God, I want a cig right now too
It is a total FUBAR out there among non-smokers
After reading your piece, I want seconds
I am ashamed to be an American, not like U
I wouldn’t go back to my righteous motherland
I’d rather live within this strumpet I know
At least I know who she pretends to be
Unlike South and North Korea, divided
Pun, intended, America
Cigarettes are like the KKK of addictions
We are all racists at heart, all smokers
Smokers wear their ashen hoods proudly
Even Judas and doubting Thomas
Are dragging a fag out by the chain-linked fence
Why? It’s the ultimate f**k U to you & U.S. & me
In the eye of the storm, you find your lost self
Calmly holding a lost cigarette in one hand
In the other lies a pandora’s box of addiction
Some are Ben & Jerry, 1 is sex, too many to count
The Devil’s list of Faustian bargains is endless
Lies the deep dark crevices of the human heart
Timeless in the serpentine grey smoke
I’m a smoker @ best halfway through quitting
Over a decade in an overdue teenage rebellion
After hitting my G-Spot again and again
Finally, everything left like nothing at all
In that bubble of rebellion & self-hate
A half-century from when I was pure & good
Ever remaining a pious virgin in SF alone & old
It took a divorce and separation from my son
To see my addictions burned my marriage down
I was thankful for the rage in embers and ashes
I couldn't have done it as that valedictorian
Addiction in any form is a double-edged sword
Smokers are the black and gay angels of addiction
But let U.S. not be the Pissers who made us smoke
Let’s not exclude bulimics, sex-addicts, etc..
Let’s not forget pious 1s fondling their smartphones
Self-medicating on claps from a silent Medium
We are all addicts in some way to the emptiness
Like Faust bargaining to Jesus for an exit or a reset
Reliving the glory days like a tiresome aging WWIII vet
Hoping for the next time when the Devil will command
Hoping you'll get in the Zero and bomb the Pearly Gates
Of America’s diseased culture just to see Hell burn
I just took a long drag, it was delish
After a decade have we put shame in the ashtray?
Wanna join in the hot tub says the Devil
Watching Jesus do a cannonball with a cancer stick
Let’s add skinnydipping with a joint &hot babes?
America and American’s MAGA, the contract is broken
When Jesus & the Devil tire of me
I will stop self-medicating
When the Divided States of America wakes up
When I put out my butt for good this time
Crawl into bed with my son, my light, my breath
Like Jesus, my son doesn’t care if my lungs are sinful
Since separation, it’s only half-time anyways
The other half belongs to Jesus & the Devil
And they are Devilish chain-smokers
Till cancer takes our addictions away from U.S.
Or SARS-COV-2 bc my reckless x-wife refuses
To wear a mask while partying with church-goers
My son, what deadly hypocrisy self-medication is
Grant me the strength to carry my addictions to its end

A Stone cold Amen.


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