I miss the old day when everything was transparent & crazy was still possession & exorcism worked better than Lithium or Depakote. No wonder Christians stopped pagans from having fun with fairies & trolls while having a psychotic break.
As you ended: "The dancing plague would never cease to be a fascinating part of European history."
How true. In America, the politicians are doing the same thing with CoViD-19 in yet another pandemic hundreds of years later. Can you say, "Oh say can ewe C, doomed to repeat history like sheep to slaughter in a stupid dis-U.S. Animal Farm...".
Every-time the pandemic was waning, our supposed civil servants served up the viral beat by 1st allowing teenagers to party during the Summer after lock-down. Now during the fall, they are sending our most precious commodity in the name of education as a way of showing our fearlessness as a society at the 2nd pandemic surge like sh*t hitting a fan.
Ring around the Rosie, in- deed & in death are we free from the dancing White Plauge again & again. It's a children's song, but we are the inheritors & children of a dead Empire.


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