3 min readJul 1, 2020


Hey Rolli, I am saddened 2 say I’m sorry 2 see U go but I’ve left Medium.com2 a year ago after a tragedy. I still publish here but don’t expect any tithings from the Maddening Crowd as Hardy wrote to a deaf audience immemorial. I am unemployed as UR & also a single dad 2-boot. Leave that crutch of a Church & never look back like Lot 2-Sodom & Gomorrah lest we become the NaCl or LiCl of this accursed EArtH. This is what Ev wrote on his Medium account about Medium before she got hungry:

Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends. It’s designed for little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world.

Thank you for waking me up 2 the reality of business as an artist immemorial. Start-ups start with childish visions grow up 2B a Cancer to their own inspiration infecting Others. I guess that overgrown “Vision” is now moving on 2-quantity rather than 2-quality. Such is the case with all tumors speaking as a biologist by training. I’m sorry you had to be @ the site of our metastasis. Look around, it’s like a coronavirus turning us feral yet viral!

I had no idea that Medium is now duping their penurious artists, no wonder why no one is biting my little stories as U & Ev say:

Authors earnings would no longer be based on how much readers liked a story (claps), but on how long it took them to read the story (read time)

It’s like the real business of filling clapping seats in a Globe Theater full of chimps applauding long and hard rather than before when priapism was a luxury. Keep up the same decibel of applause no matter how they whip us but make sure every damn seat is filled no matter how limply they clap; the Medium CFO/CEO always collects regardless of centuries or centurions. As u also wrote:

Gaming the system with clapping classes for writers was part of the reason Medium changed everything

When al the pieces fit, Medium was gamed just as Leo of DaVinci went from kingdom to kingdom looking for greedy patrons to immortalize their heirs with the seed of greed and love 4-ignorance. The reason the game has never changed 1-bit was our lust for innovative techs bridling all good people 4-eternity to their SmartPhones 4-divination.

Jesus was & is gladly willing 2b the strumpet for Medium’s trumpet as am Eye. RU-artists willing 2make the same sacrifice as Rolli & 1 did by leaving without hesitation? I wonder as all artists did but not dew in their irate penury without God yet wondering y their fullness does not fulfill as in virtual-porn.

I will miss swimming in that icy river called Medium with-U &B baptized as an artist 4-Love. Peace & the blessings of God go with all of U.S.

Don’t worry about $4 where U R @ is Love & God @ War. Let them fight. The water is fine & holey despite the pandemic & beyond when we recover from It-All from the emptiness within when we disengage calmly ..