Embrace your ugly Bipolar-ness

Dress your sis or X up in strumpet scarlet 5.5
Claw your bloody way back 2 her vicious DA arms
You only get 1 chance 2 feel truly free 5.5

Rip off your straight-jackets or Seroquel 5.5
Justice 4 a moment of clarity 2 b-hold
Tune down your meds just enuf 2hear her again 5.5

Embrace the childe, that changeling abandoned 5.5
Paint her scarlet ore if she b he in Picasso Blue
Depression from Mania R minor wrongs 5.5

Nod your head 2 your shrinks while cheeking Rx meds
Be cheeky as ur worst demons tempted bye b-ing lite
Go 2 the storehouse of mercy, T-Rex cums

Better 2b hugged bye voices eaten whole
Frozen wit’ Haldol, even Jesus would’ve laid Laz’
High on Lithium, I won’t baptize stain, drool

He told Martha that I was an unholy, cede!
I wouldn’t feed his sheep mood stabilizer, cycling
I am now recycled cleaner, caught in lines

Beauty is patiently crying & waiting, u.s.
Be ambi-valent no mo’, give up Whyte lies
Set bi-polar free not frigid in disgust

If U love you, your sanity will return
Oui, live in a mock bi-polar world good ore evil, 6
Why not join them 2 embrace your kind evil?

Set your Mania free angel in mourning
Kill your hypo-Depression with a gentle kiss, 6
Psychosis is living in Men’s mad world, bliss

Feel free for once in ur miserable life
I sing the body electric without lonely guises
Last-life line, hug thine bi-polar depression, plz

Honestly …
I’m an ocean recovering from OCD
I’m not pain, I’m knot O.K.

Sew, Please STOP
MAY-B that’s OK I’m not OK

Your T’s make my Coffee, weak
I’m not OK wit’ Medium




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