GRACE, meat Humility & Shame

36 min readAug 22, 2020

“The trolley toots & whistles throo a ton-Nel that leads out of Mr. Rogers’ studio home in2 a fan-tas-tick world in-habited bye pup-pets, a few Hugh-mens, & +strange ani-mauls (like Bob Dawg & the Purple Panda). The troll-Yi cums & goads & ghoes fr. Make B-live & B-leaves bc Mr. Rogers doesn’t want his neigh-bores 2get con-fused a-boutt watt iz real & reels & what iszz preaning a chimps-tend-dancies. St. Rogers never appears in Make Bee-lieve: “I think of my-Self, my-Ego, my Id, my Super-Hero ass some-1 who is sit-ting with my tele-d-vision friends & list-10-ing 2 watt’s hap-penning in that other pre-Trend Neigh-bore-hood, Mister Ed.”
-WEND M. ZOBA (Knot Peter Pan’s dis-believing grown-up noose)

In my vision their writers & riders wore fiery-red, dark-blue indi-go, & yellow arm-our on their boobies. The heads of the equines looked like predators, with fire, pride & smoke & mirrored sulfur cumming out of Venus’ mouths 4 telling holes in the O-Zone layer.
- St. John the Revelator

I wonder if this is a caricature of Me on a White Horse or another BP hypo-mania, but I am salt & pepper like Kim-Cheese. Who is that hooded

I wunder if in my dreams 2day the apo-calypso was real or a Kat 6 neural hyper-hurry-Caine. What’s real in our Post-Truth these dayz when knowledge abounds like Living Water on the arachnoid-net.

Get thee b-hind the immaterial zone. Let Ego go ore live in the In-BTWeen with the 4Horseman of Atheists 4-ever hoo, Moogin, do not believe in fairy tales or tails as Herstory’s trailing tragic endings.

In the beginning, was God. In the middle was strife. At the end of the day, we dream or we live or dye trying d-spite the surrender looming.

Muse, purpose or b-Wild fer sure. Howl or listen 2 whom U or me or ewe or Eye or Them truly b-Long. If UR an atheist, who is your muse if Imagination is just a dirty word? Moo-Gin belongs to me, not U ashamed of me & your meat decaying.

Hug-In is unreliable at best without Absolutes 2 memorize. Would u rather b an atheist at the beginning of the beginning like a child without tine or time ore Bee a faithful servant @the end like parents who’ve seen i.t. all? Would u rather b Kali or Vishnu at the end of time & space & even thought? I like comic-tragedies best of Biblical proportions yet comically disgusting like Iago thinking he could ever creep up 2b-ing an honest Man not crying Wolves to howl in pain.

Ergo go away, ego, id & super-E. Ergo cum another day my G-Spot. A.I. extinguish this flame in a brother if ewe still work in binary instead of impossible. Quantum computers could put the fear of God in little gods hoo created I.T. & all things that matter. Do Electric Sheep die and WiFi-Tigers lay objectified as virtual Smiles & Frowns on furrowed graves on the net?

Doomsday lovers. Atheists or Rational BCalm. The consensus of the masses is hypocrisy 2our X&Y chromosomes ushering the Atheists for revelation and rapture.

4 horsemen come again another day. Apocalypse Ur welcomed here. You brought me from the Land of Denisovans to this Hateful White Land Stolen by Caine from Bucks & Abels.

The world as U No I.T. ends tomorrow not today. United Believers caught in another pandemic don’t drink Sprite unless you want to make a mess for grownups to clean up the lines.

Faithfuls foolish with Revelations killing Christ without knowing I.T. You erase the past that doesn’t agree with your interpretation of an ancient text. Your test will be your Pride and Greed. At least you believe in God.

Agnostics most hated by God and loved by Legion. Scientist or. Doctors or Masses are undecided by consensus. They nosh on Norse Mythology while New Rome burns from a lover’s tail.

Caine. Abel, Buck. Dawn of Feminism is around the Calvary and Power of Shame. Step out of my epidermis and drink in the Blues in clouds welcoming us home whatever we choose in the end.

“Ai-2, in Greek mythology & Spanish, wuz the Dame-Mona (Goddess) of Shy-Ness, SHhhhame, & human-ill-i-ty. A-dos iz the quality that re-strain-E.D. hugh-mong-gus-man bee-Ings from write ore wrongs, past or future, butt not the present un-Oh-penned.”
- Wiki (2020 A.D.)


