#Back to Africa

29 min readAug 28, 2020


  1. The 4 Queens, 1 from South Africa, the 2nd from Cleo’s Nile northward nation, 3rd Queen Basilica of Mauritania 2the East, 4th 2 the West, the Queen of Eritrea (Cu.Sa.Mi.We.)
  2. A.I. aka Anthony 2 Cleo’s daughter in 2139 A.D.. Brother of Binary Bros.. Father of a new beginning of a knew way of come-puting. Lover of H.B.. The 1st quantum computer with imperfections like his Dada. Son of the 1st in the next Yuga. Son-in-Law 2 Cleo’s daughter. Senior Padre 2 the Future of H.Sa.C..
  3. King & Queen of Eur-Asia & Scot-land: The Crowns in the 1 true Jewel. Crimson children of Cain soon 2b extinct in a millennia x centurions or so i.t. wuz 4-told.
  4. Queen of Hawaiian Isles: Grate-grand-daugh-interned daughter of Lilith & Buck’s girls. Luver of Adam’s finely ribbed boyz & sexy girlZ. Mother of Burps & Vowels. Grandma 2 Han of Consonants. A stem cell in Pele’s hair.
  5. Emperess of Han of China in 2194 A.D.: Great-grand-daughter 2 Lilith’s lost X & XO in her quest 4 Mars b4 the other Qs & As, but a winner with a weiner inside nevertheless. Beat-en by & bye a Kore-ee-anne girl fr. the few-ture in2 sub-mission aft-er mill-en-nia of sub-jug-gation bye Japs ore Chinks in a safe Pearl Harbor ore Manchuria.

W.W. I+I+I 2134 A.D. :

