Skip the light fantastic

1 min readJan 17, 2020

You shouldn’t go all the way

It will only bring you pain

And the shame of coming clean

Almost too much to bare

Breaking free has a cross

They’ll redouble the search

For the misunderstood

For the schizos and manics

We can start over

You can lock the bars this time

I promise not to be free

Down the fire escape of my mind

I return to surrender to You only

Seeking absolution, an end to hunger

Bend my knees, the wheel won’t respond

If surrender equals knowledge

I give up all to You without chutes

I leave with more as I fall unashamed

He’s a mystery all the way down

He’s the brake in my careening

He’s the pedal in speed

Faster than light speed

He calms hearts to a trot

He is the origin of Facebook

Connecting us in communion

Like his church ever fractured

Since his descent