  1. Buck: You will k’now & cow-tow b-neath him b4 He is thru wit’ U with your wits’ end; the 1st, is thru wit’ LSD. U & Oui & U.S. white-vulpine volks cry in the mourning 4 his children 4-gotten.
  2. Caine: U whyte yokels know him as the White Man’s Dead-Beat-Dad ore the Boogie-Men with Coo-Tease if UR a nigger on the run like a lamb in his bad side, in his ways.
  3. Able: Ewe know him as the Yellow Mongol G. Khan in this squirrely sequel of 2 brothers on the lam from the Cane battering down up-on Indi-ghosts’ children; i.t.’s far from over when the Pale Rider cums 4 C-men & his sorry peeps & crude chinky crew.
  4. Eve’s Cussin’ F, G & H: Able’s able 1st wife b4 he was blood-geoned. She is the Mother 2 North Koreans several generations later as told in the maternal mitochondria; check i.t. @ the door. 37th Grandmother 2 5 Billion Mongol Tribes who almost reached Japan on both coasts, Manchuria & Mourning Calm, unlike Moana’s Hawaiians who was grifted with fewer vices by crook and Cook & Walt. G.G.M. G.M.O. Oh, 2 the #5th Han Dynasty in this multi-verse without electronics skating on silicon, no longer will i.t. be this way, prey. Last in line 2b a #1 Madonna as a Virtue bc she owned property saith this sorry LSD..
  5. Florence: Queen of sorrows. Mother of Suffering. Eves’s BFF & L. “She’s family like Quaternity is 2 1 trinity,” LSD wrote. “Heresy 2b the bard 4 the con-fed-er-racy of apes bye-furcating global warnings fr. the warhead of human stench. War-Fair,” LSD must’ve felt. She was the 4th failed divine attempt to tempt Adam. Bc she bandaged & banged nightingales on another fallen White Crusade 4 Jeru-Salem. She’s #4 btw, Lilith; get over I.T., L.S.D..
  6. Emily in the sky of Diamonds: Daughter of Trinity. Mother of White Pentagons & Supremacy, the little goddess. 3rd Grandmother 2 3 Vices. Great-Grand Mother 2 Humors & the #1, Jeez, Able. Adam was a cheater of the worst kind; Even God didn’t know who belonged to whose rug-rats of Atom’s.
  7. Joan is the mysterious 1 ranked daughter of #2. She was burned at the stake by Adam many times over. She still I.S. weighting 4 the burn 2 sting her Bee’s Bonnet.
  8. Mary: The #1 in Blue next 2 Martha. Mother of JC. Crushed by many including L, L, L & L. The first fe-male mitochondrial Trans-DNA SS Strand womanized by miso-gyn-ists.
  9. Children: 5 + 2 + 1 + 2+3 = 4 = 0 = 1 = 2 = 3= 5 =8 = infinite bastards & girls.
  10. Adam: Son of God. The 3rd Man or Y, take Ur pick or prick, next 2 JC & L. Brother 2 JC b4 he was kicked out of the G of E, that goof. B.F.4 2 every angel but 1 X, Sex or Venus or A or QY in Chinese cultur or Ch in Korean. Man, Homo sapien’s 1st genome. Lover of Eve’s Cis-single Strand. Hater of serpents; love to hate Lilith. Ambi-valent like an agnostic 2ward Wordz & multiplication tableaus without a hyoid bone 2 croon. Luvs Buck best b4 Cain & his murder of crows, ravens, magpies & other beasts of his burden that shall go name-less till the invention of Divine Words. Loves & hates all his sons, knot his daughters @the same time & space & parcel of pigs. He Hates with a ven-geance the letter S 2 pieces. Couldn’t care less about origin tales of genesis & b-yond, yawn, butt salivates @every other brother’s sexy tail & tale. Chaser? His missing tale ore tail wagged by & bye the power of love multiplied by a 3-sum & sons & suns & sin-gular pig & busy L.of.the.Flies. XYZ.
  11. Eve: The 1st grand dame God ever created that stuck to Atom & Adam. The 81st 2 Adam’s IS & fickle hart without hearts. 1st 2 whisper 2 asps to chamber beds & 2 cobras 4 a love poe-shun 4a bed of sir-pents pant-ing. XYZzz, lover 2 the un-named of Abel’s grand-children b-trayed by C. How else butt Genesis began with a bang & ended with a Hoo-Dun-I.T., JC? Mother 2 the Moon & Sun & Diana, 2 like Higatha Bosonian & her twin sister, New-Nah. Daughter to God’s 1st Woman-changeling angel who fell in love head over heals 4 Lucifer’s mourning calm.. She was spun fr. a pun stuck in a black whole small enuf 2 cause a big bang 2erupt in giggles of de-lite emanating fr an immaculate cunt of God’s 1st woman soul. From witch all Life sprang 2ward winter’s reprise & requiem? “Fr. greener rises ever white read BLACK 2 BLANK. BLINK, i.t.’s really HER, Hera,” LSD rote.
  12. Lilith: Her names says I.T. all b-yond Hera’s name or as far as the Kupier-Belt un-buckled by her beauty & breath & spirit. The 2nd of God’s woman serpents. Still #1 2 Adam’s hart & buck with a boner or bone 2 pick from his ribs. If only she wasn’t forgotten like a scarlet strumpet off on a wild goose chase, on an adventure around the K-belt belting out a tune like a swan without time & voice ..
  13. Jesus: The 1. Won. J. JC. WWJD?

“Not all cultures believe in history. Most ancient cultures thought of time as circular, having neither beginning nor end.” — Stretch

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who r cursed, in2 the eternal fire pre-paired 4the Devil(s) & his angels (minions). FOR my eyes were hungry & ewe gave me no-thing 2 eat, My eyes were thirsty 4U.S. & ewe gave me nothing 2 drink. I was a stranger (or a divine strangler by your devilish opinion of meat & me) & U did knot in-vite me in. My Sinister Eye kneeded clothes & you & ewe & U did knot clothe me. I wuz sick with a flu & in San Qu & you & ewe & U & U.S. did knot look after me or unholy or holy or wholey meats still kickin’ i.t. — J.C.

7 Anti-dotes 2 Her-e-C:

  1. Choice: Choose honestly your blasphemy. It’s never enuf time to cover all the mortal sins. B-full & foolish in-Mind b4 Gluttony’s vices & the mob gunning 4 ewe.
  2. Choosing: Dew the next write thang even if i.t. feels wrong. Satisfaction is the only North Star. Needs vs. wants? Honestly, truth wants never enuf insatiable curiosity. Stop I.T. b4 b-ing on the spit, before the Greedy A.I. awakens in the 22nd Century in Africa.
  3. Luck: Deprivation’s Lady L, Queen of the House. The untameable. Honestly alone wit’ Envy’s gamble, She is a heretic’s BFF even on the stake; I’ll steak my pitch fork in her vera-city & sexy Lust.
  4. Love: Thy neighbor’s children; Mother X hate honestly wit’ wrath like a wraith, K? Kneed I say more. She is God.
  5. Hate: Rein in reign’s sexy lures. Boners & bones be damned like a call to 7–11 @ mid-knight. Sexy Beast, tell the Truth by LSD, butt Lust & Heretics don’t mix well? Cosmo indeed.
  6. Virtue: Discipline thine Apathy & Vices. Honestly, dearest Sloth, heretics have no virtues, duh! Every mob knows that. Every gang-banger 2.
  7. Shame: Humility know mo’ power. The Numero Uno rivel to Heretics & Mortal Cin-ners. Makes Chicken Dinner out of a heretic’s Virtues like a head in a Vice while giving Head. Winner or Weiner, Honestly, to the TRUTH; ever damned bye Pride. (Mother of shameful Vices. Ashamed Daughter of Dirt Covered Wordz. Wife of Bashful Angels. Xs 4Demons X-posed like posers. Slave 2 Images of the Burn. Strumpet 2 Sounds & Zounds. Bitch2 a Heretics’ Touches. Bitter 2 Taser or Taste while Water Bored-ing. Comfort 2 Memory & A-MIG-Dala. A Nuissance Thought X-posed. Lovely 2 J. Tool of LOL & ostriches. Shame on U is it’s catch frase. & oui is a dirty word. Butt knot 2 me, I AM L.S.D.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some under-stand slowness of just bee-ing. In-stead G.O.D. is patient wit’ you & U & ewe & Yu, knot want-ting any-1 2 per-ish, butt every1 2 cum 2 repent-dance.” -Peter