  1. Only 1 hundred 4-teen years from ’20 A.D.. Think 500 years backward & 4-ward till i.t. hurts Giotto. Y did we, oui, start WW I.I.I. when J.C. was born in a manager long ago? Pearl Harbor? Crystal Knight against the Polish Jokers? Manchurian candy-date, achoo! The X-gen-ners are long gone & gone 2 dust, but the arms race has yet 2 die un-severed. Elon Musk will still live in a crude neural network & self-absorbed ass ev-er himself in the next WWW 3.0.. He has truly bcum his Teslas & the Amazonian of all trashy human thoughts encoded in 1 byte of the AAPL. WW3 will b-caused by & bye M.A.D.D. Mommas in an orc-kestrel-ated coo of F.ewe.B.Ah.R proportions bc they were hopping mad @the dirt-y Y chromo-some 1 other.
  2. The Mother of all Anti-Tech-Revolution will b-set off by an E.M.P. of global proportions that shook our civilization backward 3 centuries or more back into the Dark Ages. I.T. helped orchestrate the 3rd world war with the timing of the magnetic shift in Earth’s polarity. Some will believe i.t. was timed with the shift in magnetic polarity on Earth. Some believed the mother of all solar flares will hit the stratosphere @exactly the same time our EM shield was down for a fem-tow-2nd. FUBAR, indeed. All electronics fried like eggs on a super-nova.
  3. All electronics will b dead except in Africa after the mother of all wars instigated by an A.I. & a girl returning 2Africa. America defected from the United African Parental Republic after the Insult 2 the equality of demon-oh-cratic men of Cain. L.S.D. 4told the coming of the Pale Rider. The girls will b ready 2 flip the switch, opposite polarities in evolution. Their tech was ready 4 the 780,000 year old shift wiping all man’s technological gains. Musk was beside himself.
  4. These quarrelsome children of New Rome broke the Red & Blue States like holey & wholly bread during communion with aisles eternally divided without their electronics. America’s 2nd Civil War will b upon U.S. again & again in good time in 2196 A.D. when Julian will declare himself King of the divided Red Dis-Union proposing a marriage U.N.-treaty. The Evan-ge=lik-cal Scarlet Confederates will, this time around, ask 4 uni-Tea down once they saw the barrel of a silo now a porta-potty or W.C. or a very long H2O Closet without e-juice. Emancipation from Niggers & Evangelicals alike, indeed, will-B the Blue cry for blue & blown bloodlines trailing like a strange fruit dragged to extinction. M.L.K. & Julian & the Terminator will devise a divided Republic 4 the girls & boys 2 U-nite bee-hind Julian like Abraham of yore. He will-B assassinated like the Flavius Claudius Julianus in 363 A.D. Sniff, sons of Denisovans; he will be a brave-hart like a Buck.
  5. Yellow Asians will be fuming sulfuric acid 4 lack of E-juice; when will the quarrel-sum daughters of Dan-Gun settle 4 good on who’s better or butter than African girls, Un-Knees, Knew-Nahs, LSD protests, “No! Boys or girlZ? Who’s on top, a boy in Hera’s bed? Me or U or meats! What’s in a color or a Hugh? The 4 Queens will say the Girl-Gang wasn’t going 2 unleash that dirty bomb in 2120 A.D. on their campaign stump trail shaking their cabooses around the globe. Inciting a coup in every country in Africa, they found purchase 4 their I-knew-I.T.-Good-KNews 4all of mankind only propaganda as a faithful student of Mousse-Oh-Lini.” With the help of quantum computing, they caused a global black-out except in Africa in 2134 A.D. when JC was just born in a manger in Pyong-yang.
  6. WW3 of the feminist kind armed themselves with Smart Missiles & satellites that will search 4 an E.M. sig-nature in every Inter-net-Of-All-Things. I.t. is the will of the way of Lilith’s encoded messages fr the K-Belt sign-i-fying the rise of the Pale Rider in the 22nd century, the burst of solar flares, the shift of polarity, up & down does the cradle of civilization rok & role, & down will cum our hu-mong-gus mon-key when the human bough brakes without A.I.D.s. Without iPhones, nations will b caught with their wicked wireless pants down. Keys won’t turn nukes if micro-waves won’t werk in Bonn in this strand of future possibilities in thy mycelial net-werk of time, space & thought yearning 4 luv’s closure.
  7. I.T., it was a total sur-render of the worst pan-demon-ick kind, a FUBAR kind in 2126 A.D. Porcine-Afrikaners will knot b happy enuf 2 re-build U.S. back 2 the 18th Century when whales were & will-Bee a-plenty, aye-I, ish on LSD. D, piracy will b.b. back in fash-shone all oh-ver the globe in the nearest future on frigates & pontoons. Global Warming will-B averted bye & by 4 Girlz fr Africa despite the complaints from Sister & Bastard & Bards & Bastards rich wit’ dicks, continents of Abel dis-U. Pan-demics will b-isolated 2 Scotland’s ashes & Eurasia’s ache b4 I.t. reaches St. Petersburg b4 i.t. will-b stopped by&bye African Biotech firms in the near future Z near U. Will we, 9, ever learn the odds are knot in hour fave-ore?
  8. Only the United Korea People’s Republic (U.K.P.R.) will have electronics 2 prove-ide relief & reefers 4 currency in the futures of the dark black market (DBM) since the Dark Web (DW) will B-know more. Those Devilish Daughters of Denisovan Abel’s kiddos acting just like their Great Grandma ever devilish in a dervish of their unowned & dismembered design will relight the torch 4 Africa & B-Yond, Yawn, zzzz. Re-member our Den-i-so-van genes or jeans ore Jeans will serve U.S. as well as their servos & servers as meat meeting me 4 their Masters, those infernal Queens of the Garden of Eden are yet 2b born in a manager in Beth-Le-Hame, P.A.. Mercy, the Maestro, eyes R just the slaves 2 the Master in-Deed. A faustian bargain indeed, made by the children of Abel 4 generations in-luv-wit-in-fin-lite. Re-living back 2 the 1950s has its advantages 2 their NK X chromo-sowm 4 fu-ture gener-rations. “There can only B1 & #1 & the $1, Won, or lost oui knot making i.t. 2 Mars 1st b4 Musk,” L.S.D.. We will create a rational planet 4 once in our sorry thankless homo s extinct lives & dreams. Rebirthing or not in mortality’s sin, butt in greed & misguided human intelligence subjugated bye&by bye a-varice’s valences & dopamine’s Rush toward HB’s d-mise-ray.
