2 min readJun 16, 2018


Fascinating video, please watch.

There is no argument here. All animals are all possessed with the neural structure to embrace a universal grammar. Some more than others. Birds and most animals have the ability to grasp language, but only in a context driven language; meaning they can only think of themselves as animals.

Only homo sapiens, currently, have the capacity to create a context-free language. We can imagine ourselves at Cylons, God, gods, Athena and Apollo. We can be transgendered; we can be straight; we can be more than ourselves. We can forget we are animals though we do brutal acts against our own nature.

However, we are built for language.

All living things according to Buber posses the nature God-spark of language. How else to we see the depression in a willow tree on a winter morning?

With the development of the frontal cortex, the temporal cortex, etc… , God has chosen us to hear the language of the angels and zebra finches.

We can put the pieces together. We use language in tool making to communicate the hunt with our stakeholders.

We think in the future and can conceive what a blade would feel like cutting through the neck of a bison. Only humans can do this feat.

But, the real question is what are we doing with God’s song?

We are making the tools and gifts that have been given to us? For what reason, but to express rage, shame, fear on the fake news.

where is the language of hope and love that is so missing from our hypocritical culture?

We believe in you, love, but we speak with forked tongues.

We must relearn the language of birdsongs. Some theorists have purposed that the Rigveda, one of the oldest orally transmitted songs, to have origins in birdsongs. Perhaps this with our willingness to kill have evolved a band of speechless apes to sing the song of love and blood in unity with our fellow brothers, sisters and children. We are all one family.