Valentine’s love letter 2 the day

2 min readFeb 13, 2020

Took down a year’s worth of love letters

Settled them into an Everlane box

Plucked out the glowing stars from my sky

Never gets old the sight of a bare wall

A year of regrets trapped in cardboard lain down

Took down his photos for none but us 2C

That’s the fate of renters without control

Showing respect 2 my sense of privacy

How many moves does this make for him and me

Could he beat mine in a lifetime

I still hate change after all these years

I hate the future for that’s where change lies

I am 2-faced, both facets looking for approval

One from God and the other from Death

I need to rest in my choice to embrace chaos

Find me someone who’ll treat me like a child

Someone who’ll bear the brunt of choices & entropy

Reborn, now, and washed clean; how old am i

Jesus, relight this tiresome wick

Let my colors burn beyond old spectrums

A speck of dust brought 2 life by 2 sparks

Inspect the walls of this future box

It’s bearly half full

Someone will lay me down as love letters do

Close the lid like I’m in a time capsule

Hope that grandchildren will pour beer on this dirt

A capsule buried too deep for someone to discover

Never knowing how this dust once loved and lost