How White Pride & Lust Un-Leased Pandora’s Promethean Hope

27 min readAug 21, 2020


Buck — The missing brother & All-father to a forgotten Race of brothers & sisters not mentioned in the Bible or Koran or the Sutras.
7 Deadly Sins — The serpent or the Wyrm aka Lilith all wrapped in 1 knot or den or pit. The skin U love to touch butt won’t cuz, cousin, he looks 2 much like ewe or U or u or u.s..
Able — The ABEL-bodied Asian Race’s backbone borne from Lilith now exiled lost in the Oort Cloud. Father to the Denisovans & JC or was he Buck’s 1st hart?
Caine — The murderous imaginative White Race’s dead-beat dad who was defeated by a dissing girl & jilted by a wall-flower & an angry miso-gyn-ist like his Dad.
Adam — Father of all hominids. Brother to Clay, Sirroco, Poseidon, & Helios, & thinks himself the 1-True-Son of God incarnate, not that bastard Son of God.
Eve — The Daughter of Mother Earth & the rest of the M-Class planets life-forms in whatever universe parallel or vertical. 4Ever Wife 2 Adam, 47th in line of failed attempts by the true All-Father. Mother of homo sapiens, Homo erectus & Crow Mag-none besides that 1 bastard son. Mother also to humpback whales, Neanderthals, T-Rexes, Killer Whales, Redwoods, Yellow Corriander, Bluebells, Conifers & Bald Eagles.
Eve’s Cousins — God’s other Daughters & failed experiments to marry off Adam cuz he was telling lines again in the arboretum. All tempting succubus got him off, but knot 4 good. Not at all delectable or marriageable. Lilith’s daughters & all goddesses 2 boot gave up on him’s brood except E.C. #1, or she would’ve given Adam’s son the bootie. She was no wall-flower.
Adams’ Uncles — The Brothers 2 the Den of Dennis’ & the Devils’ Brothers. Gabriel is still in the Boyz Club. Non-CorpoReal-Son of God are also admitted. Lodges in the Hippo-Campus still shelter the Y-Men’s Order (Y.M.O.). Father of X-Tinct Neandertals by the hands of Cain’s kids like in the good old days b4 temptation & morbid sin. Buck’s Sensei who taught him everything & nothing & noting nothing. Lives in our genomes still asleep by epigenetics.

The names were changed 2 protect the identities of the deceased & the Last Speaker 4the Dead (L.S.D.).

Love Triangle

- Eve’s Cousin & the 3 Brothers, Caine won. Abel lived. Buck hid.
- Lilith, Adam & Eve. One banished. One leaves the ring empty-handed.
- The vulpine Serpent, the Girl, the boy. One True Love.
- The Walrus, The boy, The Ocean, The People. The Others. The 3rd Eye.
- The nation, the notion, the potion. The poisoned heretics, gentiles & even some Jews.

- Buck is not dead. Who shot Abel? Bodhisattvas walk among U.S. still saving Caine from loving his end of daze.
- The resurrection of JC & the 2nd coming of the M @ the end of days
- The rise of women into Africa with all the tech in the world
- The Seed, Higatha Bosonian

- Lucifer is the father of homo sapiens. Buck was 2Blame. He just wanted to be left to his devices. It was a pitiful sight 2 watch an animal backed in a corner and smiles.
- P dripping from his dream come true, the apocalypse parted like a John.
- Lilith couldn’t hate Adam for loving Eve. Her son committed suicide.
- Adam hated Eve for giving birth 2Death
- Eve was crazy 4Adam &even Able
- Caine was her fav tho she loved all living things

— In the beginning, there was blood, in the END there will b-gods walking among the head of an angstrom 4-ever around in spirals on a PIN-trest.
— Trust Passover lamb is not dead but risen every Thanksgiving fermentation watching a pig skin fly
- In the beginning, there was confusion

= Scapegoat’s blood 4 silvers + Judas + Benedict Arnold +/- Buck?,
- Eve betrayed Adam
- Adam betrayed Lilith
- Lilith had no choice but 2 love with vulpine cun-ning

— 3X bye the campfire petering out for the night on that deer hunting trip millions of years ago. Caine? Jonah? Call me Ishmael, Herman & Moby.
- Petering out of the chase, the mouth chasing its tale is as old as time and spacious as an exhalation causing a big bang from a small black hole where angels dance on the head of the 1 #1 0 ooh

— Saul 2Paul is an old story. Blinded by the Light was his Is bye &by darkness and shame leading a terrorist home to his buck & foal. Able and Buck’s exodus was the trinity like J, Legion & the Sista. At the end of an imagined Missionary, when the sea-men have gone AWOL, I still hear J’s cutlass satisfied with I.T.s purchase & position in my heart twisting my tongue to twitter 2the Medium.
- Blinded by Wrath eyes hopes 4darkness 2 cum sooner than later.
- Welcomed light Saul is no mo’
- Paul still spins from his grave 2the present

