My liberal mind takes me on this journey to this very important point from reading the blog listed below. Here are the 7 Statistics About Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse retooled for your bread and circus REPORTER, today, on the front lines fighting the good fight against Animalism:

  1. Sexual or verbal assault and verbal rape are used to intimidate, control and demean victims and survivors of violence.
  2. Assault is more likely when trust is surrendered than with strangers or acquaintances or even mothers or even fathers or over-sexed gurus who drive Teslas to keep up with the times. [“Self-driving cars were invented by gurus who wanted a blow job on the 101.”-Sonmi-451]
  3. Between 14% and 25% of women are sexually assaulted by intimate partners during their relationship. Between 10–20% of the men never get any during their relationship. The loneliness is crushing. The violence is devastating.
  4. Between 40% and 45% of women in abusive relationships will also be sexually assaulted during their indoctrination into a cult or a marriage bed. Why Osho do IT? Orchestrate this mad farce leading to his crucifiction?
  5. Over half of women or men raped by sexually abusive cults or partners or significant others were sexually assaulted multiple times by the same guru, sugar daddy or father-figure…. over and over and over and over over aover over oand onoo oover ov …..lover ovean and over and a nand and over again. Rage on, sista!
  6. Women or men or boys or girls who are sexually abused by cult leaders or any man of power report more risk factors for homicides, suicides or other violent crimes than non-sexually abused followers of a guru.
  7. Women who are sexually abused by gurus suffer severe and long-lasting physical and mental health problems, similar to those of other rape victims. They have higher rates of depression and anxiety than women who were either raped by acquaintances or physically but not sexually abused by a stranger.