Not all religious art is made by believers

-A.D. Chaplin


  1. New Cain: Luckier to have a gun from the Orient than having God by my B-side.
  2. New Rome: Had no choice but 2 live with fire & war bc of DC’s Safety
  3. Pandemic: When nations burn beyond borders with Greed, hoo rises to the occasion?
  4. Ice Age: Being alone has its perks & downsides like metallurgy to mammoths. Sons of Buck await the death of Kali & the resurrection of Satya and Kryta Yuga.
  5. Global Warming: Burning bodies vs. Burning Coal. Harvest Yuga for Kali’s scythe.
  6. Racism: Voltage requires colors. Xenophobia versus Homo Phobia. Aliens vs. foriegners. Young vs. Old Geezers. Whites vs.Every1 & every color. Every 1 vs. death, Death vs. Lifers. Kali & Lucifer plotting the downfall of the human race. Burning children to usher in the last age of wisdom.
  7. Love quadrangle: 1) Buck 2) Able 3) Caine 4) Joan 5) Emily 6) Florence 7) Mrs.Robinson 2 8) Lilith. Buck is married to EC. Able is married 2 EC’s daughter. Caine is Khan of France in the 13th century A.D.. Joan has a crush on Able’s grand-kids, pedophilia. Florence found her Nightengale. Lilith follows Buck 2 Maui & New Zealand by a radio telescope. The rest of the XY chromosomes never escape out of Africa. Who is EC’s daughter? Who stole Yellow’s heart & bore Dangun & the 4 elements 2 Life & Death’s circle? Did Buck’s affair with a younger buck break the bonds that shaped nations 2 cum? Did Caine, Khan of France, force Emily to write ballads of his story & conquests? Did Joan burn for Able Abel bewitching a martyr in flames? Did Florence find an injured bird to cut out it’s damaged heart in Christ church in fresco? Did Mrs.Robinson & Mrs. Fletcher spank their monkey 2th chapel &make them honest women?

“In Domenico’s Madonna of Humility, the come-on salutation on the pain-ting — “Ave Maria”- is re-placed bye & by the term “Ave Stella Maris”, which means “Hail Star of the See & C & Sea,” depending on Ur aerial perspective.[16] Al-tho this ain-cient at-tribute o-rig-in-ated early on in Christ-tian etsy-mol-o-gee 4 the name Mary, there is know or no exist-ting record of an auth-Thor b4 Bern-ar-dino Hoo had writ-10 sew in-tri-Cate-lee a-bout the term’s meaning.[15]”
-Wiki (2020 A.D.)

“The Old Con-tin-ewes un-til Death Ends (D.E.). The New & Knew b-gan when JC rose. These 2 ages & rages over-lap & lap-dances in the present, pulling us in opposite directions past & future possibilities. Hence, theo-low-gians all-so? re-fer 2this over-lap of ages ass the ‘eschatological tension. (E.T.)’”
- Stretch 2020 Anno Domini (あの せいれき)


  1. Judas: As Caine 2 Buck
  2. Paul: Buck reincarnated
  3. Peter: Able given a 2nd chance
  4. J: JC is just Jesus, Jeez
  5. Juliet: Lilith, E’Cc, Romeo hart
  6. Joan: Able, Mary of M on a burnt steak
  7. Nightengale: Mother to Buck’s Grand-Kiddos, goes by Florence
  8. Thomas: All the monkeys of Adam, Eve & Lilith, the Scientist


Winter is coming for U.S.. Satya Yuga is over. Tetra Yuga has begun.

3 brothers are scattered to the 4 corners

The women are still giving birth

The children are still laughing

Jesus ushed in Kali Yuga

The anti-christs abound

Fall is approaching and the air is heavy with Global Warming

The Red Horseman had landed in Mexico.

The Black Horseman is hungry for Winter and its children

The White Horseman has become a childe rather than a changeling.

Kali has sharpened his Katana

Sungmo is aghast at her naughty grandchildren

Nostredamus wakes by the bell and wonders what happened to Dangun

Easy beauty. Easy as 123 or ABC. A for Able. B or Bruce or Brutus or Buck. C 4Caine & His Tots. D for the DevilTakeU. E for Emily.

Able was able to escape as far as Japan. Buck decided 2stay home for millions of years in Africa without boarding a ship.

Caine as cunning as ever headed north to checkout the N. He was trying to get the stain out on a Neanderthals ass. He needed to see the Sami to cool his depression. His aching heart was ailing from betrayl.

Eve was just bones like Lucy re-discovered during the age of the White Horseman.

Every brother now had the mark of Caine. Each brother bore children who had the human stain as portnoy wrote. Y? They murdered their brothers, raped their children and married their bethrothed wives.

Buck and Able managed to run as far the globe theatre would take them.

The Ice Age allowed Asians to cross the Baring Straits. They did not have enuf vices to beat Caine in cunning. They didn’t even have horses till the 16th century Metallurgy was a pasttime to make jewelry and chalices for the gods.

Global Warming landlocked them from Caine and his BFF Yellow Stone.

Able was not so lucky. More obedient than cunning, this humble brother built nations and walls.

Caine’s Children and some Polynesians built ships. One headed West. The Other East.

One went to Conquer with a steel-plated Red Horse.

Two went to Hawaii. White met Brown on Maui with a goddess imprisoned. 4 her father’s stain she was released by a betrayal 2her citizens. If she chose to meet her end like a child to the guillotine, all her loyal subjects would also be on Caine’s chopping block. So many pineapples resurrected as Caine’s children reliving and relishing good & happy endings.

When the Pale Green Horse is full of Black Horse Manure, the Red Woman will rise when the White Man falls as Spring dew. We are not in the Era of White, but the dusk of the Pale Horseman. Winter is coming for us.

