2 min readJul 23, 2020


Great read, Deb. You crushed it, indeed!


U-exposed a simple truth every Taliban child knows & hates with a vengeance. There are no subways in Afghanistan on 9/11. They’ve been bombed to kingdom-cum & they keep coming back like insects; the Russians are very afraid of crushing them again.

Can U-imagine the White-man’s Black Plague on our globalized world crisscrossed with airplanes? Or a virus as deadly as the Spanish Flu these days of flight? Surely there would b more than a billion deaths, easy. Verily, the coronavirus if of our own making. It’s like we thirst for global suicide.

We live in a world Downside of Up thinking we R the magnificent North pole. I got your piece until about a 1/4 the way through when U-wrote:

“Similarly, protective medical gear and the active ingredients for common, emergency drugs used to be produced widely.”

How does this connect with your title up-2 now? Yes, “Efficient coupling between parts of the system would have led to a breakdown.“ Isn’t that y the Jews thrived? They were shunned by the interconnected global System. iPhones couldn’t b produced without China’s help. Apple is in bed with the Chairman as R we all. The pandemic is just another wild-fire sweeping away our wicked cobwebs.

You continued 2-write:

“ means our system has a management problem. People tend to see things in a simple linear way. ”

Yes, it issz time 2think in a circular way rather than the pointillistic way of Caine, the linear way btw. 2 points can make a line or a circle by your will alone. But, a circle can never b-sharp enough 2kill a brother like the Devil in U.S. & only a circle can ba beginning 2the end.

And sow, terrorists take advantage of social security as the virus rages bc of the lies in a line disconnecting 2 pts with disco lulling humanity 2ApathY. Wuhan is now just a click away. Closing China’s embassy right now is shooting ourselves in our diseased foot. Where are our medicines and bottles cumming from? We ra cancer unto ourselves, ever crabby to our fellow brothers, sisters, and the undead like Viral Kingdom.

Take a lesson from cockroaches
They always come back bc of their loose grip
On life, we cherish our cells 2-much
Unlike J. Amen 2BGs