Here’s why people are not fair. Let’s create a new mythos better than Trekkies & Skywalkers.

18 min readOct 20, 2020

O.K. Star Trek Discovery is pretty kewl as a closeted nerd, beta-male, gamer by proxy, geek bye proctor, runt by nature, or last bc of the human litter’s milky wheys. Which character would you b or regret ore wish 4 like Au?

Which actress ore actor, 3b fair, wood u want 2 sleep with? Spock. L’Rell. Final answer?

The Cho’HA bids me 2write my wrongs as Tyler played, trying 2 dew like a dreamer like me. As 1 small sailor voice in our collective mythology that wants 2 blend in2 beige like 2 much Tatooine sand kneading free-dumb ,
I suggest a fairy tale, in the tradition of Storm Troopers, rather than the Holy Revelations, the Evil Republic, ore Prideful Starfleet wrongs as 2watt future b-holds in a flourish. Terran or Klingon archaeologists will read off of our redemptive Rosetta Stone ore Servers or Servos millennia ore yrs fr. know.

GLORY, I’m tired of St. John’s apocalyptic visions cumming to life, in 3-D IMAX, on Netflix or on Prime with a 1 yr subscription, in my 2nd grader’s cartoon Watchlist where bullies keep coming back. 2B fair & truthful, the powerful poop just as hard with hubris reigning their shit down upon with their might up-on the brown & chunky masses turning OFF to victimization.
Y can’t oui take that raw & wilde God-given power of the down-trodden & love the enemy within & without ass Jesus did bye & by mistake in trusting his immaculate life 2Jews fr good old Abe? He came in2the suburbs on ass-fault covered in psalms & humility.

Our children r culled like Saru’s brothers & sisters in2 violence despite our best intentions to escape or submit. I hope Saru is right when he spoke,

“It is well known that my species has the ability to sense the coming of death. I do not sense it today.”

Star Trek Discovery, unlike Star Wars which mirrors the God-hateful Dominant Reality, questions if False-Reality (FR) even exists in the grey or in the B&W ore in the bullets of the bullies like D.T, Hitler, Mussolini, G.K. & such Fascists oui luv 2 hate.
Trekkies grew up fr. childish notions of duality, good vs evil, light vs darkness, add-nauseam in museums with evil advertisements selling dark-futures on Wall St.. The answers will surprise you if you watch this show on CBS & ? Ur Reality, Mai Reality, Their Truths & Hour Time that is U.P. 4 U.S.. Power? Who has it? Where is it? How is it? What is I.T.? Y I.O.A.T.?

The most delish is when CBS showed a parallel universe in which the bullies become the dominant intelligent species in our quadrant in a parallel universe, or is it Cis-verse, not Trans-strand? Not surprisingly, the UN-fair bullies were American cowboys led by a crueler than Cruela DeVille Chinese Dragon Empress. An omen if you believe Trump about China’s devilish motivations, which R true btw.

Ok, Star Trek mirrors our current reality pretty darn closely, but without the feigned etiquette and overgrown kid gloves like an Orange Julius (O.J.) high on U-Tube’s courtroom dog & pony show & tell. They show y fairness ain’t possible with the human genome now or evermore till our last hour or last victimized child standing. They show that the Higg Bosson (HB) web holding this universe, this Ultimate Reality, is nothing more than Mold crawling under Space & Time. Where is the Luv?

To restore fairness, what do humans need to do to enact redemption?? A sacrifice or ex-change is kneeded as JC did 4 our sins. So far our global temperature and the denuding of the Amazon spells condemnation 4 U.S.. If U don’t believe in God’s Final Wrath (GFW), who is punishing whom? Who really caused the 1st anthropogenic pandemic in 2020. That is what archaeologists from Alpha Centauri will find in our decaying, bloated servers replete with Arm-a-get-on or A-pox-a-lips sealed.

As Atheists, you don’t get a choice to finger point anywhere else than our unfair selves, even if 49.999% disagree apocalyptically that humanity is worth saving, that i.t. & anti-A.I. has some uses besides transmitting human consumption to super-stars & novas.

If you believe in a nebulous God, u have a pantheon of solid, logical reasons why fairness can be possible fr the impossible imposters of gods; only O.G. can calm the sea-levels fr breaking Mother Earth’s harts; only HE can resurrect the Great Barrier Reef in fairness. Scientists & Doctors only have their Guidelines during a Pandemic caused by Dopamine Rush of mega-proportions or some Meta-Analyzed Data gone rogue. Priests & Shamans can call up or doll up Demons & Angels in a humble tortilla 2battle any Haldol or Aripiprazole or any thieves that go bump in the knight.