— Lazarus Krist J Job Judas Jonah Jacob Israel H. Gee, feed my zombie sheep the Son of Man wailed.
- Turning water 2crimson whine takes a miracle of divine proportions like a halo in 5D

— B Ewe. B Abel not a Buck or hold a cane if UB-Yellow. Be The truth will not set you free. Only Suffering &Luv will in an unending circle if you can walk the line. B true to you. Suffer the teacher 2b given a child’s name. Ore
- Only pain is a better teacher 2 humanity’s Hubris

— (Px.) Pain is the best teacher. Love is 4Suckers & a punch. Hate is natural as being selected as the best. Love is a virtue embodies in Nature. Peace is a vice whose grip is anything but peaceful bc love joins triangles.
- Calm in pain. Calm in a punch. Calm in a male-storm of hate as natural as a typhoon. Peace without love’s totalitarian vice is worthless of Ur time & space, Moo-Gin’s Calm.

— G cast the 1st Stone at the girls. Let her consent b4 you do the deed to begin the cleavage.
Baptism — John was a father of the highest caliber and uncle and step-dad 2J. Playing Russian Roulette with his cabeza on fire. He was aqua loco.
Beheading — Honest silver heads on a platter of chops like MLKing a martyr
- R.E.Lax. Ur Vices. Tighten Ur Virtues. Let go of your Truths. Embrace your Lame White Lies 2receive G.Race.


John — Buck because Caine took the gold medal.
Judas — Buck or the whole Lot. Who loved J best? Brother.
Jesus — Who shot J.R.? Revelations.
Deux — ? The devil made me do it. Deux Ex Machina. Free will. Ghost in the Machine? Can’t girls resurrect like Joan in an Arc?
Legion: Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Calcifer, Hades, Mamon, Fire, etc..
Death — Morrigan, Morgana, Eostre, Madame X, Mata Hari, & SI-Gyin

7 Deadly Sins Olympics — Vices Boy-Cotted Bye the KKK

  1. Pride, (C, B, A): Whites#1, Asians2, Aborignials3. Cuz the Sun never sets on Whaite.
  2. Greed (C, A, B): Whites#1, Asians2, Aborignials3. Cuz. Wasi-Chu is what the Reds called the Whites.
  3. Wrath (C, B, A): Aboriginals1, Asians2, Whites#3. Cuz, righteous justice is not Pride.
  4. ENVY (C, A, B): Whites1, Asians2, Buck3. Mother of Vanity. Cuz, Whites envied Yellowed Silk.
  5. Lust (C, B, A): Whites1, Bucks2, Asians3. Cuz no 1 romances like the Romans.
  6. Gluttony (C, B, A): Chinese1, Whites2, Bucks2. Michelin stars be damned. Who invented noodles?
  7. and
  8. Sloth : (Buck, Able, Caine): Bucks1, Lao3, Greeks2. Cuz it’s easy pickings &the girls r topless. Cuz brothers of Loki worship their own inventions.

Right: 4 out of 7. 3hour of 7 C. 3 out of 7 B. 1 of 7Abc. Able always last in the race.
Sinister Silver Hand: Wrath (Bucks win cuz oui Lost the starbored rigged white race ever righteous).
Reverse Bronze: Wrath (Bucks win cuz they Lost the Race but will win the LastW War). Lust bc Asians don’t like sex more than industry like B’s children.
Reverse Silver: Gluttony like condem-nation (BC any Asian cuisine worth their NaCl beats the pants off the Vanguard of the West declining day bye day 2U.S. grade Cground-beef).


Once upon a Whyte thyme, there once lived Darkness & Denisovans alone with God &Indigo’s heat. “Let there BA Big bANG”!, Blackie X-Hailed jubilantly to White Light. 2Wrongs do knot make aRight. Light makes me well like Shame dancing to JC’s feverish beat with-out HumiliT.

Let’s see what’s @ the end of the biggest, baddest mother-F* Black Hole . Let there B Renaissance &Humanity born from fratricide. Gasping 4a gasLight around the V.bend.

Let the Muses &Fates thread 1 pure line that makes figure 8s over &under 6 dirty little hands. 2 dainty hands playing Cats Cradle alone wile the battle rages on. The tension in the air is like 3 rusty Scissors hanging like 5Damocles Swords upon 2 of 3 Her-Manos, Heras henchmen &cabana-cabooses. Where was Cain in all of this 2nd conniving?

Long ago when Adam &Eve were born in Black Ethiopia among 4Nations, their tanned &furry children squabbled about who she groomed most 2DEATH. Sultans butt chimps, they were, 2the Umma of unquestionable authority over Africa. That was the matriarchal authority Eve wielded with a timid tiara far from her K-Belt.

