3 min readFeb 4, 2021


Thanks for replying back. Yes, empathy. It doesn't matter if it's empathy for fungi or for our fellow fellows. Empathy and cruelty are bred together into an unbreakable twist. Bullying is soldered & hardwired into our DNA & history. But, empathy is not hardwired or encoded into our current society as America’s social studies is proof of the damage social media can do.

Social media has brought small-town & village minds stage front bc it's easier to snark than it is to act like Mr. Rogers though you may feel like a cookie monster & they’re the crumbs. The only egalitarian part of the internet is that everyone gets bullied, especially the superstars & the mole waiting to be whacked. Instead of 10 minutes of fame, we all now get bullied for a lifetime on social-media. We can be free to be BPD or any diagnosis in real life, but virtually, what stick to are stuck to accounts like virtual crazy glue. Thank God for real life, bc in our virtual lives, it's a game of dodge ball with spiked virtual balls. The only virtual person unscathed is the ball thrower whether the person has BPD or not, at least for a while.

Yes, BPD people can do all the things a sociopath can do. And serial killers can do everything boring mono-polar mainstreamers do. We can murder & resurrect dead relationships just as well as common folks. Be cautious of science and its artificial labels created by the nomal cohort but smart; it’s just for show and a label made real if there are enough faithfuls.

IMHO mental diseases are one mad frequency tuned in on a bi-polar spectrum between sanity & the mad. For each person, you can triangulate their mental frequency on one mental spectrum tailored for each person. One's madness can never be counterfeited. I assume even normal people can be crazy; Audtodidacts fake it through life regardless of yin yang of reason & unreasonable. The zenith of how each disorder is labeled like notes on a crazy symphony or sin-phoney like BDP. There is no BPD or BP or Schizo, they are hills connected from sanity to the truly insane. From my peaks & valleys and from the valley of my age & knowledge as a scientist it might go like this as in the Old Testament:

-Despair begets depression
-Depression has lots of offspring like OCD
-Some sad folks beget anxiety if suicide is averted
-Anxiety begets a host of mood and personality disorders like BPD
-BDP begets BP and BP has twins, Type 1 & Type 2, typical
-BP I or II begets Schizophrenia
-Schizophrenia begets Jesus unless Haldol is injected stat

Life is a spectrum with death as its orbit just like crazy and common. To separate BPD from "normal" humans is thinking like while conquistadors thinking chocolate covered savages don't feel pain when they inflict genocide. Or how about Christians not realizing Jews & Muslims are brothers & sisters in faith and in the Bible by which the US court system swears by. Christians should really start a jihad against Buddhists rather than their brothers like followers of Mohammad & Yentl.

It's a mad, mad world. I'm using the man in the mirror as the star of my revolution as Michael Jackson who hated his dark label. While keeping myself the brightest Northern Star, I make sure to never regress into thinking of myself as the center of our empty, bi-polar universe. Even in science, the borderline or in-between is where all the fun happens. They’re just envious. The best of us can cycle through a hundred personalities in a minute without breaking a sweat, while the “normal” or “mono-polar” people are stuck on 1 or 3 tunes at best for life even if rock & roll says to crank it to 11.