I don't have high hopes either. Americans aren't know for being an obedient society. It's a multi-cultural dis-ease dis-ease. To correct Robert Cooper, SARS-COV2 IS NOT "like" a flu virus. It is catching the biggest Flu of the century. It’s just shy of 1917 American deaths when we wore masks without debate, Mr. Trump. So, yes it will get much worse in the Winter for the Northern Hemisphere as another virus goes in the ring with SARS-COV2. Can U say, . Get your flu shots early before any shortages. Schools are re-opening in some states with deadly consequences like in GA. Brace yourself, the 2nd surge for the Northern Hemisphere is around the corner. And America has its pants and masks down. Oh say U.S. can C. What so proudly we hailed America’s last gleaming? Through the perilous fight, over our Lazy-Boz we watched &waited. The rocket’s red glare gave proof that our flag was still in tatters. O say, does that star spangled banner need a thrashing? 4 the land of the Free Merch, and the home of the Braves and Crazy Horses raped 2 an unsuccessful genocide, Americans. For the land of the Free, and the home of dis-obedient, hypocrites toppled by an invisible terrorist rocking us to apathy &freedom in ICU. Oh, say you can C?


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