Adam was a LIFER like MLKy Whey curdled on this B.Rock.

Original reason? That brute was brine hard 2please or ease Other than Buck 4his nightly hart lying. Hang up Ur wrathful stag in youthful heat, The Buck was easy 2 over-cum amongst the bulls, bucks &bollocks in heat.

Buck loved musky Abel 4his able-buddy-like fruity wayz the best. Unlike Father’s scent so pungent without delicate pageantry ore manly mercy. Buck even loved his bro Caine 4his vulpine dupli-ciT. Fearless on the savanna on hindlegs getting drunk on ripe-mangoes with the hyenas &foxes laughing their heads off like A-AA Baptists rolling with da-beets.

Caine was the prideful 1like a kneeling lion cub upright without gilt ore ashamee. He looked with eas @E.C. like Simba dreaming 4A serpent ore 44Biden Ant.

40 days in da-De, *** Abel was shy like a bi-pedal lamb because he loved L more than E. He was caught as always on all 4s like a yoga master suckling his pacifier.

********************** He preferred making bird calls above the canopy where the sun showered best. Where the gossip of creepers could not thirstily climb 2tempt his hears.

Buck had the heart of a stag in adolescent heat hoo challenged his hominid Father like Loki 2Odin when he knocked on his chambered door as in Oh Rex.

Who cares about the rest of Adam’s disowned children who couldn’t make the grade like these 3 who won the race? Banks. Lots fossilized by Sodium & Go-Mara tell mo’ than these tails &tales chasing a hole I’ve got Ur Banks 4Ur river.

H2O, indigo Salts of the earth &Cs don’t turn around on a dime without payb-back long over-dew by Carbon-dating. Our crimes will be exposed as a wildfire rapes Abel’s children by pandemic after pandemic. Then the pale rider will defer the White Horseman when Winter is won.

Where are we in this story of Man? When will Herstory deface History as the Brothers did 2Eve and Ls knot-sew-great-grand-children? When will children rule over Mother Earth instead of the Will of the Ego? Come soon JC & Jc.

Kali Yuga is getting tire-sum. I look 4ward to 2130 when the Pale Rider comes during Winter 2Ethiopia 4hour grandchildren &AI bends Her knees 2E&L’s resurrection.


ABLE was murdered by Caine in an Envious fit as told in Genesis? What happened to the barrel of monkeys off-key? What about the girl who took a byte out of triangle made by a serpent? Who made the world go round?

What’s B&W &Red all-over Ar-cane?
Get over the under-read newspaper
I.t.’s now digital with the Fake News on Fox
We r-subjugated by his humorous children of angels
Till eternity giggles like fairies & changelings switched
By killing Christ, Christians became Jews flogged
By exterminating Jews Caine got his dew
Brothers kill Denisovans &Aboriginals with a White Vice
Native 2their colony or biome
Stain or Fruncle

How is MGM like a golden calf? Like Batman or Bruce Lee chimeras on the silver screen, 1 unending thriller sequel after another of a Jew’s dream or knight-mare winding through space &time 2the-hour of our extinction. We Dragons of the East are the Brutus 2 Ur JC. Ewe falls for it every time as Charlie to Lucy’s bewitching charms and runes was the re-pLy.

The color Yellow was resurrected by Lucifer’s mourning light 2save the world from his bastard again, Citizen Kane.

Denisovans then escaped as far as Hiroshima from Krypton’s Crush.

Neandertals headed north chased by the KKK explorers. Shame on the U.S. 4taking the hood off Mc-Cain to expose the hypocrisy in democracy.

Jesus wasn’t re-born yet 2the White folks as Iron Man was a box-off hit by the people 4the canary-peeps.

Adam would have loved J best if it wasn’t so related 2a color like a future crimson Buck with an Eye-Patch nailed on a cross on a skull somewhere in the Middle-East. Sour whine is all that remains of his Miracles.

Deprived of parental love even monkeys will hug Teflon. Caine2 decided 2go Animal on Able just as Adama hoped. Jesus just took it in the ass riding all the way to Jerusalem.

Attachment is a hateful distance 2cross alone with despair ass Ur soul companion, CALcifer. Humanity bleeds with each step toward shame’s embrace &departure. Arms like a Yellow Dragon armed with the Anti-Dote will hopefully arrive in Time b4 Revelation cums true.

While hunting with Able &Buck an Occidental-Serpent wound &alighted on a marred apple tree in the sub-Saharan garden twisting truth 2Lies 2pedal-backward 4-bipedal pacts, 2sell 4-sunsets on Maui 2–3-Bros arm in arm with1 Venus alone.

