Mage & Man

4 min readJul 12, 2021


Photo by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

The death of wizards & witches happened long before the Round Table & Excalibur. Long before Cain against Abel who by the way was the original Merlok and Morgana in one. Sex was fluid back then till the serpent climbed up a tree. Who knows who was the angel with reincarnation as his superpower. Who knows how spirits became billions of flesh. Cain became Man & bludgeoned Abel to an angel or a necromancer before Merlok defied death. Long before we were ushered out of the Garden of Eden Man or Cain was blaming women & lessers for his irrational crime of Pride.

Long before Adam, there were the brothers & sisters in spirit on a galaxy near you & in a ewe. One was a wizard at chemistry. The other was a, well, a Man in the Platonic and Biblical sense, simple. He was a shifty fellow. But, He was pretty smart even with a lizard brain buried autonomically. Only God knows the color of his atrium & ventricles. Like male pups, the brothers wanted to know who was the fittest among the two. So the war began between Men & Mages.

They wagered who could eradicate the disease of life from the face of Mother Gaia down to the genome of Man & beast. The Mage who was just a fleshy apprentice & a translucent angel was able to exorcise demons & cure depression during the Cenozoic Age when life was simpler. Man, with no God-given superpowers, bided his time in a cell learning from his nefarious brother who cured cancer in dinosaurs before the splashdown of a comet. What a waste of resources. He was patient and could wait for millennia if he had to for his cancer-free catch and release. He studied with the Muslims and moved onto Pasteur after the Dark Ages. The Tide was turning toward’s Man’s Global Warming.

As Man was evolving, Mage was regressing losing followers long before subscribers had a voice on the net. His cure rate plummeted after the Industrial Revolution providing cheap drugs to all brothers & sisters. Mage and his followers were reduced to fanatics, Moonies, Yogis & general mental disorders cataloged in the DSM-V. Even the Pope was caught with his robe down with pedantic child abuse cases by cardinals alleging innocence by litigating the Holy Church & Man. The Clerics were caught pinning young children with scarves of Allah down performing precision holy circumcision. The Buddhists were still gazing at their navel impermanently doing nothing.

It was no contest like the comet that came for the progenitor of birds. Science & Man won over Miracles & God at the cost of their home & planet. Once the sphere rolls downhill even Allah, the other face of God was contemplating another jihad as payback for the Crusades, 911 & the vacuum in Afghanistan sucking girls to oblivion. What’s in a name? Shamans, wizards, mages, witches, gypsies, and incubus’ were sent to concentration camps or rather psychiatric wards for their own good when the gates to Eden closed. The doctors & PhDs distilled fear & pleasure from these spent corpses and marketed their findings on Instagram or Nature or Science or Nature. As I reiterate, it was no contest against a flood of cheap goods by Man that are far from good.

So Science won? Big deal. God is dead? Science is now God? Has Man really defeated miracles? Who saw Him die on the cross, Isaiah? Nietzche is with God now apologizing like a cockroach. I just saw Him today scurrying in a child eating Puerto Rican food. The real question is what happened to his other brother, Man, their wives & children? They all won and are losers to Time. Who cares but the storyteller? Even eve lost for now. So did Lilith & millions of genomes of stardust. Spoiler alert, let me tell you that Man was Adam’s great grandfather to both Jews & Palestinians, yet nothing has changed since Cain & Abel. Nothing. The difference is & was Abel resurrected to bludgeon Cain, his wives, children, servents & cattle to Hades in spirit. Gone again like dead grandparents.

And Mage? He went into hiding before the Apocrypha Gospels were re-imagined. Some say he was one of the three on Golgotha when A.D. began. Some of his common monikers are Lucifer, Loki, the Serpent, and Legion to name a few. What would Jesus do on the loo? The other is called Woman after she was done with the necromancer like a succubus. He got tired of the flesh and came like a girl. He decided to inhabit BitCoins & Virgin Galactic rather than flesh like before. For more & more immortality to witness God’s creatures great & small.