Not Good News. The Coronavirus Blog Team should put the New York numbers in2 perspective. From a virus perspective, it doesn’t matter if NY equaled South Korea in SARS-COV2 daily positivity. The U.S. still beats NY with a 7.13% daily positivity by John's Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center. South Korea has 1.01% daily positivity for SARS-COV2. It’s not a race. It’s a run for your lives. I’m betting each region in S.K. has a homogeneous distribution curve of Daily+. You should take a look at America’s Daily+ state by state. It’s all over the place. Thus, our embarrassingly high national Daily+ compared to other first-world nations, esp Asian 1s. America is nowhere close to South Korean’s ability &readiness to protect its citizens from the pandemic. How can you make such a boldface claim that NY is approaching South Korean standards when your borders are still porous and neighbor states are re-opening schools? The Daily+ is the infected divided by the tested. So it depends on how well the public agencies report accurate & reliable tests state by state, too. Some states are rejecting rapid tests in a political jockeying maneuver to cover the shameful numbers. In this arena of testing per population, America & South Korea are on par. But, isn’t it irresponsible 2go on &say "it’s awesome & say with proper precautions schools can open safely”? Perhaps we’re reading the people positive for SARS-COV2 from different tables bc I see America biologically-united under the eyes of the coronavirus not divided like NY vs CA or FLA. Or, maybe, perhaps our perspectives &agendas differ. Nature sees no lines across our country or any nation. I prefer to see the infection data as it is, as the virus kingdom might, instead of slanted rose-colored glasses. Who is closer to the Truth of how America is dealing with pandemic compared to prepared Asian nations? In my humble opinion, America gets a D- for protecting its colored citizens & children in whichever state bc we are biologically united. If my X runs without a mask, I may catch the flu even with the best of my precautions for our son. New York is no different than children of divorced parents in America. It’s like wearing a mask in a crowded, unventilated room with half the people unwilling to wear PPE and no exit sign. Americans are still debating about masks and re-opening schools haphazardly state by state rather than as one people running for their lives, 4God’s sake! Remember mobs get trampled without a leader. Single file, plz U.S. Do not forget the coronavirus is a better opportunistic virus crossing inter-state lines. The virus is better than the human species to go viral on whatever platform. It’s the purest open-source code. My prediction is that since America can’t get it together 2save the humans in other nations, it is up to the virus to run its course into the homo sapiens genome. If you are looking for the vaccine as America’s savior, there is already “vaccine-nationalism” brewing due to the predicted shortage. How beastly can we get? KO by an invisible terrorist of our own carelessness. Here's the link to my triple-fact-check my Daily SARS-COV2+ Positivity by country. If I am in error with my #, my deepest apologies, Mr. Jha. ==>


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