1 min readJan 24, 2020

Scared of being 2 sane lest I feel it all

Take me back 2 the last moment I feared

Scared of the sacred

Scared of the music ending

Scared of the scars singing

Scared of how good it feels 2b shocked

When sobriety calls like a jilted lover

I want 2 crawl back 2 my hermit shell

I know that I’ve acted this scene 2death

I had to hate me enuf to forgive humanity

To realize I’m not going anywhere

All that could go tragically wrong has gone FUB-R

Fear is everywhere; my therapist says to stay +

Go 2-that waterfall 4 a dip if spirits hound U2 death

I tell him I’ve wrestled my angel like Abraham

I’ve dealt a blow 2 “this is stupid, let’s fuck”

I’ve united the sons of Abraham with weed

Fear is no match for me, I have Jesus on my side

He’s my voice; he is me when this home is empty

Get thee behind Him I say 2 the legion

Cowering behind ghostly sheets, it’s me

Scaredy-cat I’ve seen you hunt helpless birds

Still, I make an offering 2U as is my nature

I make no apologies 4 who I am anymore

Because the opposite would mean

I am a sorry human scared

Looking behind at what God has made

Imperfect or perfect, I am the undead awakened

Fear is natural, sin is not

Which causes me to shame myself?

I cannot serve 2 masters without the burn