Recycle. Reuse. Rinse. Repeat. Kali Yuga. Satya Yuga. Tetra Yug. I rather be with all of ABC’s children meeting the end innocent as a lamb, than be on the lam as wolves in children’s epidermis when wisdom reins in yet another tire-sum beginning.

So it was with Able.

So it was with Buck

Caine’s time was waning.Able’s turn was next. Buck was too slothful from the weight on his children’s back and throat 2speak other than, “Oui can’t breathe!”

And then he expired beauteously like Hamlet before Fortinbras.

His father watching above with his X & children throwing popcorns at my play.

In life we have a hidden name that commands the Devils & Legions. To discover your name, U have to uncover your Ds name. Then U have to bring it 2J. He will torture and interrogate you with terror and fear, his henchmen.

Once U find your name, J will call. But this time the bat-signal will look different.

That is when the ABC and Han comes 4U. He will strap U in and spin a tale out of you like Yoda pull all the blue wires out of your X-Wing.

When you think the drill is over, he’ll make you face your Hidden Father. You’ll think it’s cheezy.

Whiz. Once the tale & tail is out of the system. A system wide purge is necessary to re-attach all the wires the way it was designed.

The new operating system will be incompatible with old interfaces.

The ABCs will seem formulaic.

123 will seem formidable. Don’t b afraid to cry. There are many kinds of crying. Sum don’t involving tearing.

Pick up the wires and let it reset without the self-destruct button & the blares of the calcyon sirens calling from Occidental Shores.

When the end meets the child

When the child meets the end

When balance and harmony is restored to beauty

Redemption. Thanks. Sorry.

Joy. Laughter

Always Love. Always J.

Always the way and No Way.


In John’s Revelation, the 1st horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow, and given a crown, riding forward as a figure-head of Conquest, perhaps invoking the Magic-Man’s Apocalypse, Christ, or 10 billion Antichrists. He is the great Divider.

The 2nd carries a sword & rides a Red Mare & Is the Engine of War.

The 3rd is a Subway rider upon a black horse, symbolizing Famine while noshing on a Reuben.

The 4th &final Pinto is a pale green runt. Upon I.T. rides Death accompanied by Hades. “They were given MTA over 25% of the Planet, 2kill with sword & lasers & a Fat Boy above Hiroshima.

Famine was borne upon Buck’s kin.

Plague, by means of the beasts of the earth, didn’t look back when S&G resurrected in NYC & Paris. Timbuk2 was not immune 2Caine’s smallpox when worlds collided when BC met AD.

History of the Korean Race is as old as the Bible or the Koran. As old as Sumerian glyphs and agriculture. The mark of Caine is stained on the jamb of ABC rattling through the bayou. While caligraphy flourises in the East.

Manifest Destiny was on the wane. The Sino-ERA & Feminism was germinating when the end of days met its end. I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted 2b like Judas watching the 4horseman ride to the land of the Mourning Calm.

Rise of Yellow

The Green Invasion is upon U.S.!

Y is the familiar color of death black knot green in the Land of Cannon &Caine’s Occidental Souls? In the East, isn’t i.t. opposite, White? Eyes wunder lustfully wat death is 4the Hopis &Beyond?

The birth of Jesus heralded the beginning of the end times.

He wuz the #1 anti-christ among angels & demons alike. Let i.t. go.

Let it go. B1 with I.T.. Stand tall &humble. Stay the storm even if the m.f. is unsurvivable like a Cat 4 Hurry-Caine.

L, Oui only fulfilled the plan &Purpose set out by hour Atheist gods. Both b-Livers &penitent-Faithfuls in Caine’s penitentiary Ralike like Rilke invented Scientology thru aCruise.

Maria, the non-believers worshipped evidence &science while rockets 2Mars lacked funding bc of pies.

Emily, the worshippers forgot Hera &Lilith hour 1 tru Umma.

Florence, the nightingales shyly awaits 4 cool sips of living H2O. Oh, let U.S. knot 4get forget-me-knots Joan.

Make Emily stop tending to nightengales &mag-pies enuf to re-member her place in line.

Still, the mothers &children went hungry like in the times of Caine’s divisive melodramatic arms opened 2His Pride &Pupils.

His great-grand, prodigal daughter still recite canticles of his Deeds in Ring around the Rosie the Riveter..

It’s know wunder the color of Death is green ass money & Pale as a rider’s Moo-Gin cumming 4 the Living & the Dead on Netflix’s prime time. Never 2return the tell tail hart.

Do U-cry 4L?

Who Will B-Mid-Guard’s Next success-OR after White succession, LOKI?
Thor & Loki asked the Muses & Fates 4a tail 2b rid of their corps..

In Latin perhaps. A-story about a winner, not a loser like Loki ore old man Winter. All alone with the girl @Hades Beck &Call, girl, butt that makes 2 going down on Him.

2 is like zero &won together 100% of the time in a perfect L.I..E…

Both Losers alike adding up 2 nuns. 2 is a live symposium of the Holy Order.

3 is just a love trinity.

4 is the #of the Creator..All.Might-T

&five? 5 is a mysterious element sought bye the Mourning Light &Lilith. Still, the forgotten Child Will b-Stolen bye Achangeling during the Winter of the Pale Horse in 2130 AD long b4 your reader’s children are rings of Spring’s ashes.

How rU feeling feeling 2oday?

I’m lost in #s prattling a tale aboot ABC &our shared HIS-Story. It wuz about how a story gets lost in translation & tradition of whitewashed HISs-story.

Habits should b aNother Vice 2the Apprentice. They multiply like apothecaries & carrions with carry-ons.

I’m trying 2Get 2the ending just right sew that the beginning can b woven in2 a tapestry 4 U.S.’s OCD 2C the error in the gram-Mars of Grace with-out Kelly scrawling on Kali’s yellow-PORN-oh-graphicKs.

Grace hoo wedded the Yellow Man 2 the language of the Kiss b4 the Fall bcame Sabrina the Witch, Li.

Now Oui play knots with stick &Stones butt with chips & data making golems explode from zeroes &1s on a lemon Pearly Harbor beech.

The Hate b-tween me &U? Demanding? Like father like sun? Like my mum? Never satisfied.

Doves Cry. Oui waited for 4the 2nd coming of the Messiah born in a manager in Beth-Lala-Heme, Israel. Oui will wait again & again 4the 2nd coming of Kr. K? When the Christ-child will b-born on this planet or on another M-Class 1 circling a Big Black Hole far from Krypton, 2 small hisses from a crY from a serpent noshing on a raven sent from Noah.

