New Digs: That Ponce Feeling

A vintage corner 2 ponder
A new movement 2 consider
Consequences yip like hyenas
Beautiful how pups play
New vistas 2 draw
Old keyholes 2 peer through
Instead, I was chasing shadows
No more plays about exorcism
No more excoriating old scars
Place old things in new places
In this new spot free of crime
He’s coming home 2 a space, safe
Hiding here will be our new game
Take it in, exhale it ours
Zones of light and dark here, unlike
There, where magnolias grow afar
I hear neighbors coming home
My sin follows me, don’t look back
Like my will oppressing my Son
Another movie Friday
A new chapter as another tenant
Who worries less, landlords
Those holding on2 objects
Leaking your value
Falling apart as things do
Own more of less if U can’t

Love more if you want security



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