imagined circular martial arts like Kung Fu and Kalaripayattu, had crafted a weapon of such a circular caliber 2000 yrs ago. I love the fact this is not only fashionable but cutting edge tech 4 Hindu women. Shoot from the hip indeed. Only a polytheistic religion such as Hinduism could have thought this weapon of choice 4women up — all religions R circular like nature, never linear like a man. I can’t speak 4 women, I’m macho by D-Sign. I can picture it now. A woman of grace & ferocity twirling like an egg beater while male warriors splatter their blood around the bowl of death & vengeance.


It is no wonder y oui live in the end times of the Kali Yuga sitting on a Pale Fucking Green Horse whipping up the apocalypse with a crack of HER urumi like a C*NT. I can’t weight 4 Satya Yuga 2 start, butt eye won’t be around to watch the spectacle of ridicule fr the stupid masses b4 HB.


Lovely & violent, just the way eyes like my women &tools. Thank you.



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