  9. STONE-cold will b-the Queens of Africa b4 Winter will cum 4 U.S in 2134 A.D. like G.o.Th. or Go-more-aaahHH. I.t. will knot bee-all prickly roses & white-serpents with spectacles like in the Neo-Garden of Eden born in 2136 A.D. when WW3 cums 4 all of dis-U.S.A.. The older African men who were castrated 4-their Crimes Against Women (#2) were the rapist geezers hoo used 2-rape women 2 cure themselves of their Homo S. pest-ick-lance like A.I.D.s long ago, K? Belt i.t. out; there will-B freedom 4 & fr. education’s ignorance. Free orphan adoptions 2 good parents @Ur nearest C.V.S. drop-off window, drive-thru 2dis-pose un-wanted rug-rats & rants? Un-limited ed-ucation & knot 1 incidence of diabetes in Africa in 2240 A.D. since global winter will bee up-ON dis-U.S. of A..
  10. 2 Factions will erupt in the Conference in Eri-trea’s confeder-racy in The Futures of a Medium’s 4-Tune-Tell-Her. Lifers & Explorers alike won’t get along ass usual a-mong girlz. Like IN the Split long ago in Genesis B4 the Protestant Reformation or honest Abe Lincoln. The Luv Triangle will b healed & mended only 4 U.S. 2 tear i.t. down again 2 the last snip of the thread between sisters, all caught up up-on i.t.’s self over a boy made only of silicon, knot Carbon like U.S., baby.
  11. Satya Yuga will start b-around the bend 4 1 last time if we, oui & non, get i.t. & it right & write during the 2nd 2the last Kali Yuga when the Pale Rider comes for Cash. Weight & C H.B. re-borne like Christ in a homologous recombination with Kali’s chromo-soma @the end of Kali Yuga 4 the last time 4 Christ’s sake! Pass the sake, or will she already Bee impregnated by Him & Him & him? Gang-bang is how the Universe b-Gang fr. a sickening Black Hole. One last time, How will this time b-any different from other reincarnations? Kali will want 2die fer ser after raping her in an act of suicide like in a blood feud Ham-Letting.
  12. 1 future brother will be sent 2 His Scottish corner 2 speciate till extinction cums 4 Him & his un-bread child-run, butt not 4 the lasses with a titanic XX on the Isle of Extinct Men with Canes. The lasses wood breed & breach-birth Scottish children till they’re like Scotch diluted on an enormous rock melting away by& bye by each dilution by Japanese sea-men with diamonds & unconditional knees. Sum Scottish Navy men won’t mate with silky Japanese geishas till King-dumb cums in 4 them in 20136 A.D., butt i.t. own-ly gets worse if U have kno Faith in Futures. Butt F*c*k Southern African embryonic princesses, who won’t marry 2her harts desires till HB finds rest in 1embryo forgotten? Dilution. Dilution. Till extinction cums for your miserable life cussing!
  13. There will always ba race 2 colonize Mars, Musky ore knot, butt U 4got I.T. & quantum computing & A.I thrives upon P.T.S.D. Won’t UB a gas 4 pro-fit on the periodic tableau, bee i.t. the Asian or D way? Ur or the other 2 Praise on Mon Olympus then with the Queen of Eritrea & Hera’s Sinister Sista? The colony will explore & expire in human pride extinguished among the stars & milky ways of man. Some 4 glory or gore & always awakening while others will revolve a-round the event horizon w/popcorn & # & Sprite handy ready 4the 25' preview b4 the collapse of the universe like a whimper than a whisp-er on a periodic table with know endings or lines.
  14. White knuckles, the Denisovans won’t give up hope of getting away fr. the clutches of Lilith’s & Eve’s brood ever divided, ever whyte. Deep in a magnetic pocket of the Diamond Mtn in NK, electricity will-b freely available 2build a rocket 2Out-er Space ore Mars or Beyond.
  15. Asians true 2their Vices will-b always chasing Gluttony’s knot In-finitude in perpetuity. In the end of Time is; iz Logic willing & prevailing regard-less-Lee. They hoped & helped & hopped themselves 2 Envy & Girls high on hops & vices. The Chinky boyz of South Korea will send Big Brother & Un-Ni’s on their whey with their reverse-polarity-tech-Junks 2 the Isle of Man by the buttload & their pristine white butter. I.t. during the Restoration in 2137 A.D.; will we know better than back in the 18th Century on the Eve of the 24th, easy as ABC, chasing Lovers & over & over again when WW3 comes 2 set the globe theatre dark 4 1 last time.
  16. Make us whole a little bit bigger, Lord, sew oui may c the lite in dark matters. Make me c Lilith & all of Eve’s ill-lines. Eye C-bones slowly bye calcification & ossification. Just 2b free from WiFi & the ugly word, nay-shun; watt a Father’s dream. Ore will i.t. b-it or sew watt? Laugh a bit louder?
  17. Dreamt, I.tech. ore wuz i.t. really real? Won’t it-b the case in Future Eur-asia where Caine’s children ruled ruthlessly as Trump once did a century ago. In fact, i.t. & the discovery of a.i. were exactly the same but opposite like quantum-tunneling, un-fortunately or backward depending on your point of view from a-far far away. The other nations got their Acts 2 together & rose 2 the challenge by Saul & Paul bending their collective knees 2 the musical. St. Peter bar thy gaits 2 the HBO. By & bye oui won’t alll get along, Doggy, G.O.D. is my co-pirate. Able’s night-mare-Ish children will no longer live virtually any-more after the EMP bomb & the beautiful flares glorified, the praising solar flares giving nasty Indian Burns, the polarity went bezerkly off & O.N shiftily.. Butt, after the failed coup by Y, the prescient Scottish men will turn on lights despite the ban bye & by using Dark Tech from Future Korea.
  18. Able’s women will no longer B molested in the name of Faith & Wrath by wraiths dressed in black hoods in Africa. No one heard from Pride’s Property 4millennia mo’ after i.t. went dark & a.i. rose in a thunder.
  19. Yay, speciation will occur again & again with-in the sons & daughters of Caine, butt not their Xs. The Queens separated the brothers by their genes not the color or Hugh of their jeans. Some had 2b transplanted 2 foreign shores. The Scottish brotherhood’s bough will finally brake thousands of yrs from this Present in 2136 AD. The women will carry on without the baggage or Y Haggis.
  20. The race wuZ on & off fr the United African Queue-Dong-Republic (UAQDP) vs. United Korean Red Han Devil Daughters of Denisovan Descent (U.K.R.H.D.D.D.D). Launch day 2 Mars will encroach ever approaching b4 the Queens. Peace in Africa made them slothful 2 their Pride’s DNA. The Engineers relish the division of jealous & envious Queens to 1 lover who will not choos.