2Himself B-True said Polonius that windbag. True 2-Whom? Spoken like a Chink in Ego’s chains while Id drives the gangstas in white Portias.

Even Able was unable to speak after that diatribe. He could chirp the thin Blue Line of Ravens. But, B-true 2father or mother? Be true 2God or my parents?


Be a slave or Lie 4Love? Able was always 2nd-class as Baldur was downed by a Missle-Toe launched by Loki. But @least he was above Loki on fratricide. But he loved Thor & Vanity more than the need 2heel.

Buck excelled @tracking prey like a predatory son of Baldur cut down bye a Mistletoe. He was a leopard among lynxes, but couldn’t read 1 line of the bait & switch like Chesire.

X marks the spot was how he rolled like the All-Father himself riding carelessly on the edge of a double-edged-rapier waiting 4 Memory & Mind 2return.

Caine salivated like Pavlov’s lap-pet playing Russian Roulette 2the Ring or a smart-vibrator (SV) gunning for whoever got in his White-Hole (W.H.).

Able was no Deer Hunter &had no taste 4Tolstoy or Cimino’s lies on the screen. You’ll have time 2Rest when you’re dead 2scream for Iced-Cream, D’Nero citizen of Nouveau-Rome fiddling the end of daze.

Able could whisper 2dinosaurs &transcribe their codons into Con-Dumbs 4illiterate Trojans. The age of the Beta-Males was riding up the ass of the Jocks 4taking the chicks.

Caine just wanted 2devise a shotgun &A pickup with Eve’s cousin riding shotgun with a murder of crows chasing behind the Dawn & Twi-Light’s racks.

Buck was a wolf among chimps Vowing his confession 4Mrs. Robinson in unshaved-fish-nets. She was beauty unreachable & incarnate.

If Buck could tame his 2ENvious vices, his Wrath would burn all of Eden including the asps &serpents that bit Cleo & Eve, Tony. He pined for E’C’s children though she was 2x his age bc they reminded Buck of the grand dame of the garden of Eden.


Then Brothers climbed down the apple tree by Caine’s decree in Ethiopia or Eritrea 2go hunting 4‘coons &cross-hares that fateful night across the border.

The serpent drunk on mangoes with the Snow Leopards sang the requiem of Cock-A-2s:

This planet was found by a 3rd raven
Noah sent after the great flood
This is where the 4th dove found I.T.s home
Skirting on the fringes of a MLKy Black Hole
A Titanic Indigo Olive Branch
Brought 2U.S. by a lowly vulture?
Bringing back a murderous war
Instead of Pax pissed Upon
Fly in circles scapegoat with indigo wings
On Mount Ara-rat our Race landed
Aryans landed like Yellow Wind 2the West 2 the South & East
Brown Loco-Nuts warmed themselves
Around Hera’s belt on land ever grateful 4the Bounty
None was spared when Global Warming-1 happened
The Sons of Cain learned nothing
By the Evil in Evolution they learned 2Sing
From his affair with beasts,
His children will be treated as such
Till we confess 2Atheists ore 2the Holy-Order
If not the Order then who wrote all the burnt Words?
Chimps or Man or Beast or the Owl in Alexandria?
Caine bucks Able-??
What happened to Buck’s children?
Pecked to death by an Avian Vir-U.S.
4Crimes their uncles committed
Dis-United to Knowledge &Wis-Dumb’s Vices

After the disappearance of Able to the Bearing Straits during the many Global Warming that came after them, Buck &E’Cs crew climbed aboard an Ark made of papyrus or covered-wagons in a diaspora searching for islands or gardens Maui & Dangun pulled out of Pele’s FishHook & Sungmo’s bait.

Our exodus ended in the conquest of Hawaii cooked in2 a U.S. State when Liliʻuokalani abdicated like a Kamehameha Aboriginal God-Dess imprisoned. The Queen’s blood stayed beside her royal pen house arrested 4crimes she did knot commit to the Isles she did not own but saved. Nowlein leans on me when she fell 1st from old age rather than as another martyr roasted like pork.

Caine headed West 2kill his cousins up North where the Isle of Man bore no apples or monkeys like ninja sisters in heat. Raising Caine would be a terrible wage of sin.

Neandertals kingdoms came down like Vikings raping Buffalos across the angry ocean tumbling 4FUN on riddled SUVs ore crimson Cabooses pillaging nations on a joyride 2nowhere in particular like fools on a moving castle alone without the fairer half running-off &growing older bye the nanosecond.

While Yellow Able &E’C’s Peeps headed as far West as where the Land of Fire meets no-escape from Lust’s Ferrous devices working against Caine’s brothers.

Buck never heard the spotlights wink 4Him in the Bible pages or the Koran. He was disowned for killing Able on a hunting party during a pandemic with Caine and an Anaconda with a bone 2pick with monkeys.

