2 min readJun 18, 2018


Thank for for a fascinating read. This challenges my preconceptions about the vulnerable act of osculation.

You’re last quote was fascinating: Why Romantic Kissing is clearly not universal; especially given that kissing is so fun and satisfying to the soul.

Moreover, there is a strong correlation between the frequency of the romantic–sexual kiss and a society’s relative social complexity: the more socially complex the culture, the higher frequency of romantic–sexual kissing.

I wonder what this says about non-European cultures where the idea of romantic love isn’t as fully developed despite the social complexity of a society, let’s compare Italians to Koreans. Perhaps this has to do with the Logos inherent in Christianity. The idea of Romantic Love, imho, has its roots in Christ’s love for all of humanity. Buddha left his son, Rahula. I bet he never kissed a girl and made her cry.

On a concluding note, everybody knows that blue is a cool color, but did you know that blue was nearly nonexistent till the Middle Ages in Europe? It was by trade with the East that brought blue into fashion. Before then the Madonna was always in somber colors. Blue was a warm and estranged color. With trade, Madonna was clothed in blue. Blue became cool and soothing. It replaced the Roman dominance of Red. There wasn’t even a word for blue. The ocean was green until the Renaissance when titans painted God’s sky blue.

Now red is hot and angry. Blue is now cool and the most favored color of the globe. All industries hide themselves in indigo like Mother Mary, but none can kiss like her, even to this very day.

Thank God, for paradoxes and small miracles. XOXO.