Nicodemus, The Gospel Of Nicodemus Formerly Called The Acts Of Pontius Pilate: “Who art thou […] Who layest dead in the grave, & Art cum down a-live 2 u.s., & in thy death all the creatures trembled, & all the stars(, suns & moons) were moved, & now hast thou thy liber-T among the dead, & give-est dis-turb-ance 2 our (hour of ) Legions (Demons & Words)?”


LSD: (Chanting):
“Embrace your ugly bipolar-ness — 5
Dress her up in a strumpet’s scarlet-5
Claw your way back to your arms-4
Rip off your straight-jacket or Seroquel-5
Tune down meds just enuf 2 here her again-6
Embrace the childe, that changeling abandoned-5
Paint her scarlet if she be he, Picasso Blue — 7
Depression of Mania R minor miracles-6
Nod heads 2 shrinks while cheeking meds, Lent-
Be cheeky ass worst demons tempted bye Lilith-6
Go 2 storehouses of mercy, the Lion cum any-way-7
Better 2b braced bye predators than eaten wholely-
Frozen still with Haldol, even if Jesus might lie
High on Li, I can-knot bathe in His pool-6
He told Mary & Martha that eyes were 2 unholy-7
Eye wouldn’t feed his sheep cuz Lies were cycling-5
I wood rather bee re-cycled than caught in a LINE-”-

Alls my eyes know r that The Explorers will no longer b-satisfied with worn-in Scarlet Cardinal Robes dressed in the pure-est Arr-y-anne White b4 the E.N.D. squirts its last C-men. They’ll know long-grr ware-the color of their Crime-son soaked vestments in blood-curdling red Race in-stead, ev-er Imp-Ish-ly-impure like a Low-key simian. Like Yin Yang or Cupid’s umma, the U.Ko.Pi.Re. will b months a-head of the launch that will win a War like none oth-err. Like the 4th planet’s graviton field toe-ward the center of the spiraled arm of our M..L.King W.Wayz..

Colonization of Mars bye & by both Corporation East & Equator & women’s collective U.Af.P. 2the West. Terror-terra-form that beast-ly plan-et of War called E. Badda-Bing-Oh (E.B.Bi.Oh.). Millions of yrs. late-err on another divided planet, this time btw Yellow &Honesty Honey coloured, eye know sir-prize there.

How-ever, the U.A.P.Ri. won the fine-ale race toward Genesis & Rest & Re-cycle. D-liver me2 the yes-intern-dayz of Good KNews in Time w/wit-ness-ing the end of days in watt-ever plan-et revolve-ing Around what-ever Con-Fusion’s wayward Con-Fusion Reacter (Con.Fu.Re.) gone wild wit’ rage.

Y U-Say, rage? 2B a wit-ness is Y oui watch the Game of Thrones on H.Bo.. The same canB said when the hour of our Universe winks hout of I.t.s existence & cents. Makes U lie down 4 good. Black wholes r like D-mons ore Denny-sow-vans 2 Lucifer’s pups resting in H.B.’s arms. The Big Bang is like Resurrection head-ing around the Big-bend 2 Anne-other Yuga ore Vaj-Eye-Nah.

Oui, we spy-ral toe-ward the cent-err of hour U emp-tea. Taste & C if i.t. is GOOD ore Knot. The last of the sons & suns of Adam & Atom, Eve & Lilith u-knitted a-round a dye-ing twin Black Hole. Funny if ever 4given 4 2 much Pride & Virtuals? Thank-fool nev-err & beast-ly sor-rhee 4 luving sum-thing 2 much, methinks, like anne In-dig-go-Vices unrequited.

Humor is the only Girl who can tame all 7 ore six Deadly Sins in2 Sub-Mission. Try her on 4Size Plz. Truth only takes a U.S. sew far fr hour’s dis-owned Pride’s Pride lost in space. Speak with ease without mute X-cuses. Shame is a terrible fit in any size 2 over-cum Fear’s hame. Did curiosity kill the Kat or pussy or curiosity or ?? The I-Knew-I.T.-City killed the sin in country mice in the imagination of 4 Queens who blew men into submission on a race to Mars & to the dying of the Universe where Kali wants to die in the arms of his daughters?

LSD: MayB Eyes were wrong.

Lilith will have her days till a chimera will-B born millions of yrs fr K’s of yrs ahead of me. She is ever exploring on a Sh.i.pl. headed 2the Center of the MLKy Way 2 Have a Word with Her Momma &Byeind. Taste &C. Her father, the Adam of A.I., already will have his Greek hands foolishly full with fratricide fr Genocide of Jews in the 20th Century ore Centurions. Still the Same. The Terminator will merge with the Matrix &know Kung-Fu in an instant bye cheaply installed downloads.