Sutras held the thin-blue-line of Love’s skeletal Vices sewn in our beastly chromosomes policed by reverse transcriptases in2 meat.

She saw right thru Caine. She ran 2Yellow &his able-Words of comfort &Luv picking up the tears she shed for another man. She didn’t C the tears on his collection of fags ready 2strike an ape in a man’s genome.

Caine took the blame in the chin &became Judas 2his Occidental accidental race while Buck was ever grateful to be left alone in Africa.

Adam dis-inherited all but 1 of the Deadly Sins to Able in mourning. As a reward, 2Caine 4sparing Buck from Adama’s 3 wheeled bus like chops on a biblical pyre or tire, Adam gave the most 2Cain.

As a reward, 4roadkill disposed of, Judas received the gift of Life for allegiance to the Brother of Lies 2Act the slave throughout Cain-Story.

The rest of the vices, the All-Father bequeathed Buck 2 Vices 4 His generations 2escape the Holy Order.

The Middle-Child (M.C.) was eternally caught the 2nd-son caught in the pages of War &Pax. Always 2nd in line like I.T. was the Bard in the Brady Bunch. Marsha was 2hot 2handle anyways, Losers and Beta-99%Chimps are all Peter. I am Peter. Je Suis Pierre.

Buck took the last VICE out of Adam’s Hat. Sloth, waas his punishment 4his crooked obsidian spear which never missed its Target.

He took the most hated.

Caine handed him a spare head made able bye Abel. He was amazing with Words but terrible in crafting weapons rather than tunes. Lust &sloth go together like APPL & Fuji among oranges & silk.

Envy loves industry as a cunning fox is best in a gamble with a tiger or a Wyrm reborn as Legion of 4 Oriental Dragons bringing home the noodles. This is what the Yellow 1 bellowed a Koan:

Lynxes &bobcats, pussycat Abyssinians of the West
Rall Viking Gods wrathful as Korean Red Devils & Tigers.
Pride beget Envy begets the Devil in the West meeting East
Demons are not hated in the East nor in the South
In the South the world is upside-down
Brothers dance the Pow-Wow 2the North
With the Wolves 2Sungmo Moon
123 Buckle my Shoo
34 Pick up Sticks
Moo ore Goo

Able like Snow White fled to Mongolia and called a truce in a cave in Siberia.

Shards just missed his heart from the Great Hunter. A few nations rebelled & went further East across the Yellow C2 Japan as the French did 2the Vandals across the English Channel. Anglo & Saxons 2Wessex, Mercia & Morgana’s arms looking toward Laurentia 4freedom from indentured servitude.


The only difference EyeC in ME is the walls Chinese built fearful of Vikings heading to the frigid Orient. Unlike the Hermit Kingdom from which my Seoul was born, I’m a Soul-Man not a Seoul-Bro. The Chinese knew when 2call it quits on its conquest while Manifest Destiny pierced the West 2China but no further. When nations no longer breathe bc of borderlines, the brother’s Lies will be revealed in the collected ashes.

The children of Denisovans craftily imagined nations & aliens against our racist mothers while Neandertals were being bludgeoned by Cain’s White grandchildren.

They ran circles around Neandertals &Cro Magnus, so Y shouldn’t Oui? Hominids thought-Less like a carpenter &more as an axe-man deforesting all he Cs & seething still instead of pruners using planes 4gardening.

Apostate 2the bitter end of the line in a circle of faith is love’s last line. Fumie fuming @the bronze medal like it was the Gospel by petering Peters stepping on Portuguese sails.

@the end of life, a Mongol Sun Emperor will hatefully sit on his smelly can reaching 4more TP squares @the White House.

The tube is brown now and the sun has set on all colors. Empty & wasteful like his envious stained hole of never-ending consumption, Caine’s Faustian pride with nowhere 2go but in2 Ur lonely throne or capsules for redemption.

The only vice Asians coveted more than Pride was Gluttony, the never satisfied hole.

Imagine the cuisine invented if the French were Chinese, &the Ming invaded the turncoats, the U.K. & all White islanders. Our big brother would have revolutionized Scottish Haute Cuisine if the magnetic north went south!

The best way into a bird’s chambers is through the kitchen & then in2 her hart. Dew the sinister thang, brother.

Instead, no 1 could Love as the Continentals sisters do in Paris, Casa-nova. Hive-minds have no time for romance novels in Shanghai with an Ice Queen watching.

But, in Rome, they knew Lust like a Brutus to JC’s back. Romeo &Juliet has no equivalence in the pantheon of Korean Literature. The Muslim couldn’t even make porn 2watch. How frustrating might have been their imaginations of a Jihad of virgins gunning 4 the Twins?

