3 min readJan 19, 2021


The Virus Kingdom & the Prokaryote Kingdom are blind to human ingenuity & technology. They don't care a hoot about nations, borders & ethnic divisions.

To them, we are a giant pizza with billions of slices. The only major difference is human ingenuity & technology, which have dissolved borders around every nation. SARS viruses are salivating at our human advancement.

That being said, I think CoViD19 is the wave of our dystopian future rather than deadlier ones like Ebola & Yersinia pestis. Mild to Moderate deadly viruses like CoViD19 can hop on planes. People with the plague & bleeding from their buboes will be stopped by the TSA from infecting other countries,

It is clear in my mind, that if USA played as a global team & followed along with countries like South Korea & New Zealand, the pandemic would have been controlled by now.

As the dis-United States of America demonstrates the theory of the weakest link in a chain, I accuse USA of being a super-spreader for the World with over 300 million people serving as a wading pool or a fractured pizza pie for the virus after. The re-opening in the summer of '20 is just the tip of an infected American iceberg.

CoViD-19 is a socio-economic virus imho in each country. The most disadvantaged & most despised are not provided masks & are rightfully wary of big government & their shots. It's the colored people that are wary of vaccination & doctors for good historical reason. In Italy, it is the elderly that are CoViD19 vectors. In Korea, it's the SouthEast Asian mail order brides & the often domestically abused women. The spread of any pandemics is now a socio-economic & technology-fueled pandemic. We’ve left behind the Roman age of pandemics and hopped onto iron-horses & steel pegasuses with CoViD-19 riding shotgun as a stowaway.

Yes, it will get worse. Not because of the virus. They haven't changed their playbook in millions of years. Neither has humans in their thousand-year-old history of hate for their lesser brothers & sisters & their ignorant xenophobia.

If there is a policy to love 1 another, that will stop the pandemic. If there is US versus the people of color or us vs. children or united states vs women etc, then both viral & bacterial kingdom will literally be laughing their heads off on jet planes, cruise ships & electric cars nestled safely in our lung epithelial cells reproducing like rabbits on Viagra.

When will we move on from Sodom & Gomorrah or the Tower of Babel? Over 5000 years of modern history and we haven't moved away like Jews in Egypt before the Exodus. We dream of the apocalypse & love to hate & see fear in our prey more than wearing masks or our grandparents' lives in the ICU. What is the ratio of the “end-of-the-world” movies on Netflix to their collection?

Yes, what we watch becomes our dreams or nightmare. Watch what you consume as our mommas warned us. CoViD-19 is not an engineered China virus as the former POTUS tried to spread. It is a sociologically, technologically propagated homo sapien virus. It will stop when we become a kinder & gentler nation working together with other kinder, gentler nations.