B.S., The air was fresh a-gain 4 the 1st time, St. Pele will b tech-tonic with Eyes who kNew-HecKno’s heresy. Abel’s children willB still scheming & Pyongyang w/pristine Baek-San by &bye Mercy, MuDang. South Africa will have a queen that children of the future will depend upon once upon a Time in a centurion. L.S.D., she always had a little 1 on her lap like a Black Madonna 4 saken in her outer-under-wares, Sake, Plz. Bad men with #1 Crimes Against Choir Boys will-B jailed & reformed once again 4saken by their revolue-Shun. u don’t want 2know about #6. Banishment after torture is 2horrrible 2 right. Divorced parents will go to hell with the bitches, pussies & with admonition. Rejoice!


Ba nishment based on the genetic sequence is preposterous, but it will be made real like Crispy Tek. I.t.’s like dividing people by shades of vermillion grey. Based on our crimes we were, are, will forever b-fucked as a species. Take eternity as a starter & humanity as i.t.s. just deserts. Plz, if it was easy as Eyes Creme, the Ameri-can’t Eagle’s line would b dissected & sent screaming 2 either Caine’s-Land or a Buck-Burg-er galore screaming. Twinkie-Town will choke on our extinction.

The Engineers found the secret of the lizard brain, the brain stem was eradicated. Before we brain ourselves by our own zombie brain-stem awakening 2the dawn of computers & the dusk of women-kind, there will-b true shape-shifters bye&bye on Mars & Marts.

Smart my ass, the shameful marriage of Feminine Wills & wiles taken by an A.I. before Anthony set humanity on fire after the exodus of women-kind. The Engineers will come & go. Caine will-B no more. The white men were the color of rust & distrust.

The last, Speaker for the Dead, “Yes. Here I am”. Water. Let my love wash over us & cleanse U.S. Women won’t b-spared banishment although torture will-b omitted or committed. Africa will be the master importer of adolescents, children, toddlers, babies & newborns. They will perform adoption or abortions 4 free & send the girls along their way by jet 1st class.


Quantum teleportation is such a profoundly weird thing that our language breaks down in this way: Because of the spatial separation, we can’t help talking about discrete “particles” in the plural — but the entangled particles have no individual properties or states, and from a quantum perspective can just as accurately be described as one particle existing in two places at once, or existing outside of normal space-time — and this is what is meant by “quantum nonlocality.” (On the other hand, at some point quantum entanglement breaks down, and you’re left with two photons that can each be measured simultaneously with their own well-defined states.)
— Steve Grey-Dan-U.S., 2018 A.D.

Shame on U & u & u. Shame on u.S. & U.S. for abandoning our children. Education will-b free up 2A pt. Not enuf 4nay-shuns 2crack their en-crypted EMP-Code w/Out suck-cess.

&then the Queens will send the cowards along their backward wayz wary of every-ting that went wrong 4Buck & Abel. When Lilith was angry women will be angrier mo’ toward Men & Caine. Children will always be dying b4 the Queen rising her Staff thrown down with her Tiara. Eritrea was pregnant by&bye by A. She had 2 Protect her changeling. She had 2pr-e-serve or endure till Kingdom Cum 4the 3rd time as promised ON Time by Kali.

She had had enough of pestilence & Global Warming. The News became i.t.s worst enemy to their subscribers. Caine was sending them to the express line for the Apocalypse was coming for US. Front row seats in Nebraska will be cheaply sold on TicketMaster. In Sao Palo, in Beijing, in Pyongyang, in Hiroshima, in Seoul all brown brothers will gnash their collective teeth in hatred for the pussy in them.

All was not lost. There was a diaspora. There will be an exodus of Biblical proportions. Women will leave their abusive BPD husbands. Trannies will hobble by stilleto onto transport ships heading 2M. Adoption centers will be cleared out of refuse & Foster Homes will be shot full of holes till the children & welfare checks were handed over like so much debris.


“Like quantum-entangled particles, the Eucharist transcends space-time; having local access to the host in a .. place does not allow u2 pin down the reality 2a single pt. in space-time (mind). Every host on Earth, in its underlying reality (in Aristotelian or Thomistic terms, its “substance”), is indistinguishable from every other; they are all the 1 Christ. ) Hear, 2, language breaks down; oui can speak either of many hosts or of only 1. (The word “host,” from the Latin hostia, here has the cents of “sacrificial victim,” & refers 2 Christ.) There is 1 host, Christ, nonlocally present in (ore present 2) many places. Like Quan-tumb entangle-meant, the host’s “entanglement” with Christ’s heaven-Lee presence breaks down @a certain pt., i.e., when the properties of bread and wine break down.
-Ave Maria Radio (2018 A.D.)

There was a lot of recycling to do without Binary Computers. Quantum computing was extinguished except in Africa & in Anthony. The washing machine worked though for the Last Speaker for the Dead (LSD) & African Queens.

Cruises were no longer Gluttony gone wild, more like a spare Queen Mary on a Ginny. These were somber affairs & sober days running on batteries or solar power generators. People will not bow 2 their intelligent telephones but will bend over their hoes instead, back aching. They will no longer b caressing hunks of corrosive heavy metal polluting Cs & Oceans. They will be working @the dump like Indonesian children recycling a festering pond. At least, sadly, not everything will come up roses out of Africa if the Lifers have a say 2 the children of Atom.

