We like to think we are becoming our truer, better selves by each self-help book or Tony Powers seminar. We think our Ego is us. We do not think about how the Soul feels about our Ego or Self ignoring the spiritual elephant in the room.
We think the body serves the Ego and Self as a Macbook is a slave to the divorced CPU. We think the Soul is some ghost in the machine we no longer believe as Descartes’ disciples might think.
In reality, isn't it the worn body that carries the Ego, the Self, the Soul? When the body electric no longer sings my praises to me, does the song end? Or is the universe random unlike the celestial equator and the perfect balance of our solar system? Is it as random as monkey DNA scrambled into Shakespeare as most people think? Genius from goo? What Hubris to think homo sapiens are not first beasts & animals before crawling toward Christ to be his prodigal children? The evidence is clear on how our Self-ishness is affecting Mother Earth.
Isn't Jesus the Song, the high-note we feign to reach with our air-guitar? Ever unattainable because only Jesus could hit the high notes even the Sopranos could never shoot down because he felt every one of our immortal sins?
And we still hate to love Him for like like Jews of 33 A.D. We build churches when his teachings and motives were the opposite. We divide others instead of conquering our Ego.


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