There’s a Black Widow in my Studio

There is a black widow dining in my whyte shopping bag
Feasting on leftover linseed oil or a tramp
Count ’em, 5 choices Oui have 4 her sorry life
1 kill Her with a pinkie, break her hourglass red
2 admire her 4 Her appetite 4 all her drained boyz
3 tell Ur neighbors 2 go2 Hell if they harm her babes
4 ignore Her presence & let her grace B it & all
5 tell no 1 but the holy O.G. & JC who seen i.t. all

There’s a spider living in my garage
I gave her a cherry tomato & she set a net
She caught me in her cacoon, drank my reigning blood
It built me a web, my back against the wet walls
4 a prickly Fee I’m free 2Let her drink my desires
Without the sting of her venom painting is small
Tread carefully, Goddesses below thine cracks
Chrysalises crack like baby black widows do unborn
Beauty above #1 & U mighty with vices
Sadly, knot 4her kiddo’s voice 2knight
Squash, M.F.!!!!!



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