Thanks for the history lesson. Poor Hypatia. She belongs in the pantheon with Socrates who was killed by a Democratic gov't for being too wise. She belongs to all women killed for their intelligence rather than their hysteria (word taken from Uterus). Her death was a forgotten data point, until now, at the end of the Roman Empire ushered in by the black plague and brutally devolved into the Dark Ages where Greek brilliance was stoned limb from limb like Hypatia. It was rediscovered by heretics like Leo DaVinci & Brunelleschi.
History repeats itself. America is the New Rome as St. John foretold. The Christians R the knew-RNC. The Democrats r the supposed Platonists old Old ever renewed. The pandemic is the God's wrath. &the CDC, scientists, doctors &whatever gender U-RI S Hypatia ever raped. Ignorance hates smart people ore smart organizationZ. The CDC wan’t stoned, but i.t. certainly has been muzzled out of politics & an envoy 2hide from the fact that America is the richest but also the most irrationally penurious nation on Earth.
I await the new Renaissance but I ain’t holding my breath.


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