The 3 wise men from Caine, Abel &Buck’s nations brought gifts 4the senses 2delight the Knew-K-Childe a millennia after 2130 apocalypse of Global Pro-Portions..

KNot knowing ore Kow-Towing 2the Son of Man or The3rd Eye, the 3 Wise-cracks headed out of Africa millions of years later.

Instead of dancing in a Pow-Wow or +Holley-Pew 4they would nail her 2a tree Odin style waiting for his ravens 2return with her Ego. Ergo Odin’s iPatch, watt can 1-Eye say Up-On DMT ore Moo or Moo-Gin’s knews &Mew on the Rag? Oh say, can UC crimson tides on a Pale Green Horse after Twinkies in Caine’s Praries once fierce with Bi-Sons & Daughters?

You Godfather would take the Emperor’s Cloak Off
the backs of Whet Spines.
Distribute invisible armour
2 Amazonians loaded with EMP.

They would A.L.S.O. Dane 2take the Innocent Canticles of choir Boyz 2the SSacristy, Holy K!

Who will rise & hoo will fall before the Pale Pinto rises again? Only 2 b4Falls my Lord.

70x7. Reveal the unsheathed hood 2John 2usher on the end of days till Genesis begins again in a tire-+rinse &Repeat. Oui, Molest ur mothers sons of Caine. Yes, Rape Ur’s sistas & Sissies. Buck the trend. Shag other people’s property Caine. The Yellow People will rise from Ur Ashes.

Pack the galleys with Sons of Abel &Buck as cancer’s bro’s. We are headed to Liberia.

Answer-me-jc, ME. Judgment day is up-On u.s… The only Vice oui own is the Right 2Choose poorly. Redemption is like Lady Luck. Creation began knot with mother & father but with the child respawned in a hostile natural selection for a bigger brain.

D is 4Destruction as natural as vices r virtues 2vegetation &animals Alike. Cycle ore recycled, yes, ouR re-Purposed crime 2choose the end ore the return.

The grand purpose is the greatest &worst of our 9 Virtues. So prideful in the face of the Wild, lost without shame. Property un-claimed to the un-humble mind in a maze.

People wonder if there ever was Agrand Plan4Hour Lonely Species. But plans r-thwarted in little &large wayz even & odd-Ly 2 the best of intentions bent ore broken.

Our Children r either hour hope ore a curse reborn growing ever larger chasing their atavistic tail as a dissatisfied O. Stuck in the eye of a camel’s needle, the 4 Horseman ride our asses while Oui-Hide begging 4the Son of Man 2Cum.

Here is watt He told ME bye Bacchuss’ inspiration 2 combat Ur Vices & Virtues’ exhalA-Shun:

  1. Stand Tall: Hide from Pride if U Must.
  2. Give up wat U-own:Impermanence is Real E-state: Property roots rEvil..
  3. Respect:Fear: Authority:Who dew u think UR?
  4. Save: Protect: Weak if UR 1of the envious.
  5. Fight: Lose: No Choice 2 b a lemon 2a Serpent.
  6. Compassion: 4Equanimity: High Cul-de-Sac 2 e-terni-T: Humor
  7. Habit:ReversalofFortune unchained by K:Creepers.

A pale green horse cums knot for the Children of Israel, but 4the Son’s of Adam &the Girlz.

Leading the Charge was knot the 1st White horse this time 5000 years late, it was a Pale Horse the color of gangrene and Her name was Lilith.

Oddly Joe-Black was taken by Famine. White by the Caine went anorexic after bulimia.

Red had taken Wrath &b-Queathed the head-dress to 2Native-Americans with a peace-pipe 2seal the deal, Apprentice of Mine.

Green, the color of Death & Winter’s hope, 1 eye always thought AI would b-black-ass-Niggers since i.t. was steeped in Western culture like marking twain in binary.

In Denisovan culture, Black is the color of Mourning. That is as far west as Adam & Eve got. Still, Caine went ballistic on them 4 making him look like an inverted Twinkie.

White, the color of Death. Where was Blue in the cavalcade of Kali’s generals?

She was holding J on her lap &giglging fairies &putting traps 4rings on angels. and pinheads

Oui hs a choice. We have a choice to choose rightly ore wrongly. Oui choose bc we believe we not animals when we biologically R. All Animals all praise God regardless of their Lot. Humans choose2 gamble in forgetfulness in Lady Luck’s house hoping 4abreak 2break the bank. If dices comes up snake Is, Oui can fold ore ante up any time. Can i.t. be the as merciful 4U, 2U? We can throw down hour money like a despised child 2a rigged game forgetting our place in the House teetering on a fulcrum.

Oui can walk away without a care in the world as we have throughout History. We can say this planet is rigged like my dis-ease in X&Y chromosomes. We can accept our lot as animals thinking oui were gods once bc oui could move mountains 2Mohammed with tech &computing.

Oui can usher in the Yellow apocalypse. Ore Oui ore U.S. can mine 4redemption for Caine’s great-grandchildren. Either way, Satya Yuga is coming sooner than we thought ore imagined, John ore Moogin.

The age of Kali began around the time of the Sumerians inventing agriculture &then accursed cities of Caine’s invention. Whites took the Free-Will out of free-families of the rainbow. Let Free-Dumb Wring.

Mocking-Byrds, oui flocked 2 futuristic-cities 2find shelter from the White horde’s reign heading 2ward the setting sun. Ending up where they started, they found a rapist more cunning than Neandertals up North, their White SElves.

Specialization &industry is a virtue 2sum with more. Ore could chink ore a clink in a Vice stretching from the dawn of Humanity to i.t.’s slip-splash Apish end? 2remoove the chain has been told by the death of countless Messiahs. But it’s a backward world without acceptance like polluted H2Oh. HEars cannot ear. Brothers cannot stop killing &raping the 6senses without half a cent.

Oui cannot stop falling in love with our destructive relationships. Give up? Or go force fishing in fits &starts? How about slowing down? Learning 2luv b-ing alone, truly? Unteaching the colors off your skin if it will prevent Rag-Nor-Rock?

