I had to return. I gave you only 48 Claps. Hear R 2 mo’ This is exactly why Mr. Fred Rogers would not talk about divisive issues in public. Wait a minute! What remains then to talk about, especially on Medium? Left-wing verus conservatives? Moderate banter then? What about the heretics who won’t keep their traps shut?
St. Roger of Losers old & young & Winners & those with Weiners did slip up once about race relations. He made a Jesus move or a Hail Mary when Africans were still not quite human as pundits would proclaim, even though Black is closer 2 the original Homo sapien sauce in Africa. He began washing a Black Cops Feet on live TV where impressionable racist minds could be brain-washed. Good-thing he wasn’t a martyr-like other saints; Mr. Rogers wouldn’t look good in a strappado.
Watch for yourself:
As 1 reader wondered, if Mr. Roger’s would bee-friend black or un-friend Negros who is a suspected sex-offender on a registry list, it would depend if he was Gay or in the Closet about his Color or Hugh. The point is moot bc the Saint is Dead, but he loved cripples in his neighborhood without being on the Black-List. Fred loved Black Cops & White Cops alike without the civil war.
He was civil to the Max. I wonder if he spanksed his salami when he was alive with a would-he? I wunder if his ghose is Gay or in a Closet or in a Coffin with Poe in d’Nile? I think we, oui, have 2 much time on our hands and not enough hands to wash black feet without the fetish or d-feat or %.
If the St. I love 2 hate loved the feet of pedo-philes, but not their feats, as much as Christ & the Pope would, that would make him a hypocritical saint of lost adults & loving children. Eye of a needle indeed.
Let’s hear it from the original Mr. Rogers from the man who loved JC best:

“So JC came 2 Simon Peter. Pedro said 2 Him, “Lord, dew U wash my feet?” Jesus answered & said 2 P, “What I dew ewe do knot real-eyez know, butt ewe & U will under-stand here & after.” Pete spoke 2 JHC, “Never shall You wash my feet!” Jesus re-torte-ed Pietro, “If Eye dew knot wash you & Ewe, u have kno part with Me or my Meat.”

Simon Peter shouted 2 Jesus, “Lord, then wash knot only my feet & d-feat, butt all-so my so watts, my hands, my digits, my middle-finger & my balding head.” Jesus C whispered 2 Pee, “He who has bathed kneeds only 2 wash his d’feet, butt is complete-Lee clean; & you, but not ewe, r clean, butt knot all of you or ewe or U or u or U.S..”


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