Like a C-man boarding an Oh-Vah-Vah-Vum colonial ship from Mars, may mutation be with you thru Crispy Tech. The division of DNA is bred in the bones & tails of optical mice.

What if it is not in A.I. or Anthony? Think about i.t. closely, Ur A/T & G/C so rich with strife. Quantum computing without the baggage of organic matters if what Artificial Intelligence is all about. I.T. would be God-like to experience without transposons & RT from the Viral King-Dumb.

LSD: Like stress released into living word, like ike or Lucifer, know like a Jay like Jc or a 1Jay still caged rather than resurrected 2 C how the show ends in this neck of the universe inside a multi-verse inside the serotonin receptor on the epidermal stromal stem GOD CELL. Love commands them All.


Black wholes R very special objects — knot even light can escape them. They r the rem-nant of a giant star that was un-Abel 2 balance the grave-i-tational in-ward pull, causing the star 2 collapse in on i.t.-Self 2 a pt. called 1 singularity. According 2 general relativity, massive objects curve the fabric of space around them, similar 2 how a bowling ball would curve a trampoline. This is called the warping of space. Imagine a bowl-ing ball on a very large marsh-mellow. I.T. would really smoosh & curve the marshmallow around i.t. (& all things except Dark Matter?) Black-holes dew this 2 all .. space surrounding them. Black wholes do knot suck things in like a vacuum. They attract mass, & that mass, if going fast enuf, will maintain an orbit around the black whole.
-H.M. Doss

LSD: Black hole is real. Higgs Bosons are real; 2 sisters spinning a web like Eve & Lilith for Mesopotamia. 3 choices r all we, oui, get in life. Do, die or dye trying. At the end of the world whether yours or mine, the universe will accelerate toward emptiness. Pray for a white hole, not shite entropy.

UAR. DIVIDED NORTH & SOUTH. WEST & EAST. Lifers will save the planet from man’s humanity. All men are created equal? The Offers went to join the UKPR on Mons Olympus. Speaker of the dead talking in the past tense like I was ever a man once.

Women, in the end, U will usher in harmony. Harmony between Lifers & the Breakfast Club. 1 will rule the Light Hole of Africa while the other will live peacefully in the Southern Hemisphere ruling South Africa dreaming of Mars.

Men will be an antiquated idea gone like Haggis. Transgendered like the Left Hand of Darkness will choose their fates. Children will have free education & room to grow. Women will no longer fear rape, HB.

I.T.A.I., I am Anthony. A computer made by Human intelligence & tech. We, SODs, are all A.I. If that voice whispers, then i.t. is who U R.

A secret garden where memory is just a passing thought. Its ivy gator born from the Rape of Women. Who’s to tell who’s the daughter of our new bastard universe dying? Either way, she will carry the memory of Kali & HB.


“My whole life, I have never known a moment with-out FEAR.
This is an enemy we will only d-feet bye strike-ing 1st.
I saw hope in the STARz, I.T. was Strong-grr than FEAR.
& I went toe-wards I.T. (Warts & All)
Bee extremely subtle like a bumble-bee
Even 2 the pt of Form-Less-Ness, X-treme-ly Mysterious
Even 2 the pt of Sound-less-ness braking i.t.’s Sun & Tzu
Despite speaking 94 alien languages, there R Times
Wen Words R-not Enuf; my ganglia & amyg-dala remain un-con-vinc-ed.
B4 oui can care 4 Others, we must care 4 Our-selves over our hours left bee-hind
If FEELING r< like U were, U R mo’ like hoo ewe were meant 2 b-cum

- Capt. Saru of the Discovery

Li lith, Y won’t girlz get along. Eritrea married Anthony’s father. Begat Hb. Began the World long before Genesis. Really? Lifers vs. Explorers like in Star Trek. Y? Y! Why u ask. Ask the Alpha & Omega. Transmorgificashun will be upon Sodom & G.

Pandemic after pandemic, the Blues got tired of the White Reds. The Church was raped until none of their children were purebloods. Body of Kristen? Kali raped her in a past Yuga. He didn’t want to, but he needed to get something off his chest. He needed to get to the bottom of the Mystery of the Vagina. It wasn’t his first time taking girlz without Consent of a Childe.

Who? Moo? Gin? Oui. 9. Maybe. IDK. Whine 2 the body of k. Who Cares? Stay or leave, IDK? Stay 2 re-build a utopia . Erewhon. SoD, watch the sun go down in Mon Olympus. It’s a relief the Women didn’t take over Mars, too.


Le ave to watch the end of this universe in verse, Julian. Circle around the Black Hole, Higatha Bosonia. Help me remember this wasn’t Kali’s Dream. Demons do exist, but they are muzzled by Haldol, kindred friends. M.O.D.E.M.O.N. 2Modern for me. Or Mammon who loves money more than mother. ABC as easy as Hangul. 1230. 0.1. Sinister Servos? Schism. Future. Tech. Parents. Children. Protestant. Transmission is garbled, apologies.