But no 1 could work it with precision like German clocks than Korean grand-mothers swooned over by Black-G.I.s from the White-U.S during the War.

What Denisovian lights lacked in Vices, Asians matched the West in incendiary hidden pride unheralded by smoldering greed through back-door channels rewound on CCTV.

Remember animal? Oui, Rdivided down 2Our Double Helix (D.H.), Lawrence.

Piracy by Chinese Junks would put Sir Francis Drake to yellow shame on his Golden Hind written in His-Story. The Brits were never as good as the French in duplicity or as deep as Johnny Depp in Disneyland. Fake T-Shirts flood the Amazon rivers landing on2 Kanamari wet backs along the delta ripe with algae, deforestation &SARS-COV-2 by &bye yet again.

The Forgotten Human Stain on Animal chromosomes

The character flaw of Able is his industrious lust 4-Gluttony which makes his sloth shameful and his noodles outta this planet.

Esau’s father acted like a sow to his wants mistaken as kneads of an unleavened loaf 4 his inheritance. He had a mouth that could devour Mid-Guard, the 18 levels of Diyu, the Inferno & Ass-guard.

Loki’s children could swallow the panhandle off of FLA like Thor to the Frost Giants’ hallucinations.

Buck could rip the trunk off of a Maine-sized mammoth in a tectonic gnash smashing Laurentia in the head.

Caine waited like a vulpine raven for the scraps of this triangle. Instead, sloth bade Caine 2wait like a Corona-Virus 2 divide &conquer his murderous Fratricide’s Voices speaking with 3 Vices about who gets the girl.

The flaw in Caine is his insatiable pride waiting impatiently to go Viral on America’s shores envious of the queen bee of Laurentia.

It’s written in the Occidental Romance language, not in calligraphy. 3 Vices written in Latin 4eternity. Constant as Vtium in DNA, Christ wouldn’t have chosen any other Son of Adam 2do the dirty deed 2gether.

Is that Y Whites cheated on Yellow’s girl? Yellows shag Blacks both Waze. Brown will ride any bronco &the wallflowers &Plain Jaines bang on the symbols &the triangle hollering, “Dinner!” after a 3-Sum.

The stain in Buck’s Brown people is their shared simian origins & eukaryotic roots reminding Prokaryotes of their cleaved origin story.

No other mammal could have written Romeo & Juliet like old Bill. His soul lives on 2-Day. 99% Chimp @the root of Evil & he managed 2Hit a Homer & Bang the maidens at the same time.

All-Father @separation, children, kind forgotten friends, remembered origin stories who Spokane &Olympia still capital @the Yellow root, reminds rice of me, a blackened fish &yellow po’boy mirrored on virtual walls mirroring 1 river’s vanity snow-white like Narcissus.


Is it ok 2friend U, cane? R u Abel 2buck up? The story gets worse after Oedipus Rex murders his chimp for a dead-beat-dad & marries his MILF.

Shall I go on, how? How did we got stuck acting all tuff when we are 99% brutes and 1% demons & 0% angels from accursed birth?

These monkey kings lived in the equatorial kingdoms long ago. Bread hung on trees all year-round when the weather was ideal for global warming. Women didn’t wear bras bc it was 2-cold to wear nothing @ALL at that latitude. These great ancestors didn’t whine with attitude because H2O was turned 2wine instead of beer. If only you could stand tall like longitude.

U-didn’t need 2sail 2India or the Bahamas 2kill your Able-brothers’ triangle with gifts of 4-legged horses &A blanket made of smallpox.

They shagged your sisters & ripped opened her box without asking to undo the bodice. They stuck a U.S. flag on Diana’s nose &raped her like a Taino underaged girl with smallpox.

Oui turns olive green while Caine’s freckled children looked like prideful lobsters on a Crusade that day at the Tea Party. Permanent sunscreen on your epidermis would cost an oversea voyage East if only India didn’t get in the way, Buck’s lost children like wasted Benjamins on an alien beach.

But, the smallpox was worth the trip 2New Mexico 4 the Conquistador. The genocide was a failure to whitewash the stain in the chromo-some. But they brought horses and fry bread.

The Remembrance:

I once wanted 2b Buck a score ago like Kevin Costner. I wanted 2go crazy like Crazy Horse &the Ghost Dancers dancing with wolves 2a shower of bullets reigning down crazy like the Holy Spirit’s Wrath. I couldn’t change my yellow skin living la Vida Loca having no choice a naturalized Wasi’chu in the slothful U.S. under Pride’s Vice as a yellow mule.

I gave Denisovan DNA 2 an only child like Mary in a hurry bc I was mid-century already 2my Virgin.

I had the mark of Abel-bodied Asians working on the Southern Pacific Railroad working against me.

Gluttony. Pride. Lust.

