Nov 3, 2020


I think men are finally losing against women. The girls have manged to take 1 pinkie away from men’s grip on women’s rights. Way to go, girls! Longways 2 go, men, resist, but then men would be in the dog-house with their spouse, no loving 2-nite! On 2nd thought, run! I think you might have meant:

"Women are becoming OUR equals like drops from a melting glacier."

- Sharing is caring. I guess the Y chromosome doesn't want to share with the female X haploid.

- It only took about 40,000 years for women to vote since Homo sapiens took power from matriarchy.

- It only took 39,980 years for the Civil Right Act for Black Men to be considered equals even though it's written in our Declaration of Independence (what hypocrisy & hubris of our founding "fathers")

Still women & colored people are still the minority as presidents, despots, CEO & CFOs; these titles are all the same, prickish dictators.

You can pry my male power from my cold uncaring, selfish hands along with the 2nd Amendment. When in Rome and the Romans are my gangbangers, what can I do as a Y chromosome in touch with my feminine X side? Resistance is futile for any gender still.

Move over Eve & Lilith, you are both cramping man's macho moves ever since the Garden of Eden or was it .. of Evil?