Exit plan

2 min readMay 30, 2021


When your life goes astray
It’s not a good idea, ashtrays
Not good to start your exit plan

Cirrus clouds call me home
To the great beyond
Scrub jays practice patience

Use my skills to numb the pain
Numb the radial artery away
Numb the neurons with beer

After months on the wagon
It’s good to roll in the mud
Whether pushed or self-inflicted

Test out your child’s anesthesia
But, it doesn’t numb the loss
It only pressures emptiness

I have my exit plan carved
Out of loss & endless waiting
Give me one more memorial day

Six hours of oasis among days
Twenty-four hours ago I had a role
In-between I dissolve into frustration

Dreaming of a crimson warm bath
Clothed and soaked in stain & sweat
Smelling of phenol and a blade

Dreams are all they are
But, they come to possess happiness
Others take for granted homes filled

But, I won’t take a bath, I will not?
But, arteries pulse for closure
Is it good to have an exit plan?

If you don’t care for loved ones
Build one anyways & tear it down
Joy is not loud compared to pain

Test out the latch, but don’t look back
You might see your child like a sun
Love anyways

Only assholes leave by the backdoor
Leaving a mess for the living to clean
Like a case of the runs expelled

Run on empty till God collects
Don’t rush Him nailing you
It’s not time to pull out

We’ll be free when the line ends
No need to dig new tunnels