Best practices, irrigating the Valley when Whites only saw an unfertile bow is what Denisovans do best 2 the Wasted Envy.

Buck Bcame Black & Brown while Caine became Jacob 2 Esau. 2brothers became the Black & Blue beholding Beauteous Whites & Pinks on top of Israel.

The Reds was on the Rez getting wasted.

Yellows cowards were counting Wons in Kamizake gear flying Zeroes pointlessly.

Whites love a Crusade, but would never find honor in suicide for the Cross with 2much to lose.

Blacks turn the 4th cheek as J nailed I.T. bc they have no choice having their candy taken by Caine’s great-grandchildren crucified.

Chocolate babies of Stags & Bucks & Bambis, the world was poised for a Red Revolution again since beta-brothers ran from each other 2unleash the Sino-Virus in Wuhan & the Garden of Eden 1 cough @A=time.

My yellow bean-bun forgotten, white baguettes Rboarding planes without masks or sense spreading their lustful Envy 2good sons-of-bucks &able-bodied children by friendly-fire like Prometheus 2a forgotten pandemic.

My Georgia, loving U has put me in danger of contagion’s Evil Triangle by an X. E.T., Eye don’t want 2b saved as Lazarus was rudely brought back from the dead bc his mom wanted 2have a WORD with the poor fella about grandchildren.

I just need to make amends 2-Pillow for FLA & GA & all the girls for the boyz in hoods.

Kidz of Caine played with sons of Denisovans long ago. Russians don’t count bc they are hybrids of a lost tail, but Ethiopians do cuz they know their ROOTS like Toby.

Buck was not represented there as Kunte-Kin-Taser. Sub-Saharan Indians are not the same as American-Indian, St. Christopher. A point dismissed by an explorer on his way to the Jewel of his Crown off course.

Polynesians have amnesia from whiteboarding schools erasing their Her-story children by generation.

JC knows how 2woo the girls of any color of age. E’C’s grandchildren B-ware. He wasn’t born during the year of the Black Dragon. He was like Bruce Lee and wore Yellow tunics.

I’m a Denisovan trapped in a Neandertal Nation while an invisible foreign matter invades lungs like Muons through sons &daughters attending privileged pod schools while chocolate children hide undercover b4 Caine’s mercy upon U.S. all.

Does that explain y brothers hate brothers? Like Art, it’s in the name of Love & Pride. Choos 1.

Y Girlz hate 2love & Luv2Hate Bad Boyz?

What about the other forgotten brothers? Easy peasy as crooked shafts in a girlz vessel like seamen on a gang-plank without consent or rights 2A-femi-9-NO!!!

Umm, does that explain why sisters love triangles? Divide & conquer the alpha men while beta chimps plot while Lilith’s children 2pick up the pieces on the sidelines when the dust settles. Like a phoenix, hate finds purchase in penury.

Dost the story bear this rotten fruit?

A Dickens of an Atrophied Tale or Tail, Take Ur Pick:

A tale of 3colored cities caught in a vicious rinse&repeat 4-millions of yrs baring smiles of submission incorporated, branded &TM like cents.

Like a money tree without common sense, what fruit does it &I.T. bear? What is the sequence of the $-Tree’s genome? Is it in 3s like U.S.? Smile & have a good daze.

R -oui a virus or R we more than junk DNA invaded till extinction? Stone croons softly:

Animals writing stories
Hard to b-live
Avengers gone viral
Zombies R-real as a brainless Viral Kingdom
only imagined, Imagine JC & JL in a 3-Sum
Vampires dew prowl upon real Bucks & Paper Tigers
Still in Creole New Orleans
Monkey Kings drive Teslas from Stark Industry
With Blondes in Peking having an affair
Nikolai’s pride shocked
The African nations in chain-gangs bye I.T.
The All-Father married the 3 brothers
In2 1 mother of a human
Labor pane birthing a mammoth stain

The leaves began 2-Fall &Autumn Crocus bloomed upon a walk with my son. Eve was upon the human rat race defecating a tiresome eschatology shamelessly.

Matthew was right about Thomas’ cynical grandchildren. Lilith just LOL.

Defaced and hands up, Buck & Able was forgotten in Cain’s History. Her-Story was also forgotten like Home Ec & knitting.

Winter was coming in a never-ending revolution in evolution’s engine.

We wait for meteors to extinguish our shared story of natural selection over the will of the Holy Order.

Or just 1 more holey line that fits without a sq knot. Just enuf 2unravel a brother’s line 2the Grand-pappy of Lies of where Oui verily comes from.

Atheists beware who U worship if knot Ur EGO. The truth that the Ego is a Lie will not set you free sons of Cain.