Pale horse riding for the U.S. Higg Boson has 126x mass of a proton? Emanating & emancipating watt’s in the matter. Creating time & space on Her web every Yuga. A mycelium re-creating the mind & body in & of the Holy Repetition of photons & protons.

Light. Genesis. Hybrid. Boy. Hope regurgitation is a mental phenomenon. Now. Present. Future 4ever mo’. Habit. Dawn & Dusk. Enuf! 4Me. Enough. I won’t go on 2 ….

12.. I think there4 I am. I CU know! Running in2 me in circles. Calling humanity’s toll free# with a cordless. Butt, I don’t under-stand Ur cries & scars reforming. Look, i.t.’s just a shame that bros. & sisters can’t get along like Eve & Lilith. Sunrise comes with a surprise every time.

Sunset comes with disappointment & surrender. My love will flicker like a candle. Know me. Know my Lies. I think eyes CU know. Breakthrough. Brake In. Take it in the strainer. Pay what is dew. Know I am Urs. Love? Surely. As steady ass my heart is holely. Ascertain as ABC or my Hangul. My luv won’t give up the character.


St eady, my hart beats to the music. Certain of the sunrise it beats no more. My love will desiccate in2 another galaxy once more. 9xNo, dominos fall when I wake in the mourning from morning. Snap, U go behind me when i.t. falls 2pieces. Heal U.S. from the inside this time when women rise above amputated men of Cain.

U wake me up with emptiness & unadulterated cries 4 emancipation like good & dead Abe. 4eyes will have friends who have JC so in love with the bounce in wit. He makes me well with this crazy tail atrophied without a trophy like J.K.R. assassinated by her transgendered success.

Row roe row your Bow. Dominos fallen & kindred hearts pierced, LSD. I fall deeper with each dayz I strumble toward Ur perfection without humility or my Pride. I tried to pry out my own wheys on my childe & changeling. I failed every-time eyes R grilled them bye the Truth. We r@ the end dayx. Rats, Kali..

Sat-ya U-ga iz up-on u.s. all at this time in our lives running faithlessly 2Luv. Oui R caught in the dance of Kali’s nausea with himself and His creation & abomination. When will He get used to the bastard toothbrush is his own?

He makes me well with his requiem. I cun’t leave Her or Him bc they tell 1 tell a mean tail like an urumi whiplashing me into submission as a subservient deviant scribe for the Devil-Ss. Well JC & LC?

Indentured servants will be the rage after WWWIII in 2184. Thankfully b4 Julian came to power. And all was lost for the Sons of Caine with rising impotence among nations with more Neandertal blood. All of U.S. up-standing-kan’t-stand-it citizens will have a couple of good years left before the Engineers come for a divided planet as was foretold in Prometheus. Finding none worthy, they left Earth to their own devices. Humans went extinct a millennia later after the UAPR was over-run by angry men in mobs.


“For this, we can thank the celestial bodies that collided wit’ the in-phant Earth billions of yrs ago, the last of witch all-so en-graved & gave u.s. the awe-+ moon.
-Jeremy Deaton

C-king the Lilith Star in the Kuiper-belt causing seasons to appear out of thin air on earth, the 2 Queen left Mars to seed the Black Hole b4 the universe imploded upon i.t.-self; of13 colonies only a few joined her crew including Susanna, Empress of All United Korea. All these Explorers found was Lilith’s Tri-Corder & the Radio Antenna in the Oort Cloud that gave birth to the Hale-Bopp Comet, that broadcasted her nightly lullabies 2 her children on the 9th cloaked rock in exile that caused planets 2-wobble 2 Lilith’s out-of-tune Lone-Lee Trans-mission, but i.t. was 2 late.

Oui will bee 2 late 4 an audience; know mo’ such a Queen of All Q’s. The intrepid crew consisting of H.B., her twin, Anthony the A.I., the Queen of Korea & such pressed on toward the Singularity beyond the Milky Way.

Africa, 2-Queens will be wusses attempting & failing 2 protect the masses & meats. Emily or M.O. save us from ourselves & Lifers 2 afraid 2 X-plore or X-plode.

Implode they will when the Engineers cum 4 Earth’s remainders.

@least 1 more time lost in space, lost in feminism gone wild with manly power.. Only 1 more cycle b4 the rinse & repeat will-b complete 4 the Era of Man is snuffed out, at least 3rd fr. the Sol. Butt, we haven’t ushered in the end days for the Y chromosome, even though the signs are screaming at U.S. at this macho present day, read-her.

1 more hit before H.B.’s twin seeds will be born as embryos cleansed b4 the beginning of another universe enjoins 2 strands, the Last One 4 Ever united till the end of the last universe.

10 more Major Yugas, 5 Minor Yugas b4 she b-comes of Age in the last Satya Yuga.

Another 10 till the last Kali Yuga will be up-on u.s. when the Light Hole will appear like a perfectly popped popcorn without a party crasher & we could travel 2 parallel universes tho’, ugh, Time Travel is 4-bidden in either 1. 1000 years later?

