Thank you for your article. By politics has become religion do you mean that the separation of church and state has been broken in our politicians? We live and breathe the era of Post-Truth, and the Church is broken or dying at least. Our times remind me of the Bolshevik Revolution where utopians are replaced by the lowest common denominator and dictators bend wills without mercy. As a father, these times are treacherous as pornography scrawled on a child’s Roblox house is a real threat as in our real lives. In our virtual lives, we are vulnerable as if the world-wide-web lives in the wild west. It’s as if the internet has lots of growing up to do as we did over 5000 years give or take to get here. The cost of exposing all our hateful and beautiful thoughts on the web is a ripple that separates children, possesses churches, burns down churches and raises antichrists to the pulpit. Do Tea Party members go to church to turn Jesus’ mouth into a bullhorn for their ideologies? Perhaps they are looking for a Red Church that shares their beliefs. This is nothing new. I can think of the Crusades, the Inquisition, the jihad, etc.. Whatever the reason, I ask myself how do I get out of Post-Truth if emotions are now facts? Or are these growing pains of our shared ideologies seeking validation in the One? I think Republicans have some hard thinking next election because the cost is our warming planet and our darkening souls. The children on the Southern Border asks for our help to cross the divide. I hope the partisanship is not our new lens, but rather a vision of partnership. Thank for your insightful article. If anyone wants to bully or fact-check, please go ahead. I’ll turn my virtual cheek and tell you Truth is now relative.


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