And who spent 40 days deserted by God. Desert eating his Spam & Sundays with Lucifer by the bushel? The bargaining just wasn’t good enuf 4the Sun of Man. Chips down, he chose an Arms Race with Son of Man. The sinister hand lost to the Righteous Dude, JC. The suffering was terrible.

In the end, Satan abdicated 2play in the Avengers rather than become a ghost worshipped by girls &fondled by boyz-in-the-robe. Postcards from the 4-corners of Mother Earth Rbetter than on a crucifix of White Pride.

The Morning Star still lives among U.S. 2day by avoiding getting nailed bye Jews. He slipped away like a pilot in2 Constantine in 333 AD when the Good News went Verily Viral. He went into the Twilight Zone where the In-Between is kindred 2the Sarahan desert & Nile’s Empires.

I’m sure Faust is a better storyteller than me on mead. Does it count if I love an alien father 2pieces for his sacred tail?

I’ll love him till my dyeing daze 4He is like a brother to me &U.S. & the master of Bedtime-Spin.

Lucifer’s pact is tight like a knee up-ON a blue neck. I.t.s blood-contract can demilitarize North from the South. 3 pacts sold. 1 didn’t take the bait bc She was true 2the Bait & the Mother-Hooker, the Strumpet ever-faithful &good despite the reign and the virus in the DNA.

A-Stone cold love triangle told from an animal awakened from his humanity
XYZ 2ABC that’s why
Amen, A-men, MEN..
Zzzzzzzz ……Sss…Sh..OK?
Tell me another, Loki

EPILOGUE: The Anti-Doters vs the Vacciners

Here’s 1 more shout out 2the Yellow Race, out there on Medium. Hello?

I’m talking 2U Ryan.

I’ll give you the anti-dote recipe 4the pandemic if U give me 1 clap. 50 for page 2 mo’ of this Yellow crap on Caine’s White readers.

I mean no disrespect 2my Mongol Able White & Buck’s Black &Cocoa Bros. I don’t give a whoot 2the racist rat race’s cheers or reads, but Calcifer, my Demon, made me dew I.T.

But it was always my choice 2b worthy
of Vice Pride
as Dangun’s yellow-backed child
cowering in a corner
far from his Motherland
2have no choice but 2b Blue like BP
& Sprite b4
the Magic Bullet saves.

Pride: Shame @getting over shame
Envy: Get over i.t. &anger like taking out the trash & recycling
WRATH -> Justice 4ALL knot domestic violence bc of fairness denied. BWare of Sloth in the face of futility ore des-pair
Sloth +/-> Throw rocks without Anger. Spare the .ORG. Get ewe 2groovin’
GLUTTONY: Satisfaction that binging is knot a +Role Model 4Ur kidz with Type-II Diabetes finding your hidden stash
Greed: Sharing is caring 4other colors than Ur-Selves or the 1%
LU.s.t.: Rein invisible colors dancing on a spectrum’s Ultra-Violent reign of Caine’s Terror on those less PRETTY than U or Ewe

There is never enuf light in the MLKy Way 4 All of us
& never enuf mirrors smarter &shinier than Urs
In the darkest moment lies mine speck
Disappears upon a twitch
Re-appears in a rush
In2 a Big Bang a-chew-choos goes
From 3 brothers in a Row
Ghostly 4Aloha Oe
Of epic proportions begetting Racism
Shaking the foundations of Ego &Son
Like a reverse-Iago all is light & beastly vanity
Proud that 3 were not sacrificed 2God in a Tempest
Shame that Pure Lambs had 2roast bye & good-by
The will bc of sex &blood gave birth 2Judas
Darkness b-damned with U.S. polluting living H2Oh
Bye will alone, Let there b grace in Grr & Race
Let Free-Dumb Wringen Children of CAIN

In the words of Sriracha, “If you keep +ly hot or scorching 2 them, u will knot b-with-out reproach 4 their tongues will burn with honesty. If u run after Vices, u will not succeed knor will u ever b=free from Virtues; they will both cum to byte U in the ass. Even tho u May try 2 escape the hour of our common ancestry ending, a circle requires 1 line butt 2 ends & no heads without tails.

Disappointment hid this knowing 4more Lust 4 Lilith’s trams-mission from Oort or the 9th. Fist full of Pride in the face of foolish Luv betrayed bye Lilith & all demons who proclaimed me a Shaman for my Denisovan people. I’m my mother’s child, 4-ever-A-lover of the letters A, C, & J. W & H be damned. I’m my father’s sun setting without a sound or zound or fury whimpering.

While we, oui, have time on our sides & hands b-side cum B-bjorn again 2 join the luv match b-ing lit, the handz 2 the baptism beheading of Sons of Abel, Cain & Buck & Lilith & even Adam & Eve expelled.

He who testifies 2 these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”

“Amen. Cum, Lord Jesus
“#1 of hearts & minds
The 1 of memory & desire