1 min readJun 21, 2018


Just creepy. Think about it. MS-13 sends their gang members into ICE to tear their own children apart.

Street gangs, prison gangs, and OMGs all have members and associates who have either gained or attempted to gain employment with law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and judiciary/courts across the country.

Gangs such as M-13 target employment in law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, judiciary or courts, and the US military threatens national security and thwarts law enforcement efforts to combat gang

Survey reporting indicates law enforcement officials in 59 jurisdictions claimed that
known or suspected gang members have applied for positions or gained employment
within the ranks of the military, law enforcement, corrections, and judiciary/courts.

Of those incidents, the US military was identified most with 43 percent; followed by corrections at 35 percent; law enforcement 15 percent; and judiciary/courts at 7 percent.

NGIC intelligence and multiple law enforcement reports indicate nearly every major street gang, some prison gangs, and various OMGs have representation on domestic and international US military installations.

Gangs identified with military-trained members include: the Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, MS-13, Sureños, AB, Bandidos, HAMC, Outlaws, Pagans, and Vagos MCs.

By means of transfers and deployment, military affiliated gang members extend their operations and thereby potentially undermine security at military installations; some OMG support clubs, for example, utilize active duty personnel to expand OMG presence to other regions.