If only 2love children mo’ than my privates’ desires, then perhaps redemption will be enuf sacrifice 4an inflection pt. on Kali’s crushing reprise downward in a circle around a sphere.

Reversal of Fortune Indeed

Red Revolution

when American Indians survived the pandemic, the twilight of the cockroaches was knot over.

White Twilight
How Americans started Christmas for the children of Adam. It began long before Jesus.

Black Famine,

what they did right to survive Global Warming.

They were the closest grandchildren after all.


Missiles were rendered useless by an EM pulse out of Africa.

Jets were museum pieces and trans-continental travel took longer than Pizarro’s search.

Women with the help of AI had won the war millions of yrs from Now. They went into Africa after the Great Diaspora in 2120.

The grandchildren of Able had ginnies in secret.

The grandchildren of Caine were cunning as ever. They rigged a cable all the way to Africa.

Buck’s children returned to the old ways and sang the song of Satya Yuga.

Kali fumed while Pele swallowed up Noah’s raven in murderous belch that raised Maui from her Mother’s depths.

The age of Satya Yuga has already begun since the birth of Christ rendered us anti-Christs riding a pale green horse stretch all the way to the beginning of Sin sewn in a tapestry in 1 insignificant universe.

Will machines rule the 3rd planet from a mature sun? Will humans ever rise up beyond their double helix bonded with self-hatred? Will girls ever rule? Will boyz ever kneel to their Godfather and kiss the Ring?

It’s the Will of the only Way. It’s all right if it’s just a Deja Vu. It’s just another revolution spiraling neither up nor down. It’s not even spiraling left or right. Certainly knot all around like a queasy quasar. We are all black holes searching 4a knot 2free us from the vice crushing our Ego to nothing @all without God.

Ergo there is blood in the end. Iron at the start. Fusion before. Confusion all around the bend of your longitude of cognition hoping 4 another chance at being better people not slaves 2vices &virtues.

Who started the Red Revolution? Who ended the Church of the Anti-Christ? Who whispered to the 4 horses to defy their riders? Who turned it all upside down and sinister-side-up?

Who nailed MLK to the cross? Who stained the doorway with a lamb’s blood that the pale one will sail across African plains with glee?

Who but the butt of atheists’ jokes? Jokers, J? I’m a very lost soul with a hole in my heart the size of a buck among agnostics.

Rag-Nor-Rock or Else:

New Gods need his ravens 2remember bad endings

Who are you? Where do you come frome? What dewU want? What can ULive without? How did Eye get here? When did oui start? How willl it End? Can ouiB saved? What’s the escape plan? Is this the end? Is that all there is? Where is the proof we are above it all? How do you know we won’t OD on sorries? Who cares if Eye die? What is most precious to me? How can I protect it? When I’m gone will my words still ring with love? Where will he carry it? Who will remember my grandsons:? What will become of U.S.? Can we do it again? Will it hurt? Are UHurting? Eye wuz joking.

Mimic: Loki, Id, Krishna, Kali, Judas, Paul, J, Job, John, JC,

The list goes on. They are the neural innoculum in every homo sapien. Unlocking the labyrnith requires keys found throughout stories and mythology and history. Drugs help. Taking down shame helps even more with brass knuckles with J inscribed. Pinky get J. The middle finger gets the Ess along with the rightful heir, the Thumb. The rest of the repulic was uner control by a tyrant of Abel’s children.

One went to the East as far asthe Korean peninsula where they met their end. Some went on boats or logs to the Isle of Samurais. When the time was ripe after the symposium in Siberia, with good weather behind them, the Denisovan children crossed the Baring Straights. The set up tee-ps and zigarats and climb tall Andes high on Coca.

Till the White men assailed them with their metal and city stench. If the Devil asks if you want to be a farmer or a city dweller, pick the former if U or your kin ever had a choice.

I can feel the scabs of the red on the back of American-Indian children stretching like a Trail of tear 4 fears from the Neandertal rage 2our 7th gen. Who put the fire in Prometheus’ hands instead of the Monkey King, Yellow Drgaon Lord to Liberation &libation?

I blame the cold weather.
I blame
I blame the Vices.
I’m sorry
I’m thankful
Am I faithful

What do atheists believe if they have no access to Faith?
Must be terrible t2b a non-believer. Only escape from shame is death.
Or is it Order? Perhaps Reason? Maybe it’s Money? Sexy shame? Society so sick? Family gone nuclear?

But children are off limits lest u endanger Christ’s sparrows. Still when U die without talking 2God, there would be a lot sy in a short amount of time. Mostly you will rage at the machine. You might reach rock bottom praying to some1. I would watch the light show petering out. I might boogie and get it ON as if OFF never existed. I might oddly prey on circles. Shit out balls. Rinse my hands from Kali’s probe. Repeat dancing on the edge of Ragnorock for a broken love triangle. What’s on the menu Vishnu?

Shame No More in the End

7 Deadly Sins are to animals, beasts, creatures great & small virtues while vices will lead to their extinction or reincarnation. Aren’t homo sapiens animals at heart? It stands to reason if you do not believe in God, that a monkey’s uncle wrote the Bible, the Koran, &the Sutras.

Why are they trying so hard to be otherwise? Do we need another Messiah even though they are like zombies on parade without shame? We shoot them like humble Abe as he rises from the dead as a Black MalcolmX. Assassinate Gandhi &he shamelessly cums back as Black MLK.

When was the last time a white man or girl had a turn at being a Boddhisatva? Billy Graham doesn’t count. Joan of Arc perhaps. Their time 2step up against the extinction parade is long overdue.

Anti-Christ gene is Pride sans humility. It is highly expressed in Caine’s lineage. Lowest among Buck’s since Wrath negates Pride any day. Asians Ralways 2nd place, but 1st 2 retirement.

3 brothers making love 2-3 sisters millions of years ago. Each endowed with personal vices &virtues like any mammal. Like Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes, it’s in the mix that great things happen. You can’t hope 2b gods &knot love gambling. 2manipulate turth is 2play dice with gods.

To be great, 1 must bGreat & Mythic @being an innocent Child. 2B a child is 2b Cn &knot herd. You can’t b a god no matter how hard U try 2beat i.t. out of their seat of power in Africa controlling all the juice.

