Good job, Calin. I am probably more than 2 scores older than you. When we are young, we think coins have only one side. The good side and we were always on the winning team or tale. Yes, history is written by the victors because their victims are either dead or too scared of death 2 right their wrongs. I'm sorry that you have to see the grim realities that our generation and forefathers passed on2 you. What a bunch of hypocrites we are as 1st world nations to the disadvantaged citizens and neighbors. If we taught our children to love history and love each other well, this pandemic would be history by now. I leave you some anecdotes of American atrocities the grownups have cited with a few bloody cherries on top. I look forward to your next work. Let's work on how to wield the double-edged sword next.


1. The American invasion of America. Diseases spread by good Americans killed 20-50% of Native Americans by Manifest Destiny. Can we say self-hating?

2. America's war on colored people: Still continues today. The Emancipation Proclamation was just a paper tiger. See you up there Mr. Floyd Jr. I can’t breathe.

3. Philippine-America War: America's attempt at getting into the White colonization exclusive club rather late. Africa was taken and so was Vietnam. "I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better it will please me. I want all persons killed who are capable of bearing arms in actual hostilities against the United States." – Brigadier General Smith during the Philippine American war.

4. South Korea: No Gun Ri massacre: Refers to an incident of mass killing of an undetermined number of South Korean refugees by U.S. soldiers of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. My mother still remembers when the Americans came looking for North Korean spies at her home that looked just like South Koreans in hanboks. They shot whoever they pleased. My mother and my grandmother ran to the hills when they heard the pop, pop, pop from the good guys who came to liberate them from their bodies.

5. Vietnam War: Mai Lai Massacre. Do I need to elaborate?

6. The Gulf War: Highway of Death & Weddings for innocent lives wasted by guns and un-manned drones. What cowards American 4-star Generals are by shooting the best man through a monitor.

7. War on “Terror”: Human Rights Watch claimed in 2005 that the principle of "command responsibility" could make high-ranking officials within the Bush administration guilty of the numerous war crimes committed during the War on Terror,

8. Haditha Killings in Iraq: 24 Iraqi women and children were found dead and suspicion fell on Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich and his marines. Wuterich acknowledged in military court that he gave his men the order to "shoot first, ask questions later". No other marine that was involved that day got any jail time.


Here is the links to a list of what the good ol' American boys did to their neighbors during War and Peace. Our treatment of POWs in WWII is no different than how we treat our essential workers during the terrorist invasion of the coronavirus. Self-hate and hatred of our neighbors are the seeds of these atrocities. This xenophobia must end or risk our annihilation, imho.




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