Those who have experienced LSD or Strange Fire (SF) & have walked among the insane ward, they found brotherhood & a teacher instead of loons caged in an asylum far from the medicated hypo-critic-all maddening crowd. Love was in the medicated air when LSD pumped every 1 UP thru the vents. When they came down from Hoogin & Mooggin’s wings, they were no longer Thou, closer to It & me & ewe.

I.t. is why Power & Monkey DNA do not mix no matter how far along we are along the evolutionary tree, even if we are the Apex of the Milky Way. Right. Does that make me a nihilist or a militarist writer? Yes & Oui & it depends, if I am an atheist shooting blanks at know 1. No, if I am a Christian beholding my last mortal sin. Maybe if you are ambivalent as agnostics.

So, how do we restore our 21% from The 20% who controls 99% of our wealth & resources? Fairness, to be fair, is 50% or 50:50 or half: half. Unfairness doesn’t need to be 1% vs 99%, it can be as close to perfect as 49.999% to 50.001% like the dis-U.S.’s elections for scores between Red & Blue colors hating B&W ignoring the other primary wave-length.

Sadly compared 2 Nature, we aren’t even close to Mother Earth’s Natural (MEN) efficiency at energy consumption turning photons into corny syrup like JC did on the X. I would put human fairness toward (1) Ourselves (2) Others (3) Aliens (4) Animals (5) Plants (6) Planets at 80% Bullies vs 20% Martyrs. The Sun doesn’t care like Dead-Beat Dad.

Notice, I put Aliens before Animals. That’s what we are as a Race, as a Nation, as a Community, at best simians or tigers burning brite setting God’s Green Earth on fire. Prometheus wasn’t punished enuf 4 wanting fame, power & the cave-girls, Hoogin, remember? T-Rexes had less Hubris than Humans. To restore the balance, we have to b somewhere btw Karl Marx, Joan of Arc & MLK to our Stalin inside all homo sapiens.

Why are people not fair when nature is so balanced without the fare or affair? Is it because we are all bullies down 2 our DNA & don’t worship anything but power or sex? Butt, oui knead power to O.P. sex, but isn’t that rape if there is no consent from the objectified victim? Or is it because of that awesome and terrifying 5-letter word, Power, power, pride, vice, virtues? Who has it? Who wields it. Who fears it. Who runs and who aims with that MF 4 letter Word? Word!

Nature knows who wields the arm in Power; it ain’t yo’ mamma or Her Momma or even Planet Earth’s Umma as the Sun knows jealously. Fairness requires curiosity, carefulness, and gracious manners. Unfairness knows no bounds or grace like our Kind. Unfairness does not require curiosity only concern of an alpha ape, the kind of concern of their tribe only that gets them killed, and a speck of blindness making us bend the knee only as a human can pretend mercy.

Why are people not fair when the world is so fair & beautiful without plastic augmentations? You don’t mess with M.E.N.. Is it because nature is balanced while we are not? Will SSRIs b looked upon as a sledgehammer 2the H5T receptors in the tummy & brain connection that would make any stomach neurons lurch. No difference or deference in my humble opinion that bloodletting is like Serotonin doping with Paxil & Leaches, like in the good ol’dayz when things were good, not a commodity with a brand name. Every object in my kitchen is claimed by some corp; i.t. wasn’t that way back when ads came in a Sears Sucker.

In Hopi, 1 word describes us perfectly: Koyaanisqatsi. In Sioux, it is Wasi-Choo, fat takers. It describes Costco Shoppers perfectly like broken fattened buffalos scattered like over-inflated plains of Honey-Nut Cheerios. Those who hold massive power, still pee or/& poop in their pants when a Tsunami comes. Those who know fear well & experienced unfairness daily, run for the hills automatically without thought. Those who think they have power, are the product of unbalanced parents as Hitler, President Trump & the late Osama Bin Laden knew & know & is passing their over-sized genes onto the next-gen, tipping the balance of Fairness.

All under nature is in perfect balance and knows in their roots & bones who’s the boss, the chief & the Original Maker. Humans think we are not animals; what Hubris worthy of Lilith or the Serpent! Humans think we’re the boss because we each have the power to vote and we can build smartphones that make us dumb like animals. My lack of navigational skills due to GPS is proof of my regression since Sky-Net went online in the ’80s. I have become a subscriber to the powers that b; oui ultimately have no choice either as an atheist on 1 end & Christian on the other perspective. We are not in balance if the ones in power still cling to the Faith in believing in tipping the scales in their favor will make dreams cum true. BC they think they have the authority to make it so they shape His-story knot Her-story. Or so the evidence and p-value show that life is not a gamble or rests on a web of subspace mold.

