ThePixelDoc called Jesus grotesque

8 min readAug 8, 2020

He deleted it later. I wonder Y? Here is the picture of the Baby that he found hilarious.

I find Him beautiful however J is old 2Day. That is Y I’m re-posting this erased Icon from Medium’s Servers. I have no beef with ThePixelDoc to resurrect my comment. I wouldn’t go so far as to re-publish his Copy/Past/Pasted Words on my M.S. Word with-out his permission. But, would Hitler’s mother find him Ugly & put a pillow over his face 4 the Greater Good, b4 the attempted genocide of Jews 4 JC & Gypsies?

I.t. is within PD’s right 2 delete any of his posts. It’s just a shame he had to delete baby Jesus as unpleasant, 2. I wonder Y?

MayB he was ashamed of laughing at Jesus 4 50+ Claps & Read-Time? I understand his need 2 streak. I’m an addict 2JC, 2.

I was bullied as a child in America, but not in my Motherland. I was called a Chink & RiceBowl every-time I got a haircut from my Umma, hilarious 2 white boyz & girlz.

I was told, “No Menus”, by a well-meaning pink lady in elevators in NYC bc I looked jaundiced, never porcelain. My eyes turned the other cheek every-time racists complimented me bc my mother taught me the waze of J.

I’m sick of my erasure & the LOL of the mob. I’m hitting ThePixelDoc smack in2 his Lonely PhD cheeks (he has deleted the post bc of my response defending JC, hear oui R) bc SARS-COV2 made me enraged & estranged @White-Men’s stupidity over History & Her-Story buried.

Can’t get it straight if U think J was ugly? Try harder. If u-are going 2 lie on Medium & act ignorant of your White-Man’s Art history, b Man enuf 2 take the punches & heat when a novice chinky Art Historian defends Baby JC. Oui, we r failing & flailing America flayed by our ignorance as this deleted article proves.

Art History is just the beginning of our triste with our singular luv 4 stupidity & want 4 exposure. Get over i.t., it’s knot Ur need. What dew U need absolutely, atheists & agnostics?

Faithfuls say oui & we pine & weep up-on our Silicon-Icons like last-year’s tear-stained Apples creating profitable bubbles bursting. Call i.t. gross how we view Life & Babies, Row vs. Wade.

Yes, I.T. is. Don’t deny or fight i.t. ass schools re-open in the U.S. ripe 4 the coronavirus’s pickins’ @ humanity’s 3rd surge while we bicker on Medium. Winter is coming as surely as Kali for the Yuga like a Pale Rider to Arm-a-get-ON.

Hear, here is the comment that has also been erased. I tried not to include any direct quotes from PD since I have sum humility b4 my Pride knot 2 plagiarize without permission. At least, ThePixelMan may gain new followers & disciples, but never mo’ than Baby J is still doing.

Plz, DoubleCheck youR wordz in your Introduction. Which R-u saying? Or is there a catch of a Click-Bait involved?

Which is more Natual, Divine Reality ore Satanic Infants ass u once wrote off? If either choices Rtrue, then this is a humble ending 2 ur report as an over-inflated art-reporter on Medium.

Your title is definitely “Click-baity” You didn’t explain clearly why Baby Jesus was ugly & hilarious & grotesque 2painters of whatever age East or West.

Yellows people under God R-better @painting Buddhas &Amitabhas. But the West is better at portraiture & landscape & romance. That’s what my liberal arts education taught me. The Middle-East never paints faces. It would be heinous 2God. The Buddhas make infinite&eternal mandalas 2 learn 2 let i.t. all go 2 Hell when I.T. is finished 4good.

I’ve never seen a Japanese Zen Master paint Baby Jesus in B&W &red all over as the Joker would say 2 Vincent Van Gogh. I wonder if a news-print photo of JC would look grotesque 2 you compared to icon Pain-Ters as might have bean dun during the birth of the heinous Rennaisance.

U could simply say, “Beauty is in the I of the B-Holder in whatever Time or Space or Mind or Body” & B done with the heart-breaking 3-minute mark on your slavery 2 our Icons 4 2day lost on Medium. Oui, We all worship something Ugly. I.T. is imprinted in our mitochondrial DNA whether B&W or Red all over.

Even atheists & odd agnostics, @least Baby JC is cuter than Lucifer even if imperfectly scrawled by a tired pain-ter keeping his kids fed through the famine, waiting 4 the Good News 2 arrive.

As a little history lesson, the Greeks were the best at conceiving the human form. They were a cut above the XiangJi at the time. The Chinese & the Middle East were at least millennia behind Roman Catholics. Allah told the Muslims not 2 paint faces out of deference 4 Him. The Chinese were still painting in the 2D while Christians were looking 4 perspective. After the Black Plague, when all hope was lost 1500 years later, pioneers like Filippo Lippi discovered his Eye was a mirror to the world. He discovered the singular pixel in a fovea & began 2 paint in perspective rather crudely, IMHO.

On the shoulder of dusty, grotesque painters & scientists, DaVinci discovered Aerial Perspective when Humanism was discovered. The Church of Art & Science was not separated as I.T. is 2day.