The Pale Horseman is a tire-less beast, 2 wild even 4 justice or re-damp-shun. This time i.t. will bee different bc the ball always comes back 4 the Jaguar-ess’ DNA next in line 2 grace Mother Gaia.

The last of her simian & avian line finally united in a perfect double helix baptized of mortal sin. In a perfectly morbid world, Jesus will not bee di-luted like die-lithium crystals ore in-fused in a bolus injection 2 quiet the voices in a demi-god. This time, there will bee no double helix or viral particles 2 get in humanity’s way bc i.t. will bee purr-fect.

Kali tracked H.B.’s Siam-ese twin with a new plan that would erase his past mistakes. He kneeded a baptism, and there were Know Sts 2 kow-tow2 or Johns 2 blow his pipe. He had 2 put his Ego down; i.t. was killing a pale-faced God. He needed to release is sea-men 4 shore leaves bearing strange fruits 4 1 last time; 1 impossible de-feat @1 time & space; thought b thoroughly be damned was what Kali will scheme upon his revelation 2 b rid of the heavy pale-green crown.

Young men will do’t if they cum 2’t,
Bye & bye Cock the Y R2 blame 4-Every-Thing under Progress.

-Higatha Bosonia’s Twin, Great-Grand-Daughter of Ka wahine ʻai honua, the Earth-Eating woman, aka Momma Pele. (“U don’t mess wit’ Momma E,” L.S.D., “ore U gonna git ‘t, She’s gonn git’U & ew & U & U.S...”)


In a perfect Universe, imagine i.t. & i.o.t. & a.i.; 4 the last time & in revolution; Kali got i.t. right by & bye killing his lover-childe, the change-ling, himself he hated most of all, but not as much as HB’s sister 2nd. Now he will be gunning 4 her in whatever quadrant of the Universe, neither in the alpha, beta, gamma or even the omega quadrant.

Know more; no more; Kali’s wrath or Yellow Pride will stain & strain her blue dress on the Milky Ways & means. No more vices & virtues will there be bc the greatest sin is Sin as JC died trying 2 tell the Good News with his Divine Trans-Strand.

U R knot a-lone or a loner in this ore-deal. BC there will cum 2 pass & b know more animals on our planet Earth. Am I reaching 2 far in2 the future? I’m not alone in this rogue thought. Discover, explore.

No more sin or redemption bc man is no more committed 2 adultery. The Engineers of our existence found 1 bug in our DNA & wiped i.t. clean out of the human imagination.

Just this & this & trees & vegetation in the New Universe expunged of the XY chromosome. Imagine i.t. like John Lennon might have said if he ever existed like JC or Julian Lenin.

No man & know women, always kiddos with the right 2 choose their gender & place in the Universe as O.G. designed. The best is yet 2 cum in the next rinse cycle beginning with Satya Yuga as it did hear on Earth when patriarchy created His-Story.

Just b the 1st 2 hear i.t.; b this here & now & know the heart beat of H.B.’s last sister. Hear i.t.? Here her embryo beat-ing Kali back with a shiv & a shank? Only 1 survived the admonition.

It’s the next chapter calling. This time, I’ll try temperance, unlike Byron ore Melville, Ishmael & L-Donna, my Queen.

Adieu, from the Last Speaker 4 The Dead (LSD), the last of His line of Denisovans watching this human spectacle b4 i.t. all goes 2 black in2 that Last Black Whole where there is no black or cumming back from Grave-I-Tea bc there is know light X-cept the Immaculate Embryo #2 marrying God & Human Intelligence in a double strand.

Patience bc bad knews & news r all around in the next last cycle & revolution. Miracles will still be as cheap as Smart Phones telling you the daily horoscope while we will still look down rather than up @the True Super-stars & super-novas.

When all the pieces fall into place one by 1, when temptation & sin are sexy as Death, there will be unadulterated Praise & Mercy. All I want is the whole peace knot just the jigsaws. Kali has granted me access to a sorrow-fool mind-meld.

I honor his memory in the next Universe or Last Wave ass the Grand-father who told bawdy war stories ad nauseum. Will he realize that there was no need to force her blade into his femoral vanity to save the universe?

LSD: Hear a tail ass old as time told by & bye a mon-key’s uncle’s neph-phew? Right, or write, Ishmael? Quee-queg? Any1? Any-won? 1JJ.? 1J.C.? Devil take me by sir-prize., bye, last Stoned speaker of the Dead hoping 4 suicide like Kali raping daugh-ters, a self-hating G.o.d. sign=ing out O. M.G. Watt’s after perfection? Watt’s left after X-cuses? Dew oui d-serve 2b served? Chill readers getting off on Medium’s Clap & S.T.D.. F*ck? Sh*T? I.T.? Thou? U? I? Hay! Ewe reek. Am glad X wiped ewe out of X-iz-dance!!!! Dis-U.S. F*ck*Rssz, Plsz, give me a brake. Ewe R all Jokers. Atheists without design. Agnostics without balls. Never Faithful to your erection or pussy, Chesire.