Everything that is matter or not, worship and is naturally humble without a speck of vices. Even photons kneel to JC. Have you ever seen a mouse talk back to a cat besides in cartoons? They know who’s boss above the pussy’s chain. The world is divided like like dark & light as Obi Wan would say forcefully. All things under heaven have 2 polarities, but not men or women bc they think 2much politics. 2 U.S. the faithful 2the faithless believers, there is only up & up & up like a stock market bubble without recession or the Great Depression, while the poor brace themselves for a recession of apocalyptic proportions aboard without free will to a melting iceberg of Titanic rupture. Let us prey, the universe is divided like Siamese Twins. We are divided if the Doctors & Scientists are right.

Divided is the state of nature returning back to Love & reunion like a black hole to a Big Bang. Something, we humans refuse to do those the those are offered infinitely through our race’s short career, probably second to the worshipping, dumb dinos with a brain the size of their humility.

We are divided as a family, as a nation, as a species and now as a planet. Our solar system is now divided. Look at the planets versus the sun in perfect harmony without confusion or hint of human doubt. Look at the trees versus fire or the sun, perfect balance of giving and taking like Jesus to the axe. Leaves take in photons, they give us sugar. We chop them down. We exsanguinate them for rubber or sweet syrup every Fall when the hills run Crimson & Vermillion. We are the Gatekeepers at the Circle of Darkness & Death; we’ve always been since we climbed down that tree not like that pussy. If not for children to help us forget fairness, we would make them live in our Hell of Princess Lea. Parents know who has the true power, the true agility, and the adaptiveness of all creatures of Nature. It isn’t the Force or Physics.

Why are we not in perfect balance like the beasts & feasts we prey upon? Why are we apart from Nature in our best human moments? My son said it best,

“We want to be the Big Boss of the Animal Farm.”

There is hope for Us bc our Maker gives us the ability to have children in the present. They are irresistible like the divine. They remind U.S. there is something bigger than US. Even Ghenghis Khan loved his bastards & princesses; how small & fragile they must have been to his blood stained hands. It is not fair for our next gen or the old gen to retell old racists mythos in PC emperor’s cloaks as propaganda as Hitler & Netflix & Prime & HBO R doing with original content, yeah right. BC we fear power and teach unfairness to our children by sight & hands, not by shouts, it still smarts. Like Broccollini they teach us humility in a verdant forest, and the wails when we take too much from them.

All of nature worships & glorifies the Maker of all Things (MOAT) and non-Things (MOAN). They give back more than 50%. How much do we give back to Mother Earth (ME)? Less than 20%? We are no exception even if I give back 200%, except we practice denial & hallucinations daily until the human stain sticks throughout history & herstory. We encode unfairness and fear into the neurons of our children to fear the White Man & hate the brown beasts that slither, build webs, or weave nets.

We are not the 50:50 like innocent voles & guileless galaxies. We are more like apish 80:20; we the 80% bullies crying “It’s not fair! It’s knot my fault if oui R off course.” In the history of man, there was not 1 time in which the children of Man played fairly, even when they believed in more than we do now. Believe me, I’ve tested the event horizon of my Faith. It’s not a pretty picture. If 1 said, I worship Jesus, the voices would say back, I worship Apollo & Venus, or I worship Power. I worship abject Humility. Then they would say I was wrong and feigning martyrdom. Then they would beat my faith silly & dumb till I confessed or Bcame an apostate or was crucified like a thief in the knight.

Why? Y do We want to be bosses; even the victims want i.t. so they can beat the bosses as they did them. It is born in the university system as far back as the Civil Exams during the Han Dynasty. It is clear as day in the Armed Forces. It is even born in democracy and equality for all men under the O.G.. We are apart from nature by piss-poor parenting or voltaic nurture. We think we are greater than nature or our DNA’s nurture. We are greater than the stars, even greater than God?

That is why people are not fair. We worship power but have no faith and shove our false beliefs, which change at Ego’s whim, down the throats of people lesser than them just because they have the authority of a divided-nation. We fear powerlessly because we think it is unnatural for animals to fear when it is praise & worship; we do not hear the screaming of carrots when vegans violate the crop. Y dew U think wolves howls @a full moon &humans foolish dream of ware-wolves scoring big at HBO. When u-“normal” people use common sense on the uncommon sensed people, u re-enact their trauma of abandonment, the death of Abel; you re-enact the death of the Serpent, the betrayal greater than Judas & Abel, & all the ideas she had 2tell Ubutt couldn’t since Oui burned her on the stake again & again calling her hysterical while performing a hysterectomy, calling her a pretending other mothers.

