I’ll go deep for you


doesn’t make any sense
The depths I go chasing your pearls
Imagining they were yours not mine
Wishing I was beached overnight
My fears cloud visions of you so deep
Even if I could breathe cleaner air
I’d chase your wishes down to midnight
Just enough air back to see you laugh
Some pearls were too far to reach
Casts doubt about extensions
I landed in hospital beds sometimes
Awoke less like a man each time
Wilder in an aged humble hide
Clawing back to clean starts always here
Lots of books & nature documentaries
Lots of beheadings & cannibalism
Making footholds when none before
When introspection fails to see danger
Turning my lantern fish on to retrieve
Aware last pearls fall unattended
Do I have enough magic to return
A final time with a forbidden face
Minted on a man far below sea level
Escaping every deathtrap devised
Deeper than the will to live
Lies limits barely tested
The impossible not yet mine
Return tickets cost a life
Returning as your guardian
Your Sherpa through the darkness
A resident of the valley of shadows
You’ll be my lantern when out of my league
Who guides my reunion with such gravity?
Is it depression with deceptive heaviness?
Impossible loads are light in the deep blue
Love the rings ocean fireflies bind



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