Third Chakra

2 min readFeb 13, 2020

Who trembles by their own thoughts

Attachment to mind is maddening

Who is the person behind the throne

When I was a child, I was in awe of OZ

I’ve had enuf of sanity 2b the Wizard

I’ve had enuf of Kansas and me

M&Ms provide a diversion, not this time

A break from stale habits

Glad I didn’t head to Safeway or I’d fly away

My reality rests in a frame

That calls when I am alone in my perch

Don’t wake me from this feather-brained caper

This day just 2-nights shy of reunion

What do I do with all this wondering

Only a small divide separates me

No more struggling with issues new or old

We’re as natural as fermentation

Liquid bread exhales in shame through this throat

Reveals how baked I am

Amazed my spark burns for annihilation

Though we-r eternal as our sun

Which chakra have you muddied today

How thoughtless of you 2P into the 7th

Cosmic light is just an illusion of the 6th order

Even beneath my crossed feet

I am talking to Appa again like he’s my dad

Lost in you is where I find rest from the rest

Till I tire of being on the bargaining chip

Till a phone call came to rescue me from my design

Told me what was true or straightened my chakra

Gets me in the 5th chakra every time as I descend

Down into my tummy where the pale ale cries more

Drain into my bladder and out my urethra

Purified of all that rage over my imperfections

Safeway averted, Facetime saves, a ritual unmasked

But, it’s time to tear it all down for the night

Make an honest mockery of all my prowess

Guilty pleasure never stop advertising

Till I lose the will to negate myself

No longer ashamed at my sun-spark

No longer feeling the burn

Born again as a flickering flame