So, when the all-mighty psychiatrists cum for you 2 disavow the Great Father of Insanity, remember that poindexter with a PhD. worships & praises something 2, Mammon & reasons. Logos has been raped & discarded, but Her shell remains & reminds.

Let me tell Y’all a story of who the Big Boss is, & who the Common Sense people worship in secret because logic & reason disavows the uncommon 2speak & perform incantations or hexes.

Long ago, there was man, woman, the Beast & Sex; guns came later after sex like Chinky Fireworks. Sex was the 2nd angel after Lucifer beloved by O.G., or are they the one and the same? Sex never had children apart from men, women & notions. To this day, we worship her and her many minions, even more so today. In Europe she is known as Lilith, Aphrodite, Venus etc.. In Asia she is Quan Yin, Shiva, Dragon Empress, Ggi-Shin etc.. She gave us nylon fishnets & dildos through sleeping with the inventor of Tech, Science. The loom of Post-Truth Mythos begins with loose threads threatened.

After our great-grandparents & a few wayward angels were kicked out of Eden for smoking against the Pearly Gates with grating apathy beyond coolness, Adam & Eve’s children worshipped the God of Agriculture next when matriarchy wasn’t working for the boys, and they were tired of hunting. They wanted to gather power instead. They created the little God, Government, to seal their power & pact with the Devil.
Then, Agriculture & Science beget Money, an entirely human spin on innocent bartering & X-change. Don’t forget Tech’s bastard child, the father of Humanity & A.I. in Europe, and the daughters of Science who greased the wheels of Gluttony on our Vices & virtues alike throughout HiStory. Marco Polo was the 1st traitorous bully fr the W. He was 2 late 2 meat the Great Khan, the mother of a bullies. To be fair, Kublai sent him packing along with a hunk of a rocket in his Whyte pants. Ghenghis gave White men that rage 4 silk, gunpowder & Khan’s power.

Money was a terrible, little God, always greedy & wanting more tributes from humans like the worst of Bacchus & Cupid in a chimera. Animals had little use for dollars and cents & handed i.t. over 2 the Silver-Backs. Nothing much happened besides the mundane killing of the innocents in human history for thousands of years bc of the dollar, the Lira, the Won, the Yen, Yuen and don’t forget the Pound(ing), etc... I guess it was a mini Tetra Yuga ushering in our current Kali Yuga fer sure. Tech was yearning to spark the idea of a Tec-DC-9 in the imagination of man 4a blunder-buss 2 whack innocent Jabber-wonkies.

The Golden 80:20 rule of unfairness continued regardless of epic or epoch, until the birth of another man-made God, “Industry”. This little god created a revolution in the U.K. that looms backward from worship if that thread could be possible, but it gave out faith like nuts & bolts though they were all fake Fool’s Gold. I.T. spread like wild-fyre & spun unfairness into every strand of cotton picked by bloody black & blue beautiful raped slaves.

I still don’t understand why we worship Coppers, Au, or Pt or try to turn a perfectly good atom, lead (Pb), into gold (Au), and then lock these perfectly good hunks of metal in vaults as promissory notes that the bill is real & not a forgery. Building Fort Knox filled with empty promises of equality, very strange the ways of bullies. I prefer wimpy Blue to OP Yellow any day b4 Mammon was worshipped 2 our detriment. I’ll take the azure color of the Statue of Liberty after years of bird shit on Democracy’s Copper to Bronze Medals as a booby prize for most power seized.

Tech originally begat Industry after having her followers burned at the stake because they were of the Devil’s spawn preying upon the common folks in 16th century Rome or the Spanish Inquisition. But, Tech was rarely hated by the Uncommon-Sense people in touch with their organic roots like Gypsies to the SS. Famous admirers or heretics, depending on Ur viewpt, include Leonardo DaVinci who helped create the most heinous God above all, Man, during the Renaissance, that nefarious R word spelling humanity’s demise. No wonder Vinnie cut off his ears & brained himself.

Famous worshippers of Power & Industry, but not humility, includes Jobs & Musk. Now along the Maker’s Amazon, chocolate children are adorned with counterfeit t-shirts & vestments made in China with Nike’s winged logo screaming, “Just do it!” Now pump your fists in the heir; those @the stake ain’t scientists, women, but those with schizophrenia, those with mental diseases, those who believe in crystals & God. The Post-Truth Revolution has begun, move over Consumption.

