Understatement of homo sapien history! Yes, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians & don't forget the Protestants are insignificant and have been followers of a rather insignificant Jew for 2,000 yrs (who was renounced by Jews) who never existed. Let's not also forget evangelical, right-wing, Republican Christians would also lose their mission statement. Think of it. Billions of people have loved and died chasing a holy ghost when you could wake them up from this psychosis back to reality! I ask you, Nick, what do you chase? This thing called now or the future? Think again. We all worship something whether it is God or Mannon's Money. All creatures great & small are humble religious beings. We just choose to think we're better than other animals & vegetation, and perhaps even God. Some just choose to worship evidence or money. There are billions of human realities dreaming right now. All of them chasing ghosts and holy spirits. I guess you would know, right? Or does no-one know? Learn to be more humble like a child or Christ? Oh right, they are either usually spanked and nailed to a tree as Odin did seeking wisdom & love. Or did he? Peace.


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