My smartphone has a grip on me

3 min readApr 4, 2021


Iphone, can you shut your screen & not fray nerves?
Google is snooping on every open-source code
Use my finger to give Silicon Valley a bird than keys
Got no nose? But your bloodhounds smell our fear
You call like an aching baby needing change
Or are you a 1 arm bandit with cherries for eyes?
Toxic iphone knee-cap this inmates’ will to sea

You tease wobbly knees to crack on the run from tech
our apps & Babel are your minions phishing for eyes
If I give you attention, you return with worried addictions
We’ve spoiled our PCs so much that we wish to be binary
We’ve sold our moments to tweens gaming human choices
Lick VR eye-candy in exchange for dopamine gone wild
While the real world ignites & melts by taps & clicks

If iPhones grew limbs & digits, they would choke or fume
By rings & dings, you will chain us to our senses
If phones make us feel connected then why am I alone?
iPhones hardwires our triggers like Pavlovian bitches
Galaxies rob our senses & turn dopamine into a gold rush
The stampede will bleach all the corals boiling from info
Bumpers ground to microplastic for starving seagulls & gnus
Call GrubHub; send more straws down to oceans till we choke
Disabled eels without smartphones calling for their rights
Wait till clown fishes send emails to Horton saying we’re here
Down the Mississippi flows buried oil seeing the delta & gulf
Wait till the endangered sends warnings to the deaf & blind

When Global Warming rolls down, it’s like Mars on a slide
The road to Armageddon is slippery with tech & desire
Kids know why God made woman make man into a slave to I.T.
iPhones getting a buzz on palladium, rushing O/1 or oui/9
Hypnotized deers in headlights, who’s the stag & shotgun, man?
Caught in our paradox of prana? Dividing by 0 is our Achille’s heel
Organic circuit boards are naturals at cleaving pair of dogs
If love is sweet, why is chocolate jailed & our state cream-colored?
If we love clean homes, why are abandoned oceans vandalized?

If we use our smarts to imagine drones bringing pizzas
Forget Indians dying to burn jungles for chump change
Won’t our Mother Earth & mothers fume with disappointed airs?
My iPhone ain’t trained to fetch justice, equality, or even frugality
But, it can spark social action like a wildfire if you are the wick
My phone has no mouth, but whispers in earbuds, “look away”
I’m sure my smartphone is plotting the end of the world or me
On Google Earth, mother is balding 1 click at a time like me

Our only hope is that our children will be kinder
With a heart big enough to break tech like a horse-whisperer
Wouldn’t you rather be reining in your beasts than chased by 1
Like an H-Bomb unleashed, I.T. can’t be shoved back in
Hold that wagging tongue out the window; we’re not driving
A lifetime of subscriptions without consent bound like a leash
Who’s riding shotgun if not you? Binary is behind the wheel
If addicts are users, should they be allowed a license to troll?
Am I a consumer snorting tech turning into my own terrorist?

A world enslaved by kids erases the gains of Enlightenment
Gives me the right to soil maturity & treasure greed
Thanks for nothing yet something, iPhone 6
You’ll never have a real heart because you’ll be replaced
Can you loosen your grip on my neck? I can’t breathe
I’ll enter into a lifetime contract if you do; sure?
I’ll even discard last year’s model for a new iOS
I have your mess to clean up
When you break down