Thanks, Sean for a surprising read on an old urban legend. Nike found an untapped market, women who wanted to be goddesses in the 80's. Yes, I 2 would like some references. If this is satire, I will garner you with laurels from Nike’s garland. BTW, it took 13 pages for the goddess to appear on Google; overshadowed by a shoe! How demoralizing for the demoted pantheon. Here’s what I found about the Goddess of Victory pounded to the ground by star athletes & Harlem boyz in the Hood. I think Steve Smolin & Marlene may disagree with your article, but who am I to argue with the whisperings of your Muse. To each his own. This one will go down in mystery like Coke & Santa Claus. Here’s a real fact that can be checked. In 1995, Reebok branded a shoe for women with the name of a demon that rapes women while they are asleep.


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