Have we headed around yet another dark corner as our gov’t now censors data?

4 min readJul 15, 2020


Before, the powers that killed the messengers like talking veal in the Greco-Roman period. B4 they continued 2 decimate news-reporters, whistleblowers, martyrs, etc like so much fluff ignored. Now, they’ve discovered that Big Data controls the news as much as hype controls the hungry & infected masses. Using an old playbook by Mussolini, Hitler’s idol btw, the government by the people 4 the people, not Trump, is trying and probably succeeding in silencing the scientists and doctors by a Big Data Coup @the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Holy Evidence Church if you will if U-R an atheist by design. As in, H.E.C. no! Life is but a Russian Roullete & we are the Jokers & bullets who pulled the trigger.

As a healthcare professional, I would say there is plenty of blame and humble pie to swallow. By far, our government has to eat the biggest share since they are all thugs by nature’s design, even if you are a Biden supporter or Bernie lover or whatever U-luv since we r a nation not playing nicely with the rest of this accursed flock.

The people will always be sheep; that’s 1 of many reasons why we have a government and the Declaration of Independence. To be left alone from victimization. Jefferson & Franklin knew this and tried to protect us, but failed miserably with each election.

I blame the CDC for botching up the coronavirus preparations in the U.S. as well as the powers that b trampling upon our rights lesser than them, all equal humans under G. Especially, I blame the shutdown as much as the Trump admiin’ 4-abusing this charge 2-protect the innocent of their flocks.

The CDC’s cries of “wolf” & IDK 2-the flock, penning them up 4-months, giving the all-clear sign, giving the virus time 2-jump in2 this apathetic pool, &-then locking them up again with our infected blood was largely the fault of the doctors, scientists, and our partisan gov’t. Which nations are leading the race on infecting the rest of the well-behaved nations on God’s green Earth?

Look @these institutions carefully over the millennia. They are the new crazy priests & nuns dining in 4-star restaurants salivating over your unborn children. St. Francis helps us, but he is asleep with Jesus. We r butt sheep without a shepherd these days. It’s nothing new to righteous victims before Satan’s Lord, Harmony & Rhythm.

If Trump says Clorox kills the virus, who is the sheep to investigate the evidence of Truth? Bah, don’t they understand false negatives (-) or p-value or who the anti-Christ of 6.66666 is?

It is us. It is U.S. who caused the run of hydroxychloroquine & dexamethasone depriving those who needed the drugs the most in the ICU globally. I C U. that’s hoo. When Donald pops these drugs into his sic mouth, he is literally taking candy &life-saving medicines away from babies & the truly sick in the true ICU. What do ewe expect from bullies on the pulpit?

Who’s 2-blame on this affront to God’s front, since the government is ruled by a mob of animals regardless of their show & tell as decent humans? Tell it 2the CDC, scientists & doctors, that’s hoo & who. IDC & sew should ewe.

The doctors are still handing out drugs as if they were at a diseased drug party looking for a score among the rich patrons. The CDC who can’t translate science into a children’s book even if it cost lives r safe in their beds with a sore ass after being Trumped. They r all fudge packers in a diseased industry. IDC. So should ewe. Goodnight moo & moon.

The smart-ass beautiful scientists became pharmaceutical reps in short-mini skirts and heavy perfume handing out pizzas in quid pro quo.

Like the Church who extorts their sheep for entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, the scientists and doctors are sleeping with little children coveting their data instead of rallying the sheep 2a calm, clear, and direct way to the safety zone knowing everything is a gamble, including evidence & greed, the real predators.

Someday soon, methinks both parties who covet their degrees & cents rather than the Hippocratic oath or the Bill of Rights or even fear of God would get their just dews @ the cost of the rest of us & U.S.

Wouldn’ the actuaries say the pandemic was caused by an A.O.G. as they skim their premiums like a Scrooge skating on Divine Grace without care hoo suffers? Who suffers, Dick? Trump? Ewe?

Do you hear the silent cries of lambs with masks on, Clarice? So, I don’t care how Trump humped the CDC and muzzled her engorged data down to the last micro-delta. She was a ho’ anyway imho instead of a stern mother as I hoped she would becum as Hitler & Mussolini hoped-2. Both against the Jews & even God & the odds.

I am tired of her endless disappointed missed appointments missed, waiting for 4-someone to fix my boo-boos, I guess I got bored of her G-Spot. Let Mother Earth rage for our pubescent crimes! I have a son who gives me hope for the next-gen, but he is not enuf 4-me to damn my species.

I’m going to let it bleed and scab naturally or die exsanguinated like all free victims and fighters who ushered in this accursed America from the Queen’s rule in 1776.

I am tired of making America great again and again on the backs of the black & blu, on the victims and victors, and my BP voices quelled by Seroquel. I don’t care if ewe understand the gravity of this Big Data Coup. Google and Apple have our privacy anyways. We are no longer brave & free people as Jefferson hoped. We are indentured servants to those who hold our data and dangle next-gen smartphones on an easy payment plan. Let Trump take our data, too.