What a day

1 min readJan 13, 2020


SHOCK, schock, shock

Descend, oh pearly clouds?

Teach me how you do it

The day-to-day grind of evaporation

Let me touch your calm levitation

Surrender all, Cloud, to be like you?

You teach me the tickle in schock

You reach into my joy to find pain ascending

See, Moon, hiding in the bushes?

Your Light ever full

chill, Chill, CHILL

My goosebumps are taking flight

Night is arising as we approach darkness

The lectern was empty as calm

Though teeth still grind thinking of Shock

Show me there are no limits of fullness

Teach me the limits of bottomlessness in empty

Now, the shock is over

The awe is finished

Every time I feel heaven descend

Miracles are common as clouds

Watching moon, clouds, me



Into Calm

Still feeling unchanged

Rising from shock