How can they say "in any way".? Are contact tracers bulletproof like an N95 mask? 100%? Are you sure absolutely? When the US shut down their borders to Europe in the Spring, parents found inventive ways to smuggle their children home helping to spark a fire in NYC.


Not only NZ but all nations protecting their citizens are facing a surge while less than 5% of nations are rising including America, India, Brazil and S.Africa. Who is willing to bet the citizens of these countries are fleeing to safer countries under the radar. Not trying to frighten you, but it’s easy as gambling with lives. Place an ice-pack on your feverish child's forehead is all it takes. Low batteries? False-negative PCR test? Poorly swabbed nose? I’ve heard people lie during interviews. All you need is one to break the human chain.


America has seen a 31,000% relative increase in confirmed COVID-19 citizens since March. NZ and SK are below 5% and SK is -80%. As John Lennon says, Imagine +50,000 Americans aerosolizing our communal air with coronavirus in a BUBBLE. Imagine 7 billion people trapped in a bubble with no exit or passports. Folks, it has always been global, please get over it and protect your family. No one is safe from SARS-COV2.


Weakest link... weakest link

A chink in the chain saying good night


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