Somehow, we still like to be bullies even to the original forgotten brother between Caine & Abel, the African man. Every culture has a black word; even Korea has a word for Nigger. I can say the N word bc I’m a Chink by the Whites. Even Genesis was a racist text. When will we be woman enuf 2right a fairer version of Genesis 2.0 or will we let Evangelicals bully Science & Reason into the treason of Creationism to Evidence’s Faith? Oui R weighting gravely on a web of our own making. The balance is tipped like a Titanic sinking.

The industry helped start many wars during the 20th century. With all those Dark Machines lying idle, we created another God, “Mass Production” with the help of Plastics, that begat Consumerism & TV. All hell broke loose for our children till Media discovered kiddos & released Fission from Uranium. The world caught mental diabetes type 2. With the help of the Atomic Bomb & Nips, a new genre was born, the apocalypse; thanks, St. John.

High Society, was always in the clouds and far from the maddening crowds whatever color. During the White Rococo period, this God only let the perfumed & wealthy in Versailles. Now, with TV, Society could reach millions. Now, with wireless & smart-phones, they even reach the 1%. Things were quiet for the unfair people until the 21st century. The reach was even greater by the byte of an Apple taken by billions. No one looked to the heavens, even less than 20%.

HS was too good for bumpkins, but not too good to take the 20%s taxes & micro-cents & their hearts & minds b4 the all-mighty Cathode Ray Tube was usurped by LED & HDTV. Be4, Catholics used 2parade around the promenade with their Sunday best while the ignorant masses propped up their lavish lifestyles in rapted starstruck worship. Now, we all parade around in our PJs, even in airplanes, buses & trains, & even the odd ignorant masses r allowed entrance with a 2 year subscription 2AT&T & smartphone, butt oui are never allowed on their OP, superstar, hallowed grounds.

Who we worship changes over time on U-Tube. Who oui worship when our 1st father & mother opened their eyes was not who we worship today: Time, Sex, Money, our Logos, our Bodies, our Meaning, our, our, our, hour. Haven’t God’s words collected 2 much dust and the Good News abused by Creationists & Scientists alike like C & A? The list is endless as self-help books becoming the new rage above Logos for thousands of years. Love is a far 2nd Thou that oui put out below like a tiresome pussy. The 1st if u do not believe in the First God.

When those with reason & common sense cum 4 ur mind & soul with Haldol, even if it is your kin with the needle, & ask u 2stop worshipping & praising the 1 true God (ITG), tell them they R-hypocrites like Ur hypodermic needle without a point, butt don’t tell them 2go2 Hell. Laugh @Thou them as Jesus would riding an Ass. Stare at them, lift up your Palms, like you r an innocent animal backed in2 a corner by Logic & Reason’s depravity. They may back down fr their 80’s trip & settle into 50:50 negotiation if U do not reneg. It doesn’t matter anymore now u know who 2worship &who 2lose your faith 2 2achieve fairness in needing perfection like VvG.

Let curiosity kill that cat in heat with a needle; it’s only fair, balls 4balls. Ben & Bill who 1st caught these words did not use the word curiosity as a 1st choice; it was a cat’s Concern or her Cares that they pointed2 b4 the 19th century when it all changed away from the truth and the polarity was shifted. Like concerns for money, for time, for a pussy or a tom-cat, for our 9 lives, 4 whatever.

When scientists & doctors lead their flock away from what animals & plants worship in humble reverence, the world will be out of balance. The world will be as it is today, unfair and so 80:20. So what.

We cannot worship like a star. We cannot worship like Redwood Giants. We cannot kneel like the Foothills. We have 2worship as we were designed, but are we designed to be 50, 80 or 20 or nay or yay? Only then can we Bfairness people toward the uncommon sense brothers & sisters with children. Only then can the 20% stop hiding & running from the good intentions & graces of the 80% though they own less than 1% of the 99.

When will the circle of body & mind & soul be mended into a yin-yang trinity as Christ desperately wished on the cross with his only 2 Jewish animal companions or were they Gentiles or Romans? Does it matter what’s the matter with us? When will we feel within our chromosomes that there is no LINE in nature, only Fairness & the golden circle? If you are humble like a bumbling bee drunk on a pistil lost in revolution & praise by grace alone perhaps you can C or hear the lives & lies in UV’s light like Lucifer or Loki LOL.