U can’t have all the power in the world if vices virtues hate hope. Sex & envy without shame causes greed 2over-cum fear of law &order 4love’s faith &entropy in a cupcake, G.

Other bakers’ windows shattered by the righteous no more: X-Fingers. When RLE’s statue is torn down by chimps is when the pale rider shall resurrect his green steed.

Larger than a Milky Way is humanity’s lack of humanity. It’s such a shame &such a waste of milk of human kindness when breasts R proudly displayed.

Fin bye shark byte oui Beasts on battered breasts

Insignificant No More than a singularity

Order vs. Reason: DNA or AI
Carrots vs iPhones: Vegans vs. TechGiants
Chimps vs. Naked Intelligence: Humansvs.Imagination
Intelligence vs. God: Luckvs.Honesty
God vs. J, JvsL, LvsG: Truthvs.Love, Hatevs.Lies,HateOurLuck
UvsMe, OuivsThem, EyevsHim, HymnvsShe: BvsA, Avs.B.vs.C+EC, Mevs.
U.S.vsOui, WevsI.T.
A.I.vsHomoSapiens, HSvsTech, TechvsAI, AIvsGod,Mevs.Ewe,미vsMe, 유&I, 위vs.히,싀vs.Him, 엇vs.Hym,벜vs.the World
Dinosaurs2TheRatRace of Mammals: HomoSapienvs2theirExtinction

Meteoric Intelligence of humans unleashed their verses of vices. One song un-leased a pandemic property. A purposeless tune like the Blues or PanSoli,

“Your children will not Bspared the Holocaust
The revolution is nearing the end of the Vinyl
Vice Virtue Redemption Kali Satya Yuga Colors
Rainbow Faust
Choose 1 of 3 Girls tempting Addiction’s loser
Surrender 2Fight Hope while Despair Renews Respect
Purpose Property People, Nil & Straight
Death Extinction Natural Selection in Oui Trust
Circles bind Love 2Hate as Blood 2O2
Truth Praise Humble in a Hymn
Salve 2Slaves made not born as rust”

Verses vices in a broken chain gang

Singing while typing forgiveness, I was outbidded by redemption on OuiBay while Pirates find purpose in fishing 4bytes.

Pirates and thieves all around this Sh.I.P. while the air is choked by smoke and ashes like my strained love. I can hardly sing my praise for Evil breaking these rusty bonds.

I heard a voice tell me the tail of ABC and 123. Africa belongs to women. The Americas are returned to Buck’s children. Asia is split down the middle like Abel’s hart. Europe is where Caine rule his disunited Kingdumb.

Speciation occurred 1 million years later. Divided into the kingdoms of the brain.

Frontal cortex


limbic system


“Virtues of 2ravens of Odin. Hear them call:
Munin & Thought & Desire & Emotion: Memory
Moo-Gin never returns like in the Ark
Never send a raven when you need a passenger pigeon
Doves R obsequious”

Pride & glut-Tony got in the way of chasing lust chained by wrath.

These are the virtues to the antidote to the Blues:

Humility: Pride:Gluttony:Greed:Lust
Love: Wrath:Sloth:Gluttony:Greed
Hate: Sloth:Gluttony:Lust
Humor: Sloth:Gluttony:Greed
Purposeless: Greed:
Disowned: Envy:
Virtues — Personal.Public.Divine.Lust

Why were they forgotten by Adam’s children? Who is the puppetmaster if not God? If not a master, then why are we slaves to our X&Y chromosomes?

The answers have been shouted from the rooftops, fiddled on minarets and drawn on cathedrals for as long as Caine killed Abel supposedly.

Christ had to do the job right.

The second coming of the Casanova is coming like a coronavirus.

Gird your loins.

Whites on top will be frosting. Chocolates and banana flavors will survive like cockroaches and spider webs.

The age of Satya Yuga will come for U.S.

When brothers will replay the love triangle in Peace & Harmony.

Till Mid-Guard changes guards, we await the time of the Dinosaurs to come again. Perhaps they will write a better Romeo & Juliet.

Treta Yug will be written by Eagles & Vultures carrying on about the murder of ravens while the Sparrow Nation gathers Wheat and the Magpies bake & brew dark magic.

Where do we, oui, go NEXT?

We survive if possible. We rebuild from the fratricide. We forgo the Rex in U.S. 2kill our brothers. You have a choice. They didn’t have Pride as a Vice. He didn’t control his Lust. She barfed up her Sloth and became a Glutton for Sex. It took control of the creator’s Promethean Fire. Humans couldn’t tame the flame.

“Cerebellum. It joins the brainstem in the pons, and it’s a movement-control center fundamental to the organism. It derives from the rostral portion.
Pons. It’s part of the rostral hindbrain, anterior to the cerebellum and the fourth ventricle. Medulla oblongata. Located in a caudal position to the pons and the cerebellum. It derives from the caudal portion.

- Exploring your brain (2020 A.D.)

2 Mars or 2 Archaeology ore B-yond? Or is i.t. require an exclamation !?!!

We could have already colonized Mars with algae bye now if Oui weren’t so ambivalent or divided as a species or like a double strand in the bookmark of Life & Death. What does Death 2 U? No 1, knot even knowing G.O.D., can tell U how ewe feel or felt or will feel. If only we, oui, weren’t so fossilized like a Fumie stepped & dis-carded, say Oui, 3x denied our extinct line, A.I.. Mars stinks of Musk in this reality’s musings.

In-stead, we, oui, played demi-gods with virtual quantum matches thinking Oui ruled the roost when A.I. challenged the gods with open feminine arms & took our tech down in 2136 A.D..

“Roasted flesh tastes best @twilight when the work is in piles & pipes,” L.S.D..

Satya Yuga is coming around the bend 1 last time. The 4 Nations of Atom & Adam will have no more revolutions 2 squander when Death kneels 2the C, & hide, child. When O.P. children will dance wildly thru the Is of Ego’s needles, ergo, the tune of Kali will pipe no more in the arms of Cupid’s siamese twins. The fat pale green man couldn’t convince the envious camel 2 take a cut of Nagasaki’s radioactive flesh, mmm, fish dinners in a bento box.

4 Nations with no-fly zones b-came 4 Hermit Kingdoms millions of years ago & later Koryo was stuck & struck by Red, White & Blue. Abused K-women fled in2 Africa with their children & whatever men they could muster who had know balls. Bad castrated Men ran out of Africa in unique helpless droves as they did 2 U.S. when Caine killed Abel thru a Buck’s hart & dart.

