Pain & Impermanence could still be your Teacher

2 min readJan 5, 2021


If only ewe could C nothing lasts,
..pain all around me wasn’t.
Why didn’t I C Life is pain heaped
Upon death & more death?

A time of no pain, beez knees,
we, weather 4good or 4sinners,
Are running away from pursuing pain
Begetting more pursuant pain.
Wouldn’t I rather find discomfort
In positively pain-fool experiences?

If happiness can last forever,
then suffering will also last
To bitter-sweet revolutions without end.
The rational & emotional mind,
Unacceptable and shock & awe
Finding comfort in impermanence.

Either hate or love is eternal,
choose, only one can hold both
In one scarred but innocent palm.
Only 1 nailed 2 the cross
Can see with Odin’s sinister good eye,
Borrowed for a while holding up..

The world & the sun outta control
while my pain on a comet trail away.
My soul rides in an icy chariot like a god
Returning to my familiar house of pain.

Pain is now my universe without bilayers
Where bittersweet dreams’ll be freely dreamt
In a dysregulated planet fool of children in exile
I love 4ever mo’ cuz my galaxy contain U & ewe
& You.