3 min readOct 30, 2020


A Prose Traumatic Stress Dis-Order Acrostic (P.T.S.d.O.A.) 2 help me get thru my X 2 hour Ys 2 Zzzzss. A would’ve been vet with P.T.S.D. doesn’t have 2 go back in2 war again & again 4 real or in a time machine; a muffler or muzzle will dew the trick. Losing an arms race ore tail branded on an amygdala & a hippocampus @the familiar campus in the brained regardless of sex, age ore choice. Get ready ..


P 4 Point, PC, Piquante, Pick, Prick, back

T 4 Rama, Treatment, Trickster, run tail

S 2 X, Sing-u-hill-arity, Sin, 4 Shame, Sin-phoney

D 4 Dads, Divorced 2, Despair, 1 G.O.D., Dog, #Devils

D 4 Deaths
S 4 Suicide
C 2b committed 4 crimes
A 4 attempted murder 2
A 2b admitted 1 shell shocked

Bean there dun that park-bench, East-Side

Vetted Vet Fighting 4-ward, march on-ward

Back-ward oui go as ghosts 2 dew, tracers

Rat-tat-tat pop goes our Rat Race, weasels

We all fall down when rats cum 4 meals

Hungry ghosts can’t wail any mo’, beaten

Eyes know longer need Life, Death’s Nest

I no longer crave traumas’ repast

Can sum hit b2 beau-tea-Fool?


An acrostic dedicated 2 all those on Medium living or dead who have suffered injustice & have PTSD scars proudly embedded in their amygdala like a vengeful mandala on their hippocampus like a memory of a trauma hard-wired by & bye neuro-transmitters (NT) wit’ a trigger finger & a penchant 4 dramatic flares when everything wan goes FUBAR weather UR a vet ore have God’s neural architecture of 1 inflicted victimized bye gov’ts & such, such bullies & slimeballs whoo sent U 2 Hell & Back, AS PROOF the book of the dead still exists. Even kids can & will b glorified & traumatized ass Vets given a chance by the 6 star generals of pain & trauma & sex & death. Get over i.t. & them & even Thou. I.D.C. watt thou say-est. I.D.K, take the 5th. Watt-ever oddly U say cums back 2U. Apathy rules mankind 4-Ever. FUBAR indeed, 4-sake Luv. 1 step 4-word 2-Hatred of P.T.S.D. Mammon, have mercy on the pale sons of Cain. Save us & U.S. daughters of Lilith crying bc of man’s chastity belt & welts. Eve was a submissive bitch until the ERA freed her write 2 free Her Epidermis. Perhaps Abel got away like JR & has P.T.S.D. engraved in His D.N.A.. Let us hope white-men have a fighting chance against Chink-Domination upon them as Red-faced Trump does prophesize as the Anti-Christ resurrected 2 the Evangelicals & dis-U.S.A. & the Korean Vets still unrecognized 4 their bravery & comraderie 4 Red Whyte & Blue & the Depressed & BP & TII-DM & OCD & Schizos. Have my eyes covered all the crazies, Mr. Hatter? Alice? Any-1? Bugler? Bunger? Pop! Rat-tat-pop-dicky-ticky-taffy-Rats-I.T.-Race-Could’ve bean a Vet if only I didn’t ware spectacles.