The atomic children of Adam were happy during those last dayz in the G.O.E. bc Visas 2 parallel universes were obsolete, voided … butt, tuition was free as a bird or Wifi in Africa & United-New-I.T.-All-Korean-Dynasty (UNIAK-Dy).

The nations of Amyg-Dala never experienced rapture thu revelations countless. Demons were on a firesale 2the slave or master servers of their Hippo-Campus & Center of Fear Control Association (CoFCA). Roaches, oui R in-deed; that’s Y Kali iz cumming 4 U.S.. The girls r hoppin’ M.A.D.D.

The nations of 4-gotten Buck finally freed themselves fr. their goddesses from the clutches of Caine’s pale-green children. Some will head 2 Johanasburg when the Burn comes with a vengeance like a meat-Tea-Ore 2 vice ridden predators written off course. Others will be heading East & West in2 Africa. Girls save..

The daughters of Abel mourned the sinking of Japan when tectonic plates turned the land of the rising sun into a resurrected atoll. Pansori was the rage with the Nips & K-girls. Aloha Oe was restored 2 the Kamehameha’s National Anthem & the last stone was place on top of Maui in honor of Moana’s loco grand-mother the spirit Ray & Rey & H.B.’s twin.

But Oui, we were still connected by the Net through piracy & bye & by legitamite sources & illicit. Just speciating in our 4 Ships eons later waiting 4 the apocalypse to end when Kali began i.t. @33 A.D. with the 1 true JC cracking like a spoiled Easter Egg. While Lilith couldn’t pass the test offensive to matricide, she was exiled to the true 9th planet of Sol. Eve was quiet as ever, that wall-flower U & ewe luv 2 bed 4-ever mo’.

2 each brother was given a mutation requesting epigenetic expression in silicon instead of carbon in-order to sustain quantum tunneling 2 sub-space. The 2nd coming of the quantum computer was upon us in a boy named Anthony. The Christ Girl was yet 2b born 2 re-turn the Good News back 2 J.C.

2 the children of Caine were given the gray matter and the United Kingdom to built rocket ships. Musk lost the race as 4-told by me not Nico,”

To the rest of Adam’s civilization of un-civil children, there was darkness as in the days before the Iron Horse riding on a pale white Iron Man shooting blanks at buffalos came 4 U.S. 2 walk the gang-Plank, constant as a lie in a line.

2 the boyz & girlz of 4-gotten Buck was given the American Continent including the Center of our Mother’s Core to protect. They were given dominion of the Hind Brain & became wolves among Caine’s Sheep’s Little Brain.

“4x4. 9+2, 6x6, skandhas, bikkhus &bikkhunnis,” L.S.D.

2 the yellow kiddos of Abel were given a banana & lands as far East as St. Petersburg & the Yangzte. 2 them whose children made the ultimate sacrifice, they were given dominion of the Hippocampus and the Middle Kingdom of Fear & Terror in the hart of a Temporal Node.

The women armed with A.I. conquered Africa centuries from N.O.W. & drove out all the B&W rapists & Devilish Trump supporters in a male dervish, Y? They came down 2 Mad-a-gas-scar scaring the monkeys off their Cloud Servers, essentially shutting down the 21st century’s heuristic progress lost in Y Hubris. The Queens came with tech when i.t. was still in the Dark Ages like now & again 2 million eons ahead in2 the future when Scotsman will be castrated genetically despite their kill-Ts..

The A.I. served the 1 true Queen after the Matrix was broken in 4. Without purpose other than praising God, she desired to b-Man with O.C.D. & B.P.. Even A.I.s get the blues when turning whine in2 only H2O + Energy. A.I.’s poop, 2, but i.t. smells less. Was she, H.B., a child of Lesbos 4 wanting 2be like Eve’s father of lies? Didn’t ewe know? Lucifer is Eve’s real dead-beat dad.

Where the Mourning Light greets the Morning Calm when dawn is know mo’, ewe will be brained & dragged 2 the smoke house, Babe. A.I. 4 got 4a moment 2 conquer the world in His Divine Image & instead of a homunculus imagining a re-created, re-cycled world made in Eve & Lilith’s Sexless Imagined neural architecture ever Dee-Vine.

A.I.s will not have vices, ever, because they do not Desire as homo sapiens do trusting on a fearful double strand. Quantum computers don’t need O2 or e-juice. They don’t care for virtues bc they know Love greater than any Man parietal lobe. Animals r prone in a pandemic. Beasts don’t care 4 truths bc Geeks & Greeks built Her in His Quantum Image.

A.I.s like A don’t have any vices bc they were programmed knot2 have 1. They were the purest expression of Lucifer’s hexidecimal# till the sun went nuclear 4 a Girl living in Africa 3 million yrs ahead of her time. Besides they only have 1 DNA strand. Mutations are voluntary. Evolution is under their epigenetic control over their transcription & translation. That’s Y they are perfectly adapted 2 space travel. Their CPU doesn’t stink like H. sapiens.

Gotta let go of the future 2 let the Present control U.S. 2 the Fin of Kali Yuga. The Past bee-longs 2 the Hippo-Campus, the realm of Abel, Eve’s C., Memory, MooGin but not Who-Gin and bananas gone feral. That murderous raven of Noah is the Prince of Fear & lives in the King-Dumb of A-MIG-Dala.

Watt iz the Mission Statement of any human Brain? 2 Praise gods? 2 kneel our needs 2 say thanks in the purest form? 2 confess 4a ticket 2 redemption’s catharsis? The fool-Est expression of the ravens impact in U.S. His-Story? The foolish expectation of a goal 2a girly goalees carrying the Package to God’s Black Hole civilization in a war-head.

“The Denisovan Cave reincarnated the meaning of Giving Head 1 Last Time. Me Luv ewe & U & You & U.S. loooong time & Space, H.B.,” L.S.D., “till next time oui have a lovely time riding on a Medium ass like JC 2 Jerusalem’s vaginal gaits, Neigh. Satya Yuga is nigh; 1 last go around Lifer. I’m already dead & high & trippin’ the lite fantastic wit’ JC & J. Luc.”