We now take streaming tv in Hi-Deaf Sourround Sound & 3D forgetting the heads of Giants we are resting our Ottomans on. It was like everyone got a smartphone and a subscription to the chain gang of human art &artifice. Human art. Human Anatomy. Human Love. Human Hate. It was Tech that they re-discovered like Cave-Humans receiving Holy Fire again and again. Forever ignorant like treating fire like a Holy Apple. Like kids or animals, Painters painstakingly thinking control is the burn on canvas with pigment. Til, they till the lite the world on fire with their rosy Hellish Vision.

People believed them bc they shouted loudest & crudest. Forgot about them & thou. Then Hell followed A.I. to the center stage of our imaginations resurrected in the face of a Coronavirus. B careful what U-write. I.T. infests the human imagination with animal Lust & Action follows the path to our grossness unowned since J.

When the Church brought their flock together to Rome just in time for the Black Plague and the Vatican burning again, they began 2 paint hilarious paintings of Jesus with the Virgin Mary seeking redemption from their brutish Human Nature. Blue was a rare pigment like rare Phoenician shells. I.t.’s color & hue were reserved for Royalty & U.N.-Holy unlike now in the time of Plenty of knowing 2 much. I.t. was spared 4 the Virgin Blue 2pop the Artists’ cherries however bad it made J look like a raped Warhol in techni-color.

Centuries later after the Protestant Reformation, Christian Gentiles took over the Art World & imported Impressionism fr Portuguese sailors selling contraband Japanese Print Making as V.v.G discovered. With physical Art dead as Photos & photons, Photoshop was more realistic & quicker than real-life; take-out-artists like an endless gospel of commoners fled 2 their digital tablets endless drawing Japanese Anime Eyes, as I did in South Korea back in ’74.

Before the internet revolution, the Japanese again served as inspiration for Western Babylon & exported Godzilla & manga & the apocalypse from a 360 degree perspective. This bombed 2 Hell nation served as the John which Americans fudge-packed on assembly lines and in newsprint. Everyone was SuperStars and Van-Go and Pique-Caso.

The West gobbled their inspirational endings like A-Bombs named Fat Boy dropping into their Pride not realizing we are all inter-connected by DNA. The story of the Riders coming for us is never-ending. It’s called eschatology if you are a Faithless. The story of why Baby Jesus is so grotesque is a 4-ever a-miss-tri. Let’s grow up & knot enter the king-dumb of heaven, then.

Icons were painted not 4 popes butt for the downtrodden dopes who still consider themselves sinners when Mortal Sins have been shattered by the Man through sacrifice. Icons R-for mothers & 4-bullies who lost their children 2COVID-19. When did we ever turn our cheek when bullies called us hilarious or grotesque? We can’t save pictures of our lost ones in our neurons. We can’t rage on our oppressors as eternal victims like J, but we can rage on an Icon till we feel silly. Time is grotesque. But, we can take a photo of Jesus &C His ridiculous and crazy smile stare down upon us with serenity and disappointment &rage resurrected in pixels. Rage, even as grotesque as Jesus and God is &doesn’t care 4 our opinions, the reality with or without God or Jesus is more beautiful than we could ever be. Satan’s playground to praise God. How ironic.

We are the children of Caine. We are the children of animals. The latter is a fact. Wolves cannot paint depictions of Baby Jesus. Thus, God gave us thumbs to glorify his Name. Why the hate instead of Thanks?

I challenge you 2paint a better picture of Baby Jesus. Then I will critique it on Medium for more Claps and STD if you have the Balls 2juggle with Me. I will try 2pain-t 1today 4your viewing pleasure. Forget the Licks & ReadTime. Write like I.T. is the end of the world. Check back soon.

Wasn’t my piece Click-Baity 2? ThePixelDoc didn’t even talk about the ridiculous Byrd or the Forbidden Fruit J’s Mommy is presenting. But, JC points 2 the bird with his Right-index finger. I wonder if J would accept the Present as 1 whole? I wonder if he would refuse baptism? Perhaps I.T. is 4 the Byrds fer sure? Seek & U will Find Beauty in the Ugliest of Children.

Even Ghengis Khan was loved. Many times by mothers and women. In fact, several nations are descended from his sea-men.. Sulk and feel ashamed we R-just another grotesque Star-Dust without Eyes 2-Behold the Beauty of our Lord in such time of blindness 2Murder of Crows LOL @a Sparrow on Jc’s sinister thumb.

He’s thumbing his knows &nose @U.S. a-Cross the Great Beyond. Ever hilariously childish 4-ever more paying the hour of our Sins till we start acting like Him & say “oui”. Never getting that Baby off the Cross till He we send Him back into the womb. It’s an addiction of JC 2b the Butt of our Faithless Jokes & Ugly Jokers thinking we have infinite Time 2 make amends & believe with hubris redemption is a given.

He always has the last laugh with God as his 1-True Father while Caine’s Father just Lucifer Sulks and laughs out loud crying Fowl. Ever ungrateful. Nailed I.T. yet, PD or U apathetic agnostic readers looking for the 2nd coming of a Medium?